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  • Practice trip in the car = to groom or not to groom?
    Practice trip in the car = to groom or not to groom?
  • Finding ants - she's good at that!
    Finding ants - she's good at that!
  • Happy beboppy
    Happy beboppy
  • I'm waiting for you mommy
    I'm waiting for you mommy
  • Puppy Adoration :o)
    Puppy Adoration :o)
  • Pick me up please!!!
    Pick me up please!!!
  • Another begging pic
    Another begging pic
  • Hot + sunny in GA - too hot and too sunny :)
    Hot + sunny in GA - too hot and too sunny :)
Practice trip in the car = to groom or not to groom?
Practice trip in the car = to groom or not to groom?

Update 6/16: Coming up on 11 weeks, just gotten her second shots and R2G! Last baby of the wee bunch and she is now all by her lonesome self. Needs a home now, LOL!!!

While I normally recommend a playpen or expen for my puppies, this little monkey has learned to climb right out of mine. She will need to either be crated or be in a cage with a top in it, when you are not home or busy. She does a great job of following along and "helping" but until she is properly housebroken and reliable with it, you will need occasionally some way to keep her contained and you will need something that can be closed on all sides :o). Just sayin'...

Update 6/1: Currently 9 weeks, weaned with first shots and ready to go home...

Personality: Sweet and loving; like the majority of my puppies she just really enjoys hanging out with you, cuddling, smooching, getting loved on and playing with you. She wants attention, interaction, and inclusion into your family and daily life.

Coat: Her base color will lighten after she gets her first full body trim [I can see the lighter silvery lilac color coming through underneath] and her merle markings will be various shades from light cocoa to caramel. No to light seasonal shedding.


I currently have a singleton cafe/choco merle baby girl available for reservation. She is currently 4.5 weeks old and will be ready to go home the last week in May. 

She is getting active and playful now, and is already working on developing her charming ways. Nibbling on fingers, stretching little paws up begging to get picked up, snuggling and smooching - oh yeah! She got my number! For sure, LOL...

This pup should grow a non/low shedding longer coat, and hers has wavy or straight hair rather than poodle curlz. Pups are a 2 way mix of mostly [3/4th] poodle and 1/4 Chihuahua and will not be registered. Deposit is $400 to reserve. 

Only One Available!  Choco merle DwarfDoodle Girlie  $900 

What will she look like when she is older??? 

Look at some of my previous puppies at the bottom of this page to get an idea...Mom is Chippy-di-DooDa and a cafe merle DwarfDoodle and Dad is a silver mini poodle. Estimated adult size is in the 10-12# range or so [small mini size].

Photos below from baby to 9 weeks

  • @ 9 weeks
    @ 9 weeks
  • @ 4.5 weeks of age. Cute huh?
    @ 4.5 weeks of age. Cute huh?

Get an idea of what most of my DwarfDoodles look like when they are of age to go home, and watch this SlideShow of some of my previous DwarfDoodles & PomaPoos

New puppies similar to these shown are planned for our late fall and early winter 2017 season. Be sure to sign up here for free email updates, when new puppies become available...
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