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Long name for a sweet girl - we call her Lanie :o).




Lanie is a blue merle miniature poodle girl, her dad is Imp and her mom is LaVerne.

Of my 4 "working" merle girls she is the second smallest, right at 12 lbs and the sweetest and most easy going. She is really smart, but opposed to her sister Emmarie [whom we lost last year to a snake bite] - she doesn't feel the need to prove it, which is nice when you're owned by multiple poodles, LOL.

Like her mom she is a knee hugger and a lap sitter - and will do anything to get a chance to hop on up! She is extremely affectionate and lovey-dovey, she is also very sensitive and picks up on moods, and changes her behavior accordingly. When she goes into emphatic and supportive mode - this girl just oozes concern, love and worry for me - I love this gal - she is a total sweetheart! You can see it in her eyes, facial expression and body language - this is one of the best poodle personalities I have ever managed to breed and raise, combined with a most appealing visual package - and her pups tend to follow suit.

Above: Lanie happy + excited, below sashaying ;o)

Above: Giving 5! and below: asking for picker-uppers ;o)




        Lanie Kids of various times and ages...


Following below are some random photos of Lanie's previous kids - various pups, various ages, various colors. Enjoy! By the way - her current litter is already spoken for - the merle girl belongs to Beth in GA and the black girlie will be flying to Kyle & Sari in California when she is big enough to travel...

 Pup on the right above and below is the same dog - once as a spunky 10 wk old and below as a young adult. Pirate is owned by Shannon, the owner of Topdog Spa in Savannah, who also owns a second poodle from us named Cupcake. She owns Grooming Spas in Savannah, Pooler and soon opening a new location in Richmond Hill - if you need a qualified and reliable groomer - check them out and tell them Sabine send you!


Below: Lanie's son Pirate sporting soft nail caps.

More Lanie Babies from the past...

 Below: Joye an adult Lanie daughter, with a sister from a younger litter...






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