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Are you looking for a Chocolate Merle Poodle Puppy?

As I am planning  out my Fall/Winter 2018 Breeding Season, I am opening the PrePaid Waiting List for Choco Merle Reservations again. The deposit for a merle pup is $500 and non-refundable, so be sure that this is what you want, and that you can wait for nature to do her thing!!! Read more about what it takes to produce a chocolate merle at the bottom of this page.

I expect to have solid merles as well as  choco and cafe merles with irish markings or potentially parti and tri colors. Between now and the end of the year - I am limiting the numbers to 3 choco merles of each sex. You can still place a deposit beyond those limits, but you more likely than not will need to wait until spring of 2019 to get your pup! Click here to see how many reservations I currently have in those colors!

If you are not ready for a commitment just yet - be sure to sign up for free email updates instead, but please also understand that I am not a large breeder and I always have pre-reservations on the books. So even if I have a cancellation - there is usually someone else with a paid deposit on the list, that will get first choice of my babies!

Please enjoy this slide show below, showing some of our previous choco and cafe merle colored poodle adults and puppies at various ages. Similar puppies will be available in limited numbers towards the end of 2018 [just in time for the holidays] and I am now accepting dedicated Reservations for upcoming puppies.

Choco Merle Poodle prices range between $1700-2000 and up, a $500 deposit is required to get on this list! Read here how this works!!!

Not quite ready for a commitment?

Sign up for free "no strings attached" email updates!  Should I have new puppies available that have not been already earmarked for the folks on my Prepaid List, I will send out updates to this email list. If you find a pup elsewhere or do no longer wish to receive updates - simply unsubscribe when you get the next update.

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Pep with his big sister :o). Pep is a cafe merle in GA

Some additional thoughts about Chocolate Merle Puppy Availability - Please Read this!!!

In fall last the year, I send out some email updates for our upcoming puppies, in which I encouraged my subscribers to pre-reserve their puppy now, before the big holiday hoopla starts. It got me some very interesting responses, many reflecting the fact that folks wanted to wait until the pups arrive and are basically old enough to go home, before making a decision. This is coming from the same folks that are forever complaining that I don't have anything for them [especially when they are looking for a girl] and that they have been on the email lists for several months or a year or more and nothing turns up for them. Some of which are still waiting and still complaining because they are ever a day too late when new pups are born, or that don't have their ducks in a row [speak money] when new puppies become available!!!.

First of all - when I send email updates on available puppies, depending on which list it goes out to - it may reach 200-300+ folks that have subscribed for puppy updates for that color, and that are more or less ready to buy.

Furthermore - let me to explain about the availability of chocolate merle puppies specifically. When I plan and breed a litter of merle poodle puppies, I need one merle parent in order to get merles. If I breed for chocolate merles, I need to also have chocolate in both parents bloodlines - ideally both are chocolate, but at least one needs to be chocolate and the other one needs to be a chocolate carrier, else the chance for choco anything, never mind chocolate merle, is very low. Plus one needs to be a merle on top of that. Only about 1/3 of the pups of a merle parented litter actually are merle. This is why they are considerably more expensive than your traditional colors and this is also why the choco merles are the cream of the crop, as they are just so much more expensive and difficult to produce. 

Although the numbers can vary from litter to litter - if I were to tally the annual average of merles to normal colored pups, I am looking somewhere around 30-35%. In other words - about 1 out of 3 babies will be a merle. My littersizes run average 4-6 puppies depending on the size of the mom - - - so if we are lucky we can count on roughly 1-2 merle puppies on an average per litter. Sometimes I get more, but I also have had litters where I had none. So that is definitely a numbers game.

Let's talk chocolate merles specifically.  In a choco x choco merle litter, all of the merles will be chocolate or cafe merles. In a choco x some other color but carrying the chocolate gene, where in addition to that one of the parents is also a merle, I will have additional colors other than chocolate or cafe [solid or merle]. That considerably reduces the chances that a pup will actually be a chocolate merle as now we are also talking about potential black, silver, white or cream puppies, as well as silver and blue merles.

 Next - male to female ratio. I've been breeding dogs for 20 years now. During the last 4-5 years I've noticed a definite trend of having less and less females in my litters. I can remember the days well, when people were asking about boys, and all I ever got were mostly girlies. And if we ended up with an older pup that didn't place for one or another reason, it wasn't a big deal because it was a girl. Today - if I am lucky - I get 1 girl for every 3-4 boys. I just talked about this issue with some breeder friends over the last few months - and most that have been breeding for a few years and pay attention to the overall picture, report the same. Noticeably more boys than girls. Not going into any government conspiracy theories here, but when breeding animals that have shorter maturity cycles, you see things that you do not notice when compared to humans, so one does have to wonder. Is it the feed [GMO grain products, low quality meats full of antibiotics and growth hormones]? The water quality? Pollution? Over vaccinating? Too many chemicals via flea/tick/heartworm prevention or in the water or food? I don't know.
You do the math! Sign up for free email updates, and if you are serious about buying one of our puppies - introduce yourself, request an interview to place a deposit, and put a hold on one of the upcoming babies to make sure you are getting what you are wanting, without having to wait until 2019 or beyond.

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