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Traditional & Merle Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA. Occasionally PoodleHybrid Puppies Available.

Meet our Merle Poodle Ladies!
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Our senior merle ladies, followed by the "New Generation" below.

Lanie - Retired

Guinnee aka Angelface


Jolee is a Lanie x Toby daughter and Joye's litter mate.
Jolee is a busybody personality, and I am still waiting for her to settle down some and get some common sense, LOL. She reminds me very much of Lanie's sister Emmarie, whom we unfortunately lost due to a snake bite when she was only 4.
We are planning for spring 2016 puppies for her.

Joye is a white merle out of Lanie & Toby. She is Jolee's litter mate, shown here with a younger sibling [Chablis]. In comparison to her sister - she is very calm, mellow and low key. A total mellow and laid back love bug.

Joye is currently expecting and due in mid November 2015.


Jezebel is a silver merle - bi-color [high white tuxedo markings] with two solid bright blue eyes. Opposite in personality from Jadzia and Isabeau - she is very calm, quiet and mellow - as generally  uncomplicated girl as they come. She is almost 5 now and I don't think I have ever heard her bark unless another dog was pestering her and she wanted to be left alone, LOL.

Jez is currently raising her last litter with us, has been spayed and will be available for placement once she is done raising her babies [in January 2016].
Feel free to inquire about her - she is one of the very few, rare, double blue eyed poodles here in the USA. You can probably count them on one hand.
Priced at $1000 firm, spayed, will get a rabies update when she is done raising babies before she goes home. A $500 deposit will hold her for you until she is ready to go.


Jadzia is also an` Eclat x Toby daughter, but from a different litter than Jezebel and Isabeau respectively; and as different as 2 dogs from the same parents can possibly be. She is a very dark blue merle, she is very much like Isabeau in personality - active, busy and beboppy but opposite to Isa, she is bossy and wants to be a matriarch. Tall, dark and handsome.

Jadzia has been bred and is due in early December 2015.

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