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About: Stud Service

We offer select Stud Service for healthy poodle or size appropriate poodle hybrid matings. Please see available sires further down the page.

A recent [not older than 10 days] negative Brucelosis Test is required. If you are not familiar with this, please discuss it and the time it requires to be processed and results received from the lab, with your vet well in advance to your girl coming in season.

Fees are due in cash or Paypal at time of breeding. If you prefer, you may return the next day for a repeat breeding. For out of town visitors, we have a number of hotels here in town for an overnight stay, to accommodate a second breeding the following day.

I am sorry - I do not travel for stud service - you will need to come here with your girl! Depending on your lady's pleasure and how far along she is in her cycle - this may take a few minutes up to several hours, so be dressed comfortably for sitting out with the dogs however long it will take.  Bring a book, LOL - I have the chairs, shade and drinks.

Please Note: I generally do not accept pick of litters.

All puppies will be CKC registered

There are no cash refunds if your female fails to conceive, or has a litter that does not thrive or survives due to mismanagement, poor health care or birthing complications or other reasons. However in case of your female not conceiving, one free repeat breeding to the same female is available when she next goes into heat.

If she has not conceived and you want a free rebreeding, I need proof of that and see the girl in person 1-2 weeks prior to her due date, or recent and dated photos + videos to that effect. Be sure to email me, and I will let you know how to take the pics and video.

Fall + Winter 2014: I am down sizing and therefore restructuring my parenting/breeding groups and combinations and have several boys available for placement. Eventually I may make entire proven breeding groups of 1 male plus 2-4 of his ladies available, if you would like to be notified when that time comes, click on the Contact Me tab on your right, and send me an inquiry request. 

#1 Reason - they are related to most of my girls and don't see enough action to keep them happy and occupied.
#2 Reason - they are too large for my newly purchased girls as I don't seem to be able to find unrelated large minis for sale.
#3 Reason - a lot of my girls are actually merles themselves and I can't use the 2 merle boys on them.
#4 Reason - I have too many boys.
#5 Reason - I have too many boys!
#6 Reason - I have too many boys!!!

I will consider all reasonable offers, and some boys may be available for reduced price placement, with ongoing breeding rights reserved as long as you are within a 100 miles from Macon, GA. Ask!

Available Merle Stud Service


Imp is no longer standing at stud as he is now retired due to age [certainly not due to willingness, lol] - but I will leave his info up, as he is the father, grandfather, great grand pa to our merle boys. This way you get an idea of what to expect of our merle offspring.

Imp is a large silver merle miniature poodle, parti factored silver, and produced pups in the following colors for me - all depending on the colors my girls had in their back ground. 

Merle Colors: Silver merle, blue merle - both solids, partis and bi-colored, white/cream merles.

Traditional Colors: black, blue, silver, white,  cream, apricot and sable.

Jack: No longer standing at stud and has been neutered and placed w a pet home.

He is our mature go-to silver merle boy. He stands app. 13" and weighs about the same. He can cover a variety of sizes including girls considerably larger than himself. He is a
Lanie son and an Imp grandson and does carry for a huge variety of colors.

I leave his info up for the time being, as he is in a lot of our younger dogs pedigrees, so you can see him.

Mr. Diggles: Available for Sale

Available for placement as a stand alone direct sale, or as part of a potential breeding group.

Most recent Photos taken on 9/23/14

He is a large mini @ 14" and weighs around 18#. He is solid + chunky built [a bit chubby too]. I wish he was an inch longer in the leg, and he would be perfect!

He is a platinum silver merle [that is really bright silver with darker silver markings, and has the nicest head and face. Diggles is available for placement to the right pet home or small breeding home. He is crate trained and housebroken and very reliable. Very loving, a tad rambunctious and overly enthusiastic with his affections and needs a firm but loving owner. He is used to be in the home and I will not sell him to a kennel, but will consider the right breeding home with plenty of hands on and house privileges preferred.

He has had his first litter at the beginning of 2014 [see photos included below], and a second one on the way right now [fall 2014]. He just simply doesn't see much action, as most of the girls I have in his size are either merles [therefore a nono], too closely related to him, or chocolate sired and I want them in my choco groups for chocolate puppies.

