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11/2 Available 4 Reservation: Silver Merle Poodle Girlie

  • Available 4 Reservation!
    Available 4 Reservation!
Available 4 Reservation!
Available 4 Reservation!
This may well be the last merle poodle girlie for the year that will definitely be ready to go in time for the holidays!!!

We have one, possibly two more litters due that are merle mommed, however I can't be certain that the pups will be of age to go home before the end of the year, or that we actually will have merle puppies in them! The ladies are cutting it pretty close with their timing!

About this little cutie - this pup is going to be a large - most likely slightly oversized miniature. She is huge! We are definitely talking in the 15-20# range here. Don't ask about her if you wanted a large toy or small mini  - she is definitely going to be a big, beautiful gal.

Bright silver merle, with lots of merling all over - she will be a beaute! At just a bit over 2 weeks - she just opened her eyes 2 days ago - she already has loads and loads of hair - a very, very promising puppy!

Available as follows:
For Pet Placement: $1050 firm, CKC reg - on Spay Contract - Papers go home after she has been spayed.
For potential Breeding Placement: $1300 firm, CKC reg., papers go home with the pup.

Deposit [one way or another] is $500, with the remainder due when she goes home, or in case of shipping no later than at 8 weeks old [12/10/14].

Introduce yourself today in order to reserve her! This babydoll is not going to last long - it has been ages since we had big pups like her!

Available: Blue Merle Boy "Snoop"
Huge Merle Markings!!!

Special Fall Sales Terms for Pet Home Placement!!!
Newest Pics 9/2

This is a super deal - for all of you who wanted a merle poodle puppy but could not justify the price - pay attention ;o)
  • New Pics 9/2 @ 5 months
    New Pics 9/2 @ 5 months
  • Pics @ 3 months
    Pics @ 3 months
  • Baby @ 7 weeks
    Baby @ 7 weeks
New Pics 9/2 @ 5 months
New Pics 9/2 @ 5 months
Page updated w. new photos and potty video clip on 9/2/14

This pup turned out to be a bit of a step child here with us. With several high energy "squeaky wheels" in our pack [most of who went to new homes recently] - he had not gotten as much individual attention than he should have. Not surprisingly - once I spend a bit more quality time and one-on-one time with him - a very loving, sweet and sensible young man emerged. Fun loving, interactive, yet mellow and laid back! And in comparison to some of our "squeaky wheels" - very quiet volume wise too. A refreshing break to enjoy a happy cuddler that doesn't constantly want/need you to keep him entertained. Very content to play by himself with toys or gnaw on a rawhide or raw bone or simply hang out with you offering pleasant company. Very nice indeed, LOL!

At almost 6 months of age [almost 8 months now that I update this page in early Nov], I just finally took all of his puppy coat off [other than the super fluffy feet - still undecided if I am going for the Clydesdale look, or shave them off and see if I can't get him some bracelets instead] - I think I will leave this up to his new owner. As he has a very soft and more wavy than curly coat, I wanted to see the texture of the adult coat underneath emerging and it looks like he is going to have curlz after all, LOL. His sibs turned super curly long before he did. App. 13-15# range or so at maturity, making him a mid to large sized miniature.

Anyways - you are waiting to see what the Summer Special on him is, right?
As he is the last older merle pup here with me and I want him to go home sooner rather than later - - -

I am reducing his price to $750 [gasp!] and that includes free neutering!
He will be done with all of his first year vet care - has all puppy shots, will get his rabies when he goes in for neutering and has been started on heartworm prevention as well. So other than ongoing heartworm prevention and keeping him flea/tick free - everything will be taken care off for year 1 for this kid!

This nice boy is litterbox trained but will also go pee and poop outside [watch the video below] - whatever floats your boat - it doesn't get any easier than that! Take advantage of me wanting to clear house - this is a deal that is not going to happen for a merle puppy again any time soon!!!

How does this work? At this price - this is for placement in a loving inside pet home only - he will be neutered here by my vet before he leaves. If you are a breeder - please do not ask for him at this price!!! Not happening. A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to get him sent off to the vet. Surgery days are Tues-Thursd. and he can go home the weekend after.

Please note - if you require shipping via Delta - due to his larger size he requires a larger crate and the airlines will charge more for size/weight. Shipping will be $400 firm, if it is more - I will make up the difference. In case of shipping, his entire purchase price and the shipping fees are due at time of reservation. For personal pick-up, you pay the balance when he goes home.

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