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More photos & more information!
More Photos & More Information!

Our Poodles...

Allow me to tell you a bit about our poodles. As mentioned on our About Us Page - I've been breeding and raising poodles since '98 - and some of our current poodles go all the way back 15+ years to the original ones I've started out with.

I must say I have been mostly lucky in the dogs I selected back then, new as I was at it, as we have had very little health issues over the years, and I have worked hard on weeding out those few bloodlines that introduced them in the first place.

While I have not done any genetic testing so far other than for dogs sold & shipped to Europe, my previous vet of over 10+ years had been helping me evaluating the pups that I retained for future breeding. 

After long searching back and forth for a vet here at our new place to "click with", I think I have found an new vet to my liking, that will help me with his expert opinion on new additions for the future.

We do not have eye or heart problems that I am aware off, and after weeding out the dogs with patella issues years ago - we  rarely have a pup with luxating patellas either.

Luxating patellas is such a "normal" occurance for toy and smaller breeds, it is nowadays almost a given. I am extremely pleased to have very, very few pups that have lose patellas in their early months [which during their growing phases is not unusual], and none so far that needed corrective surgery that I am aware off.


We raise predominantly miniatures - with some pups being large or slightly oversized toys, and a few being slightly oversized at 16-17".

My adults toys mature anywhere from the 6-8#, the adult minis start at 8-9# up to 15-17# range of the mini spectrum [10-15"]. 

The large majority of our poodle puppies falls into the 10-15# weight range, all depending on who the parents are.

Do also keep in mind that adult size is not only influenced by genetics, but also by what, and how much you feed. Poor quality dog food often makes for oversized, flabby dogs with poor coats, and can create health problems down the line as the dog ages. Please feed the best quality of dog food you can afford to give, and do not be afraid to introduce raw meat and bones to your poodles diet.

Read more about improving your new puppy's health & future development and how to increase vigor & longevity in any of your older dogs.


Color and WOW effect has always been one of "my things" - so we are pleased to offer silver and blue poodles, some of the darkest chocolate poodles as well as the occasional cafe au lait pup, and the entire cream/white spectrum.

If you are looking for red or apricot poodles, we may have one apricot litter a year, but no reds.  Sorry - can't help you there...

For info on our merle poodles [silver, blue or chocolate merles], please see further down on this page.

Read more about Poodle Colors.

Registry: CKC

I have AKC, CKC, APRI and two UKC registered dogs - but I do not have a huge kennel with 40, 50, 60 or more dogs [we currently have 18-19 "working" poodle girls and that is including the 3 new girls on the block, several merle girls. I also have a small handful of up + coming new children that will fill in the gaps as some of my older girls retire these next  year or two.

After retiring my older ladies, we should be back down to about 15-16 working girls, which is a good size for me to handle individually and still have time for quality  interaction with every dog, every day.

In order to allow for the best parenting combinations, for optimum personality, soundness and looks - I've decided to go CKC on all of our pups several years ago, to avoid inbreeding or getting too large [number of dogs on premises] by having to have too many adults in order to have a proper gene pool to choose from in any one registry.

Please read here for more detailed info about our pups' registration etc.

Exotic Merle Poodles for the Discriminating Poodle Lover

Our Silver Merle, Blue Merle and Chocolate Merle Poodles have been incorporated in this website, and there are photos of them all over it.

For more info about merles in general and ours in particular, as well as photo galore of our adults and previous pups

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Photos on the pages on my website are simply to show some of them here - and more likely than not, are not available any longer at this time.

For current availability visit the Available Puppies Page.


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