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 Taking your Pup or Adult Dog on Public Outings


 It's so weird - dogs are always nicknamed companions - but yet - these days many don't ever leave their house or yard. I remember when I was growing up [yes - I know that dates me, LOL], dogs were full members of the family and used to go places with us.

Grocery shopping [being tied in front of the store while we were inside shopping - and none of them ever got stolen or messed around with either!].  Running errands and paying bills. Visiting friends at their places. Going to restaurants, cafes and pubs for meals, drinks or entertainments. Fairs, parks, ralleys - dogs used to be true companions when I was a kid.

Nowadays - not so much, but recently more efforts are being made to make having a dog with you in public acceptable again. Here are some of the products that can make it possible to smuggle a dog into places where they would otherwise not be welcome, and to keep them safely with us not only during leisurely strolls, but also  cardio exercises, walks, hikes and jogging and during driving in the car.


If I were to recommend anything in particular - I would go for a car seat first, and a soft sided carrier second, especially for puppies and small breeds. The rest are convenience items for most of us, but definitely make dog ownership in public more acceptable for most other non-doggy peeps. 







                       Puppy/Dog Transportation


A carseat where the pup can be harnessed in, can reduce distactions while driving, messes in the car when you are not looking, and keeps from developing bad habits that may cause you to have an accident, because your furkid is all over the car while you are driving...


A dog stroller or back pack can come in handy if you are a very fast or active walker, jogger or hiker, and your pup is not big enough to keep up yet [or will never going to get big enough to do so, even when fully grown] or if you own a senior canine that simply can't move that well any longer.







                    Clean Up After Your Pup!!!


If there is one thing about dog owners that we all dislike, is when folks walking their dogs, let them go all over our front yard, drive or walk ways, or god forbid - into our flower or veggie gardens.

 Be kind to your neighbors and be a responsible dog owner!

If your dog goes potty anywhere else but your own yard, clean up after it. This can go from a small shopping baggie in your jeans pocket to purchasing a small container of "doggie baggies" to clip on your leish, key ring or purse...










Available Puppies

Puppy Prep - Getting Ready for your new Puppy!

Basic Shopping List

Dog Food; High Calorie Supplements; Bowls; Feeders + Water Bottles; Harness + Leash; Chew Toys; Clothing.

Containment Systems - Living Arrangements - Safe Keeping

Playpen; Play Yard; Exercise Pen; Crates; Gates.

Puppy Neatness - Bathing & Grooming

Recommended Shampoos & Conditioners; Brush Types; Comb; Nail Trimmers; Scissors.


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