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See some of our poodle parents with litters due  or planned for the late summer/fall season!

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Early Summer 2017
I care for my girls and don't breed every time they come into season. I am skipping the Girls that cycle during April-May-June. Next litters are planned for late summer and early fall.

I am restructuring my breeding program a bit, and also should have some first time moms with puppies late summer/early fall. We should have a full house again with plenty of puppies to choose from after the worst of the summer heat, throughout fall and well into the winter months. 

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Be pro-active and pre-reserve your puppy with a small deposit now. By the time the next litters arrive, the first 2-3 litters are usually pre-reserved for the Waiting List. Click the blue links for more info.

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Poodle Puppies with Natural Tails

If you would like the tail natural and undocked on one of our poodle puppies, please be sure to contact me well ahead of the birthing schedules, as we usually dock between 3-5 days.

Ideally you are on my  Paid Waiting List with a deposit put in place, as I rarely have puppies available that are not pre-reserved and when I do - I generally wait a week or two before I introduce newborns that are available for reservations, and by that time they already got their tails docked. 

You must make your reservation/selection [backed by a non=refundable deposit] no later than 24-36 hours of receiving notification of the birth of new puppies. If you have been notified of a new litter and I do not hear back from you in time, we will dock the tails!

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