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Traditional & Merle Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA & Poodle Hybrid Puppies Available Occasionally.

One of the questions I get asked a lot by potential puppy buyers is whether they should bring their dog along to see if pup and dog get along.

Honestly - I would prefer you do not, as any strange dogs will have to remain in your car, and it is generally too hot for dogs to safely remain in a car for any period of time during the better part of the year here in GA. 

In many cases your adult dog may well be put out by the trip and by getting mobbed by a tassel of fresh and forward puppies. I know the mom will probably get very defensive if her protective instincts are triggered as well, which will not make for a peaceful visit on either side.

For safety reason I do not permit our visitors' dogs in the house, puppy room or puppy areas. This covers the risk to my younger babies that are still on their moms, when said moms get excited or upset about strange dogs in the house, to being exposed to potential puppy diseases for the pups being shown. Having strange dogs on the property also tends to spawn some serious female territory marking in some of my alpha girls, and that also is something I can live without, LOL.


If you like to bring your dog to meet your new pup, we can meet away from my home and potential exposure for my other furkids - I am perfectly willing to do that.

 Another thing that comes to mind - remember to bring cash if you are planning to take your puppy home! I'm amazed how many folks come here to pick up their chosen pup and don't bring money, and then  need to scramble to find a local bank or ATM, LOL.

By the way - I do not accept personal checks. Cash only, but you can also pay with  credit/debit by using Paypal via your smart phone, or prepay via your computer prior to coming out to visit. Cash is preferred for simplicity reason though.

Also - bring a crate with an extra towel or two for the trip home. Most pups ride just fine, but some can get car sick, so be prepared for that.