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                 GreeneGardens Impress `Eclat



`Eclat is our

double blue-eyed,

blue merle miniature

poodle girl

[now there is a mouthful, LOL].

When this pup was born to Lala & Imp - with her gorgeous blue merle pattern and the added wow effect of two bright baby blue eyes, I just knew a plain jane name wasn't going to do for her!

She needed a special name for me and since I was in the "E" year - `Eclat just fit the bill for her!

`eclat is french and means the following:

é·clat (-klä, klä)

1. Great brilliance, as of performance or achievement.
2. Conspicuous success.
3. Great acclamation or applause.
4. Archaic Notoriety; scandal.
ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms

Below - `Eclat doing her "stunned deer in the light" imitation



`Eclat is an Imp x LaLa daughter [LaLa - Lullabye actually was her full name, is a LaVerne sister and also goes back to my very first home bred poodles].

Of course when I picked this real big name for her, I had no idea that she knew what it stood for and decided to take it and run with it...

When you look at the Thesaurus antonyms, she managed to make them all work for her, LOL:

brilliance + effect - oh yeah, does she ever!

confidence, show + display - `Eclat is my resident clown and she loves playing to an audience. Goofy doesn't even come close to describing her. She is 5 this year and has just started to slow down just a wee bit - there is hope in sight!

flair and vigor are her middle names

splendor - don't take her to Petsmart trying to grab a quick bag of dogfood on a busy Saturday - you'll be in there for hours explaining who and what she is and talking merle genes for ever...

She has the prettiest eyes - they are pale powderblue with a darker blue star/petal pattern [that shape varies with her moods], around the iris. I need to have a talk with her about letting me take some close ups of her eyes...


One of the things with her - she hates getting her pictures taken - she either makes it look like a deer caught in the cross light, or she is latched on to me and I can't get enough distance to take a decent one. You also see loads of them where she on her way back to latch back on to me. With her I really could use a second person to take photos off, as she is always totally focused on me - she is either a busy running blob investigating something or she is on her way back to me, in which case I tend to get photos like the ones below:

While `Eclat isn't one of my best mothering poodle personalities [I mean really - who wants to sit with squirming, worming, pooping babies one has to clean up after, if one could hang out with ones' human mom instead?] - she certainly can do great looking colors and good looking babies.



                 Here are few photos of previous `Eclat children...

Above: Isabeau

Above: double blue eyed, silver merle Jezebel @6 wks; below @ 6 months

Below: Blue [now in Maine]

Below: a solid silver `Eclat son with his new parents




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