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                    Puppy Containment Systems


 Prepare your new pup's living space and arrangements!
A puppy containment system is a must to preserve sanity [yours], can be a substantial help in housebreaking the pup - especially if you are working and not home all day, and maintain damage control [wandering, unsupervised puppies].
There are a variety of items generally used to make this happen, and they all have pros and cons - some may work wonders for you, others not so much. It all depends on how much time you have to spend with your pup teaching proper behavior, and how much effort you are willing to put into it, and what you are comfortable with. I will discuss the various set ups in more detail as I have time to write about them, but for starters - here are the short versions of the various systems I recommend.
There are a number of places where you can buy your puppy start up supplies = both used and new. Yard sales and Second Hand Stores are a great way of scooping up a used playpen at a fraction of the cost a new one costs [be sure to disinfect thoroughly if you go the used route - more info here!]. 
Many times crates, bedding etc are available on freecycle and other trading forums - be sure to clean, clean, clean and disinfect used items if you are not sure where they came from. Sometimes it is because a pup outgrew its possessions or ppl got tired of it and dumped it somewhere, other times it is because a pup died to illness and you DO NOT want to bring home parvo, distemper or similar deadly puppy diseases on second hand items!!!
Local box stores such as Walmart, Kmart, Target etc as well as PetStores have various items on your puppy-buy list, but for me - nothing beats the
Convenience and great selection of Online Shopping.
Especially if you - like me - live in a rural area and need to drive 1-2 hrs to get to a city with various shopping options! I'm in my 14th year of raising dogs now, and I think I bought from all of the major pet places online - and trust me, I buy a lot of dog stuff [actually my dog budget is bigger than my people budget, LOL].
But after all the shopping for years and years - I tend to come back to Amazon again and again, because most anything I need is available there, and I can get combined shipping discounts even if I shop big items and a variety of things throughout the entire dog supply spectrum that would normally require to order from 2 or 3 companies or several local shopping trips to various towns all over s.e. GA [and people stuff too] and still only pay one shipping charge and be done in 30 minutes or less, vs. spending entire afternoons on the road or computer comparing prices and browsing websites.
Amazon just simply works for me, so I will use them here to showcase and sample suggested items on your puppy shopping list. Do price shop around a bit other places, though I find their prices to be very compatible if not less than at an actual brick+mortar store [especially pet stores, LOL], and the variety and selection is simply astounding!

                 A Childrens or a Puppy Playpen


Suitable for: teacups, tinies, toys and small or younger mini size puppies.

I strongly recommend a childrens or puppy playpen for safe keeping in combination with pee pads, newspaper or litterbox potty training. It will safely contain your pup when you are busy or working, or if it needs down-time away from the busy family life. It's mobile and flexible and can go places. Easy to clean and looks so much nicer than a metal crate!

There is a lot of information about utilizing a puppy playpen on my Teacup & Tiny Puppy Care website already. Instead of repeating myself here - simply go there to read up on it.






                    Play Yards and Exercise Pens


Suitable for:  toy and mini size puppies.

A play yard or exercise pen is more suitable overall for larger or older toy size pups and for miniature size puppies [roughly 8-20# range]. Many poodle children have the monkey gene incorporated, and will eventually start climbing on playpens, or chew and tear through the mesh panels in their mission to get to you, LOL.

Play yards and ex pens are usually made of hard plastics or metal, and more durable to withstand the onslaught of an eager poodle pup on the quest of exploring the home when you are not there.

This containment system works similar to a puppy playpen, and is optimal for working or busy puppy parents that need a potty training solution like paper or pee pad training, while they are not at home.

There are a variety of styles available - and also a large price range to match your budget. Keep in mind the more time your pup needs to spend in it's contained play area, the better quality it should be. Also consider the flexiblity of uses available - some can be reconfigured and taken apart and used as gates and gate ways.







                          Puppy Bed or Bedding


Purchase a better quality puppybed for older pups that are doing well with potty training; a washable, warm towel or fleece blankey will do for wee or new ones that are just starting out.
When you buy a puppy bed, invest in a good quality "one piece one", that is enclosed from all sides or has a zipper to remove the cover for washing - the cheapy ones with the rubber foam and pull-off type removable covers will be destroyed in no time, and it starts the pups on the bad habit of ripping up their bedding...
If you are living in northern climates, you might want to consider hiding a heatpad in the bed or  providing a body heat reflecting pad on top of the regular bed for extra warmth. I find the later extremely helpful with small or younger pups [and we are in Georgia, LOL - pups like it warm no matter where they live!]
Invest in something that is washable in some way or the other, as it will need to be laundered every so often to keep both the bedding and the pup clean and neat.
                           Plastic or Wire Crates


Suitable for: older puppies and adults, regardless of size.


A plastic or wire crate works great for older pups [4+ months] and/or adults to help with housebreaking, riding in the car + vet trips and at home containment.

Please keep in mind that if you are crating, you need to offer frequent outings for puppies so they can go potty - it is not suitable to start young pups in a crate, that may have to go pee every 30 minutes or so, and expect them not to soil in the crate if they are stuck in there for hours and hours without a chance to come out and go potty in between. 

Adults that are crate trained, can hold it up to 8-10 hrs and more - but that is when they are fed and watered appropriately on a schedule, and have a chance to fully relieve themselves before crating. Also dogs that are crated throughout the day, need a chance to exercise, run, hop and skip when they are out - a play yard or expen allows some of that freedom during the day while you are not at home, a crate does not.

Caution: If you are crate training and the pup spends considerable time in the crate, pls remember to take the collar off when the pup goes into the crate or use a break-away type collar, you don't want the pup to get stuck or hang up and choke to death while you are not there.




                        Puppy or Toddler Gates


If you're not crate training or do not want to use a play yard, consider getting at least a childrens' gate to close off certain areas in the house, and to contain the pup to a safe area or room when you are not home. On a free roaming pup, be sure to seriously puppy proof your home, and expect a certain amount of damage and chewing if you are not with your pup 24/7.





Available Puppies

Puppy Prep - Getting Ready for your new Puppy!

Basic Shopping List

Dog Food; High Calorie Supplements; Bowls; Feeders + Water Bottles; Harness + Leash; Chew Toys; Clothing.

Puppy Neatness - Bathing & Grooming

Recommended Shampoos & Conditioners; Brush Types; Comb; Nail Trimmers; Scissors.

Companion Puppy in Public

Soft Sided Carriers; Back Packs; Car Seats; Strollers; Ooops Baggies.





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