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This little munchkin is currently my only purebred merle poodle puppy available, I do not think we will have any more until sometime this fall or so.

This wee little guy is still in the uggy phase but if he ends up being like pups from her first litter - ought to be gee-ooor-gee-ous! Bold blue merle markings and huge ones at that - he will be stunning and attention getting as he gets a bit of age on him. At only 4 weeks he is just starting to wake up - and is still very much a mommy's little boy.

He weighed  13 oz today [6/11, 4 wks] and I would put him somewhere around the 6-8# range at maturity - toy size - and I am estimating on the high range, mainly because mom [silver merle] is more of an oversized toy and dad [chocolate] is a fullsized mini.

Price: $1250 CKC reg., Deposit to reserve is $500. He should be ready to go home mid July, subject to his size, weaning and how well he eats.

Please introduce yourself before inquiring.

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