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Traditional & Merle Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA & Poodle Hybrid Puppies Available Occasionally.

 I often get asked how much $$$ for a pup in this or that color, or when will you have that color again, and/or what can I do to reserve one or so I know to set money aside? 

See the Available Puppy Pages to see if I have what you are looking for right now. Visit my Litter Announcement Page and bookmark it too, if I don't have what you are looking for at this time.

Visit my Paid Waiting List! I accept reservations on our prepaid waiting list. For all colors and sizes - both traditionally colored as well as merle colored puppies, with the understanding that the waiting times for specific sex/color combinations can be as much as 6-12 months, all depending on where we are in our breeding cycles and how many reservations I already have in the books.

Not yet ready for that much of a commitment? On this page you can subscribe for free email updates on new puppies in the color of your choice. No strings attached, simply unsubscribe when you no longer want to receive updates!

Finally friend me on facebook [search for Sabine Greene or like us at PoodlePleasure] - I often post about new litters and upcoming babies there too.

Let me to give you a basic average range for pups in certain colors to give you an idea what to expect or to prepare for...

Please keep in mind that all price quotes are general quotes - every once in a while I have a pup that is super outstanding that might be more, occasionally I might have a pup which is just pet quality, where the legs are a tad too short, or the nose too long, or that might have a mild over or under bite or it doesn't have quite a nice a coat as we normally get - and these might be a bit less.

 Sometimes I have a large number of pups in the same colors [like spring 7 yrs ago we had black puppies coming out of the ears, LOL] and I might reduce prices for that reason.

Occasionally [seldom actually] - we may have some older boys or girls that I held back for evaluation for future breeding replacements, that I decide to sell after all. These may [or may not be depending on why I am parting with them] be considerably reduced in price in order to facilitate pet home placement. However - if they are not advertised on the website, I usually do not have any...

Traditional Poodle Color Pricing
For Merle Poodle Prices click here

Black Poodle Puppies

$650-750 for males,

$700-800 and up for females

Silver/Blue Poodle Puppies

$750-850 for males

$800-900+ for girlies

White, Cream or Champagne Poodle Puppies

$700-800+ for males

$750-850+ for girlies




Pups with immaculately clean faces w/out signs of tearstains may be slightly more. White + cream puppies with merle parents are sold with Spay/Neuter Contracts unless otherwise agreed upon. Contact for Breeding Home Placement Prices.

Chocolate Poodle Puppies

$800-950 for males or females, subject to coloration, markings and size.

Cafe au lait Puppies

$700-850 for males or females, subject to coloration, markings and size.

Pricing on chocolate + chocolate dilute puppies depends on color richness, size and sex, as well as conformation.
A quick word to dark apricot and red poodles - this is a color that is not in my gene pool and I generally do not expect to offer puppies in this color. So unless you see apricot puppies offered on the website right now, or introduced on the Litter Announcement Page, I more likely than not do not have any available nor will I anytime soon. Feel free to email and ask though.

Puppy Prices for Merle Poodles: Click Here!

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