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Traditional & Merle Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA. Occasionally PoodleHybrid Puppies Available.

Mini Poodle Puppies for Sale
in Georgia

PoodlePleasure has affordable, emotionally & physically sound
Miniature Poodle DwarfDoodle Puppies for sale in southeast Georgia.

Traditional Colors: chocolate, cafe, silver, white, cream, black.
Exotic Colors: chocolate merle, blue merle, silver merle.

  • Trudy - first snow
    Trudy - first snow
  • Stormy - DwarfDoodle
    Stormy - DwarfDoodle
  • Noodles - rare GA snow
    Noodles - rare GA snow
  • Teddy - choco phantom DwarfDoodle
    Teddy - choco phantom DwarfDoodle
  • Sassy - blue merle poodle
    Sassy - blue merle poodle
  • Chloe & Zoe - Winter Wonderland
    Chloe & Zoe - Winter Wonderland
  • Santa Baby - Tebow :o)
    Santa Baby - Tebow :o)
  • All dressed up for nasty weather
    All dressed up for nasty weather
  • Noodle
  • Teddy
  • Woody
  • Presley
  • Tebow + Sassy in FL
    Tebow + Sassy in FL
  • Murphy in KY
    Murphy in KY
  • Doodle in GA
    Doodle in GA
  • Gambit in FL [PekePoo]
    Gambit in FL [PekePoo]
Trudy - first snow
Trudy - first snow
Enjoy a small selection of the many photos our puppy buyers and dog owners send to me this past year. Want to read what they say about their babies?
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Merle Poodles & Poodle Hybrids

Every once in a while, we offer pups in the newest exotic poodle colors such as blue merle poodles, silver merle and chocolate merle poodles. Occasionally we may have a merle poodle puppy with one or two blue eyes or partially blue eyes to chose from. 


Our poodle and poodle hybrid puppies' sizes generally run from large toy poodles through large mini poodles, subject to who the parents are. If you are looking for teacups or tiny toys or standard sized puppies, we generally do not have these available...

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