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GreeneGardens Joye de Vivre


 Meet Joye. Joye is a white mini poodle girl and the littermate to Jolee. 

Her mom is Lanie [blue merle] and her dad is Toby [chocolate].

 She is a classy little beauty - with a gorgeous face [naturally tearstain free], a super thick and curly coat, and the correct square poodle build with long legs that allow for flowing and elegant movement.

It gets better yet, LOL - she has the nicest personality - a super cuddler and lovebug; brushes, baths and grooms like a dream and is overall low key, uncomplicated and easy going. A very happy, no stress, no theatrics, no muss girlie you can do just about anything with.

Joye is a 4th generation pup from my own breeding on the maternal side: Lanie is her mom [blue merle], LaVerne her grandma [blue], Lillian her greatgrandma [black]. She also has a lot of silver, cafe au lait and chocolate in her color background on her paternal side [Toby, Imp + Bo] - I am very much looking forward to seeing if she is a white merle, and if not - what colors she will produce for me otherwise...

Enjoy the slideshow of photos of her above [the white puppy on some of them is her younger sister from a later litter]; the video below shows her with the same pup.





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