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Traditional & Merle Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA. Occasionally Merle YorkiePoo & DwarfDoodle Puppies Available.

Introducing... Merle YorkiePoo Puppies in 2018!

This is for all of you who are continue to ask for toy sized "poo" puppies in unusual colors! If you want one-of-a-kind marked small babies - look no further. 

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 Winter + Spring Update 2018 
Newsflash! I care for my "working girls" and don't breed them every time they come into season. My next litters are planned for late summer and fall.

My apologies for all that were waiting for fall and early winter puppies - we lost Johnny this summer in a most unfortunate freak accident, and I have not been able to find a color suitable replacement adult for him in time for the first girls seasons this fall. We had to wait until our new boys are of age for breeding, so they should be able to catch the next girls coming into season for January through March puppies. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused your planning or schedule...

Actual availability depends on the fertility cycles of my girls!!! For whatever reason some folks seem to forget or don't understand this. Mature female dogs average 2 breeding cycles in a year that are anywhere from 5-8 months apart - subject to the individual dog. Puppies are carried in uteri for about 9 weeks give or take a day or two, and then they need to be around 8-10 weeks old before I feel comfortable sending them home [again subject to the individual pup's size and development]. 

Sigh - if I sound rude to you - please forgive me! But for all of those folks that seem to think that I have an unlimited amount of puppies available in all colors and sexes - newsflash! I don't have extras stashed in my freezer that I can pull out, defrost and pop in the microwave to get ready to go!!! Depending on how many pre-reservations I have on the books when you inquire about a pup in a color/sex combo that I don't have readily available for reservation, it may take from anywhere of a couple of weeks to several months for a pup like that to become available... 

Sometimes when I look at some of my ongoing correspondence with potential buyers, I have flashes of the old jukeboxes in restaurants and pubs. Choose B4 for a black boy, C5 for a silver girl, and F3 for a merle poodle pup. LOL. You older folks know what I mean...

Sooo - anyways - - - sign up on my mailing lists for free no-strings updates - and you will get notified when I have puppies available for placement or reservation again. When you get an update and you are interested - respond asap as this same update goes out to a bunch [meaning lots!] of other people that are also on my mailing lists.

Be pro-active and pre-reserve your puppy with a small deposit now. By the time the first fall litters arrive, the first 2-3 litters are usually pre-reserved for the Waiting List. Click the blue links for more info.

Click on the following links to see previous puppies in the colors you are interested in...

Poodle Puppies with Natural Tails

If you would like the tail natural and undocked on one of our poodle puppies, please be sure to contact me well ahead of the birthing schedules, as we usually dock between 3-5 days.

Ideally you are on my  Paid Waiting List with a deposit put in place, as I rarely have puppies available that are not pre-reserved and when I do - I generally wait a week or two before I introduce newborns that are available for reservations, and by that time they already got their tails docked. 

You must make your reservation/selection [backed by a non=refundable deposit] no later than 24-36 hours of receiving notification of the birth of new puppies. If you have been notified of a new litter and I do not hear back from you in time, we will dock the tails!

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