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GreeneGardens Isabeau

Isabeau is a black [non-merle carrying] `Eclat x Toby daughter.

She is rather smaller than I had wanted her to be [we have a lot of toy lines in our breeding program] and she ended up being a toy herself. She stands about 9" and weighs a whopping 6.5#.

She is small, vivacious and spunky - and like her mom, she doesn't bark when she gets excited, she squeaks, LOL. And she is fast - a little black blurr with a pink tongue flapping by you. Fortunately she is a cuddler, and gets the part where if you don't stand in line or stay close by, you don't get cuddles - so she is easy to hang on to, as she never leaves far when we're out walking. I also think while she is a bit of a busybody, she is definitely a tad smarter than her mom, LOL and much less complicated clownish - thank you Toby!

Isabeau goes back to the beginning of my raising poodles back in 98. Her mom is `Eclat, grandma was Lullabye, and greatgrandma was Lillian.

 [GreeneGardens Brigitte]

Briggie is my largest miniature poodle girl at this time and she is black. I haven't weighed her lately, but my guestimate is she is right around the 15# and on the top height for her class.

Briggie is a LaVerne x Imp daughter, and also goes way back to one of my very first dogs Lillian [LaVerne's mom] and Bo. Bo was one of my foundation stones of my Kneehugger line - and I was very fortunate in having him; his calm, loving and sensible personality bred true again and again - all the way through to the present.

Briggie is a younger full sister to Lanie [and Emmarie too, whom we lost in May 2010 due to a snake bite]. Her personality is more like Emmie's was - she is busy and opinionated, sometimes hardheaded but also loving, needy and affectionate. Talking about multiple personality traits in this big gal! She is my squeaky wheel and just loves to hear herself talk at times when something is going on. Briggie is extremely attentive - nothing happens on the premises that she is not aware off, and given a chance - she'd make a wonderful watchdog too. There ain't no sneaking around for the other dogs when Briggie is there - she's a telltale!

She is highly fertile and produces huge litters for a miniature - 8 and 9's is normal for her, and she does a good job raising her pups, but when she is done - she's done and she'll let me know so in no uncertain terms, LOL.

She too has a great coat that you can do just about anything with - and it grows unbelieveably fast...




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