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Jewelry Bling for Poodle Lovers

Looking for a bit of Poodle related Bling? It's actually quite easy to find these days, when you know where to look and you stay away from specialty stores that only have a small selection available. As always for diversity and a large variety of price ranges, sellers & vendors from different walks of life and styles and mostly free shipping - my go-to place is Amazon.com.

Yes I know there is Ebay too - but there are so many chinese cheapy mass produced items there [many made of materials that make your skin rot, blister or turn weird colors] - so unless I am looking for high end jewelry [platinum, gold and silver] at reasonable prices, I mostly stay away from Ebay when I look for a finished jewelry product to buy for myself or to gift to a friend. Etsy and Artfire are also good places to look for OOAK [one of a kind] artesian and handmade pieces - many truly awesome designs. Those two are also the place to look when you want custom made jewelry. When I am on a budget or looking to buy several pieces and want to save on shipping - I go to Amazon though. So lets look at poodle bling there for starters.

Sterling Silver or Gold
Sterling Silver
Juice Couture Charm
Jewelry Box- Austrian Crystal + Pearls
Gold Plated
Sterling Silver
Finger Ring: Sterling Silver or Gold
Austrian Crystal
Enamel & Crystals
Sterling Silver & Enamel
Belly Button Ring
Poodle Hybrid Look

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