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Traditional & Merle Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA & Poodle Hybrid Puppies Available Occasionally.

Charleeeeeee!!! :o)

Wee bitty future dad of our Merle + hopefully parti YorkiePoos.

I know, I know - I've always said I was done doing the wee bitty stuff - but he is soo bleeping adorable, I couldn't say no to him. Happy, beboppy, not a single ornery bone in his little 4.5# body - he will father our future merle YorkiePoo litters. 

For starters - we are planning for 3 YorkiePoo litters for summer of 2018 and 1 litter of Chorkies [Chihuahua x Yorkie]. The first YorkiePoo litter is pretty much spoken for - both merle and traditional colors - but I am accepting inquiries & reservations for the second planned litter now [due to be born in August or September]. Read more below...

Charlee's Angels

Size range of expected puppies will be roughly in the 5-10# range, with most of them around 6-8# or so - definitely lap size and carrier bag babies, but big enough to have a floor life and being able to keep up on their own, once they are a bit older.

Personalities - mostly spunky, energetic and bouncy - but every single dog in this family group is also extremely loving and affectionate, so expect little lovebugs that want into the thick with you and doing stuff with you and the family!

Due to their small initial sizes when they are of age to go home - I would not recommend them for families with younger children under 8-10 or to families with bunches of kids. They will need some looking after, monitoring, babying and spoiling initially until they get a bit of size to them.  

OMG - Chocolate Phantom Merle
- Oversized Toy

And yes - her registered name is "Oh My Gosh!" 

OMG has been bred 5/10-14 via AI [he simply can't reach - poor boy - he sure tried!] and this will be her first litter. Her babies are due in mid July and I have enough reservations on hand to cover her litter.

Expected Colors: blue + silver merle babies for sure, possibly chocolate merle puppies as well - all depending on whether he has the choco gene or not. Traditional colors: same as the merle base colors above and some of the pups should also have phantom markings, OMG is a phantom but her merle pattern is so colorful that they are hard to see. 

KaChing: Blue Merle - Oversized Toy

Chingy is OMG's mom and one of my personal dogs with bed privileges, LOL. She tends to be surgically attached to me and goes with me pretty much anywhere I go, if dogs are allowed and I have the time to indulge her. Loves riding in the car!!! She's the only poodle girl in this family group that is proven at this time and she knows what she's doing - LOL.

Chingy is due to cycle sometime in June/July - and should have her litter no later than by the end of September - but I am thinking sooner than that. She normally has a very reliable short cycle. I am accepting reservations for her late summer babies now - up to 2 merles and 2 traditional colored pups.

Expected Colors: blue or silver merle babies for sure - possibly choco merles as well. Traditional colors: black+tan, silver+cream, possibly chocolate - some puppies may have phantom markings.

GirlyGirl, LOL 

 I need to come up with a pretty name to register her. She'll probably always listen to GirlyGirl though :)

Deep chocolate parti - Small Miniature - GrownUp Photo coming soon

I thought I would have to take her off his harem as she is taller and leggier than OMG and KaChing - but since I am now resigned to AI ing his ladies, I'm thinking about adding her back into his group.

She is due to be bred as soon as she has her 2. season [she was 1 in February] - so pretty much any time now. I expect her to have her first litter by late summer - about the same time as KaChing. There will be no merle babies in this litter, but hoping for parti's and lots of irish markings! Accepting reservations for her pups as well.

Expected Colors: base colors - black+tan, blue/silver+cream, choco+tan - potentially parti colors or irish markings [white paws, tail tips, blazes and neck collars]. I just can't say for sure until I see what we get. There may be white, cream or tan puppies as well. 

About Merle YorkiePoos...

Are you wanting a puppy in this breed with an eye popping color and flashy pattern??? Look no further! A quick word to pricing for merle YorkiePoo puppies - they are difficult & expensive to produce. I have discussed the merle pattern in more detail on the merle poodle pages - go there and read up on this. 

Add to this that merle is not a traditional yorkie color [although there are now modern merle yorkies available as well - do a google search]. That means that I have to set aside merle poodle females from my regular breeding program to produce this coloration. In addition to that - not all puppies in a merle mommed litter are merles... Have a look around online and see how many merle yorkiepoos are out there available, if pricing is a concern for you. This is a luxury "one-of-a-kind-marked & colored" pet, and [taking the risk to sounding snotty] obviously not suitable for everybody, just like merle poodles are not for everybody...

I don't know if you can appreciate how small this little man is - it's all hair and air, LOL. Just like a poodle in a longer coat, he appears considerably larger than he really is - make him wet and half the dog is gone :o).

Puppy Pricing 

Price ranges are fluid and depend on colors + markings + size: 

Deposits for traditional colors are $300, for merle colors $500.

Solid + phantoms: black, silver, blue and/or chocolate - there may be some sables or blondes as well - $750-1000

Bi & Parti Colors: black, silver, blue or chocolate - again possibly some blondes or tans as well - $850-1100

Merles: blue or silver merles $1500-1800

             chocolate or cafe merles $1700-2000

Add $100-200 for blue eyes on the merle puppies - again depending on how much eye color we get, if any. Not making any promises or guarantees and cannot accept reservations for puppies with blue eyes!!! When babies are here, I won't be able to tell with certainty that a pup has some of full blue eyes until it is app. 7-8 weeks of age!

I am including some photos of some of my previous poodle and DwarfDoodle puppies that were born in the colors and patterns I am expecting. Obviously they are not YorkiePoos - so the facial features don't match and the YorkiePoos will be smaller as well and many will have upright or "top-flop" ears :o). But it gives you an idea of what to look forward to! They will be B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!

How to Reserve one of my Puppies...

Puppies below show some merle + choco YorkiePoos from a Breeder Friend and some merle Poodle Hybrid Puppies out of my personal Breeding, to give you an idea of what this color will look like...

Learn more about Reserving an Upcoming YorkiePoo Puppy...

Deposits are non-refundable as outlined on this page!

Please take the time to actually read that page and click through to the recommended reading pages linked there for more detailed info.
My website is heavy on reading and researching and it is easier to read on a computer or larger tablet than on a phone, you will miss a lot of linked info when doing this on the phone. Please do that before you contact me. There are over 100 pages on this site - from puppy care, personalities and general breed info - to questions about me and the dogs. Take your time to visit, read, think before discussing a 12-15 year commitment with me.

Limited Reservations Slots Available!!!

I  am accepting only 2 additional deposits for merle YorkiePoo puppies right now [and up to 6 traditional colored ones] for KaChing's + GirlyGirls late summer litters - with the understanding that nature is a fickle thing, and puppies don't get made like cookies or happy meals [I'd like a side of blue eyes with that, and sprinkles on top, thank you very much!]. So if you are still with me - read on!

Traditional Colored Puppies: $300

Merle Colored Puppies: $500

I know we will get blue and silver merles for sure, I can't be certain about chocolate merles - only time and puppies on the ground will tell me if he carries for this color or not. I expect for some of the solid colored pups from GirlyGirl to have white markings [paws, tail tips, faces and necks]. If you are ready to be considered for a stunning one-of-a-kind yorkiepoo baby like no other - then fill out the puppy questionaire - ask for a merle or traditional colored yorkiepoo and lets talk! Be sure to ask questions - I will answer them for you, as best as I can.

If you are wanting a choco or choco merle yorkie-poo and will not consider any other color - simply bookmark this page and check back occasionally. When I know what he can do, I will update this page accordingly and add an update list for this coloration.