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This is the dude that started the merle poodle thing for me, and it's all his fault, LOL. Imp is our senior, silver merle poodle sire.

Meet Imp [actually - he is pretty much a goody two shoes!].

I purchased Imp from Rhonda in TX in late 2005, and he is the dad, granddad, great granddad, great-great grand dad, and great-great-great-granddad to many of our current puppies. If there is merle in it - it's from or through him! He is 7 now and slowing down a bit, but still the total gentleman: cool, calm and collected, always polite and always a bit jealous - still after all these years, when he feels he needs to wait too long for his personal greetings, LOL.


Imp is a silver merle poodle - his base color is a bright platinum silver and his merle markings are a medium gray [blue]. This creates a beautiful marbled effect: the shorter the coat, the crisper and darker the merle markings, if it is kept longer they blend for a harmonius swirling design.

The photos simply do his coloring no justice! Above as a two year old, below his most recent photos at 7 yrs old.

I was going to add a slide show of his offspring - but gee - this whole website reflects him now that we are in our 4th and 5th generation of merle kids. Look at any of our merle adults, merle puppies - no matter who the actual parents are - there is a little bit of Imp in that! Pick any page, LOL!!! He simply does no ugly and he has the most pleasant, mellow personality that comes through in many of our pups!

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