Straight Sales Price: $1250 CKC reg., Inquire about pricing with ladies included.
Stud Service for Mini/Moyen Poodles: $750
Stud Service for Poodle Hybrid Mating: $750

  • Platinum silver sire - for sale
    Platinum silver sire - for sale
  • Pics taken on 9/22/14
    Pics taken on 9/22/14
  • Mr. Diggles
    Mr. Diggles
  • Potties on leash and pretty much on command
    Potties on leash and pretty much on command
  • Some of his puppies - silver merle boy
    Some of his puppies - silver merle boy
  • White merle female - w. partial blue eye
    White merle female - w. partial blue eye
  • Follow his pup growing up @ 6-7 weeks
    Follow his pup growing up @ 6-7 weeks
  • See next photos of this pup
    See next photos of this pup
  • @ 3 months
    @ 3 months
  • @ 6 months
    @ 6 months
  • Playing ball in his new home
    Playing ball in his new home
Platinum silver sire - for sale
Platinum silver sire - for sale
Bear: SOLD

He has a gorgeous face with a long and elegant nose and green/hazel eyes. Nicest and sweetest personality, he is active without being hyper or annoying. This kid grows a tremendous coat and I hope he will pass this on to his puppies as well. Bear is a Toby x Gardenia son. He has been prcd-PRA tested normal/clear.

He will be available for stud service for medium to large mini sized poodle females and size appropriate poodle hybrid matings. Chocolate merle is our best selling color in poodles and poodle hybrids and  our choco merle poodle puppies range from $1350-1800 subject to sex, color and markings and eye color.

If bred to a chocolate or cafe female, she should produce solid and merle chocolates, cafes and possible silver beige puppies. He may produce other colors when bred to other females. His sire is chocolate, and his dam is a white merle out of chocolate lines.

He is now standing at stud, and has his first puppies on the ground.

Introductory Pricing for Stud Service - Prices good until June 2014.

Sales Price: $1800 CKC reg.
Stud Service for Mini/Moyen Poodles: $900 [will be $1150 after intro period]
Stud Service for Poodle Hybrid Mating: $750 [will be $1000 after intro period]

  • First puppies
    First puppies
  • First puppies
    First puppies
  • First puppies
    First puppies

Available Traditional Stud Service

Toby: is chocolate and produces a variety of chocolate and chocolate dilute colors, as well as white, cream and soft apricot and occasionally black pups = again depending on the color back ground of your ladies.

He is a large mini [15" and about 15-16#] and can cover girls considerably larger than himself, but has also successfully bred 10# girlies that have free whelped without difficulties. He has a super thick coat and passes that as well as his laid back personality on to his pups. Toby is Bears dad.

Go to his page to see photos of some of his previous pups.

Stud Service Fee: $500 for Poodle Ladies

Stud Service Fee: $500 for Poodle Hybrid Matings

SOLD!!! Jarrod is our cafe au lait Toy Poodle sire and weighs app. 7#. He is available for larger  toy and small mini poodle ladies, or shorter legged poodle hybrid matings such as Shi-Poos or PekePoos. He is small - he won't be able to reach mid or larger mini poodle girls, with correct build.

He has produced a number of puppies in all colors but apricot, red or true white, including chocolate, cafe au lait, various shades of cream, sables, silvers and one or two black babies.

Stud Service Fee: $400 for Toy Poodle Ladies

Stud Service Fee: $400 for Poodle Hybrid Matings

For Sale!!!

JohnBoy: is a black mid sized mini boy [12-13#] and I use him exclusively on my merle girls, so the results have been mostly white, black and silver pups, as well as the same in the merle version. He may well produce other colors with other females.

He is an `Eclat son, minus all the `Eclat quirks, LOL. Lovely, level personality, great coat and makes beautiful happy babies. Sweet boy, loving and affectionate, low key.

Would consider placing him with the right 4ever home - either small in home breeding operation or as pet. He is really attached and happiest if he can tag along all day long. He does not bug or bother, keeps himself busy, but melds into a puddle of poodle love when you have time for cuddles and TLC. Crate trained, but needs retraining for inside the home.

Stud Service Fee: $400


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