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Traditional & Merle Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA. Occasionally PoodleHybrid Puppies Available.

I often get asked if I raise Goldendoodles or Labradoodles and then in the next breath I hear the puppy shopper say - but I don't want a big one! I totally get that - I don't want a 60 or 70 pound pony galloping around in my house either. Or a bunch of them for that matter, LOL. I always admire the fullsize doodle breeders that keep all of their 10 or 20 dogs in their homes - I cannot imagine living with that many big dogs in the house - I am pushing it with my mini sized poodles that I rotate through, LOL.

Anyways - no I do not raise the big doodles - but I'd be happy to refer you to several breeders up north that do [merles as well as traditional colors]. My Dwarf Doodles are "big doodle" lookalikes without the "BIG" in it. They are a combination of mini and toy poodle x Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pekingese or a combination of up to three breeds with poodle being the main component. Due to the multi breed content, these puppies will at this time not be registered unless mentioned in their individual listing below, but have the same meticulous planning and upbringing than our purebred poodles.

If registration papers are important to you, or you cannot justify the price for a pup without any - please look at our other puppies instead. If you want an easy to manage, small sized doodle [most of ours mature in the 10-15# range, sometimes we even have toy sized babies available - and occasionally a bigger pup may reach the 15-20# range.], and if you want a beautiful pup that is low/non-shedding with a pleasant, happy go lucky personality - then please read on.

A word to personality - these are happy kids. Their moms are anywhere on the spectrum from mushbears + smoochies to sillies + clowns, and all of my sires are friendly, affectionate and emotionally well adjusted. I don't do ornery, hostile or fearful poodles. If you treat these puppies well, they will be uncomplicated, loving and happy dogs! I only get the very best feedback for pups out of these bloodlines.

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Summer 2017 - Now Accepting Reservations for Fall + Winter Puppies

No puppies available at this time, however as I am planning my fall and winter litters, I will open the books for pre-reservations for the DwarfDoodles again. I am accepting limited reservations in each coloration and the deposits are non-refundable, unless I don't have your desired color/sex combo for you by the end of this upcoming breeding season [Feb/March 2018].

Solid Colors - Deposit $200: black [$650-750], silver [$750-850], chocolate [$800-900], cafe au lait [$750-850]. I will accept white + cream [$700-800] as back-up colors only, as I can't be sure if or how many puppies I will get in these colors.

Merle Colors - Deposit $500: silver merle [$850-1000], blue merle [$950-1100], chocolate merle [$1000-1200], cafe merle [$950-1100]. I don't accept reservations for blue eyes - as this is not predictable and usually cannot be determined with certainty until the pup is 6-8 weeks of age. Blue eyed puppies are slightly more than the estimates given.

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Coat Info...

Coat Textures: The coat textures vary subject to both the poodle percentage as well as the actual parent breeds. It is not unusual that we have different types of coats within the same litter that differ from puppy to puppy. They can be dairly straight, slightly wavy or poodle curly. Every once in a while we may  have a short coat pup, or one with the wiry scruffy texture of a labradoodle, but most are fluffy long coats. Most are nonshedding due to the high poodle content or at the very  most - seasonally low shedding. Most of my DwarfDoodles are okay with people with mild allergies. Read more about dealing with allergic reactions and how to prevent them in the link below.

 Learn more about poodle hybrid hair types here.

Allergic to Dogs? Read here!

Grooming Styles for Poodle Hybrids

  • Pup from previous litter @ 4 months of age
    Pup from previous litter @ 4 months of age
Pup from previous litter @ 4 months of age
Pup from previous litter @ 4 months of age

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How smart are DwarfDoodles? Watch this!

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He was 10 or 11 weeks when I took this video and it was the first time we practiced waving and the second time of practicing giving 5.

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