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Traditional & Merle Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA. Occasionally Merle YorkiePoo & DwarfDoodle Puppies Available.

Summer Babies 2018

No Poodle Puppies Available at this Time!

In general, my poodle babies are pre-reserved 3-4 litters in advance - meaning the average wait time is usually somewhere between 3-6 months, subject as to where we are on our breeding cycles for the girls, and how many reservations I have on the books already. I am a bit backed up at this time to begin with, as our new boy is still figuring "things" out, and he is a bit of a slow learner, LOL. After having missed 3 girls in their late winter cycles, I am currently AI-ing our ladies until he is catching on and becoming more reliable with natural breeding. That means the next 3 poodle litters are already spoken for the folks with deposits on the books, and the soonest I am expecting to have poodle babies available for new reservations will be fall/early winter again [assuming the list doesn't fill up some more in the meantime, which it probably will].

The Exception to this is if you are looking for a white poodle puppy. I have filled all of my Pre-Reservations for white, cream + chamagne puppies and may have puppies available in our next litters. Please click here for more info!

Available this summer are merle and traditionally colored YorkiePoos as well as parti colored [black/white, silver/white, choco/white] and choco + cafe merle and solid colored DwarfDoodles. Various litters are due July - September and generally go home when they are 9-10 weeks of age. 

Click here to Sign up for  Free No Strings Attached Emails, when I have puppies available. Don't hold your breath - LOL - but sometimes I do have a cancellation or get the wrong sex/color combos that I may not have reservations for...

All the info you need to make a decision whether you want to reserve a future pup from us or not. Hint - don't do this if you're in a hurry, impatient or do not understand that nature has it's own rhythm and things sometimes take longer than we want them to. Sign up for free email updates instead.

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Welcoming Summer/Fall Inquiries & Reservations for the Following:

DwarfDoodles & YorkiePoos in the following color + pattern variations - other colors may pop up as well:
chocolate/cafe ~ silver/blue/black  in merle ~ solid ~ phantom ~ parti patterns

Welcoming Fall/Winter Inquiries & Reservations for the Following:

Click on Photos to see more photos of our previous puppies & adult poodles in these colors.

Now Accepting Reservations for Summer Babies!!! This color only!
Limited Reservations for ea sex accepted!

Only 2 Reservations for ea sex accepted!


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