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GreeneGardens Gee Kiwi Implied

Don't worry about the long name - we just call her Kiwi.

She is my smallest of my merle girls, and probably the sweetest and mellowest poodle that I currently own. Very quiet, very calm, very polite - not pushy, bouncy, ornery or difficult at all. Just easy going and really, really uncomplicated sweet.

We should have named her Honey or Sugar, LOL.

  • Kiwi
  • Kiwi - cream pup
    Kiwi - cream pup
  • Kiwi: silver merle + blue merle pup
    Kiwi: silver merle + blue merle pup
  • Kiwi with some of her pups
    Kiwi with some of her pups
  • black and white Kiwi puppies
    black and white Kiwi puppies
  • chocolate Kiwi kid
    chocolate Kiwi kid

Kiwi is a silver merle girl out of Imp and Berryl. Imp of course is my silver merle senior sire and Berryl was a cafe au lait out of Evelynne, a half sister to Electra, going all the way back to one of my very first poodle girls named Teddy in the late 90ies.

Kiwi carries for a lot of colors and generally has chocolate, black, blue/silver and cream pups, as well as  chocolate merles, blue merles or silver merles and I usually breed her to Toby.

Be sure to check out my Feedback + Testimonial Pages for some Kiwi kids feedback - look for Cyrus, Shep and Riley - some of her most recent puppies...

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