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Traditional & Merle Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA. Occasionally PoodleHybrid Puppies Available.

Poodle Info


Everything that comes to mind that is poodle related... From coat texture and how to take care of it, whether poodles are hypoallergenic or good for allergy sufferers, the various colors poodles come in, the individual sizes destinations of poodles, and on and on and on...

In this section I will share whatever poodle info comes to mind with you - this is a work in progress, so bookmark this page and come back every once in a while to see what has been added to it. If you have specific questions you would like to get addressed and answered, feel free to ask.

Click on the underlined links to access the individual pages...


The Poodle Coat

Are poodle hypoallergenic? Do poodles shed? Do they mat up? What about allergies?

Poodle Colors

Work in progress - check this one back occasionally, as more details of the gorgeous colors poodle come in, will be added as I have time and find the right photos for documentation...





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