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Tear Stain Removal & Prevention

If you have not been to the TearStain Page - please go there first and read and then come back to this page. Sometimes simple, uncomplicated changes in the daily routine and maintenance of your pet can take care of the eye irritations, without resorting to chemical clean up, medications, or other costly regular expenses to maintain a clean face, etc.

If you've done that and you are back - let's go. I am assuming at this point that you either have a new pup that had tear stains when it came into your home, or you have a mature dog that has been with you for a while and it's been an ongoing issue. I am also assuming you did do some environmental guess work, got rid of your plastic food bowls,  had a good long look at your flooring in the home where the pup lives, and maybe improved the water quality and perhaps changed dog food a time or two, but the tear stain issue remains.

There are a number of solutions or suggestions - and I will discuss them below - with my honest opinion for as to what works and what does not. Money well spend and money wasted. And the side effects as well. Whenever possible - consider the longterm damage of ongoing antibiotics [included in low doses in most of the most popular "working" pill based treatments or topical chemical cleaners will do to the liver and kidneys of your dog. 

Is it worth it??? Only you can decide!

Facial Wipes + Cleaning Solutions

There are bunches of things out there, that [mostly don't] work - or more or less work. Wipes, pads, eye washes, bleaches, concealers, powders, etc etc. They all require religious daily applications, washing, wiping [and often irritating the skin around the eyes, causing more tearing and consequently more staining. I've tried some of them over the years for those of my white girls that tend to get tear stains, and thrown my hands in the air and resigned myself to having faces with rust colored streaks until I started to use the Nuvet Vitamins. 

The issue I am taking with facial wipes and washes, is that it doesn't really address the underlying issue. You are just doing a surface or cosmetic clean-up and when you stop [if it worked in the first place to begin with] - you are right back at your original problem - an unsightly looking face. You can spend a small fortune on wipes and lotions and washes - or you can take filtered or distilled water + witch hazel and a paper towel. 
The results are pretty  much the same - if you do not address the root issue.

I was going to include some recommended products - but honestly - I feel that I would be leading you astray with recommendations, as I don't believe in these products for longterm changes. If you want to have a look at the best selling tear stain removal products and their honest user reviews on Amazon - be my guest and click here.

Low Grade Antibiotic such as Angels Eyes 

Angel Eyes is one of those products most everybody with tear stain problems has heard about, and that often comes up in conversation and it actually works for most dogs [as long as you keep giving it]. 

BUT - - - it is a low grade antibiotic and so are many other tear stain products that do work. So in order to reduce or avoid tear stains, you are basically having your dog on antibiotics for the rest of his/her life. Is it healthy in the long run? I think not. 

Long term use of antibiotics hampers the effectiveness when you actually need to use them [surgery, injuries, infection etc]. They also tend to mess up the stomach flora in the long run [permanently killing off beneficial bacteria in the gut, and therefor opening a new can of worms - literally in dogs]. And finally place a huge burden on the liver and other internal organs. Do you want to really do this to your baby? 

Go to the Root of the Issue and Fix & SuperCharge the Immune System!

Not to go into long and boring explanations - tear stains that are not due to eye abnormalities, actual allergic reactions or environmental irritations, or because of the facial build [short nose, shallow eye sockets with large bulbous protruding eyes], usually are either caused by bacteria [porphyrins] or by yeast [often referred to as "red yeast"]. Here is a fantastic article written by a vet that goes into more detail of the causes and differences between the two. This is why some OTC antibiotics such as Angel Eyes work for some dogs and not for others. And that is why some of the topical washes work for some dogs and not for others. The bottom line is - to make a long story short and as I don't want to get sucked into regurgitating this and similar articles that already clutter up the web - it comes down to a weakened or affected immune system. Fix the immune system and the body will naturally deal with yeast infections, viruses and bacteria just fine.

What does that really mean? You are talking superior nutrition [ideally raw fed or home cooked] - and/or added vitamin supplements to the regular food. Now again - as I mentioned here and there on this and my other websites - there are supplements out there up the yazoo. And new ones get added every year, as manufacturers tap into the pet market as an easy mark. We all love our pets, and most of us are willing to go the extra mile to make them feel good, feel better, age gentler or help them recover from whatever ails them. 

During my own fight with cancer and now that I am working on a natural cancer website for dogs as well - I keep coming to the same conclusion over and over again, and I already knew that in regards to the dogs. The majority of the over the counter stuff generally does not work! There are exceptions of course, but until you have tried the things that really do work - you really don't know the difference. Sorry if that sounds stuck up! I don't mean to sound like a "know-it-all" - but it is true!

Vitamins you buy at Walmart for yourself or your family are not the same quality grade that are only available via privately marketed membership or affiliate groups or - at times - MLM groups. Yes we all hate those things - but the bottom line is - their stuff usually works better and gives you better results quicker than anything you can buy at one of the mass pet markets - be it online or in the strip mall down the road. If that is an issue for you, then just go to Petsmart and buy some supplements there, but don't fuss at me because it's not working for your baby or making a lasting difference after you stop giving it!!!

I am not going to compare 20 or 30 pet vitamin supplements - and waste money and time to experiment on my dogs with them. I am going to recommend to you what I already know for sure that works [I am sure there is other stuff out there that may get you the similar results - but like I mentioned above - I have no intention to experiment on my dogs, when I have a product line that does just beautifully for us and that is proven to have worked for others as well!]. And for me that are  NuVet Vitamins. I have been using them for my dogs for a good 10 years and there are very few other dog products I will recommend for one or the other ailment, as it always comes down to the immune system. 

When you fix the immune system, when you support the body with the best nutritional building blocks you can afford to feed, when you remove obvious causes that damage the immune system - - - the body recovers beautifully [assuming you are not dealing with a life threatening issue and have enough time to fix it naturally! You either believe this, or you don't. I will not argue this with you - BUT I have been breeding for 20 years, and owned more dogs + cats than you probably will have in 5 or 10 life times, and I have seen pretty much all the kind of problems that comes with that. I talk to 100's of potential puppy buyers each month that have unwell or ailing dogs, dogs that have cancer, or died prematurely due to organ failure. In my first 10 years of breeding, I swear I financed my vets yacht or put one of his kids through college [don't get me wrong - I loved that vet and I learned so much from him!]. Today - - - my annual vet budget is app. what I used to pay for a month's vet care when I first got started - and that does not include emergencies or c-sections back then - which we had loads of the later. I put this all down to sound breeding practices, selecting healthy sturdy dogs, and keeping their immune system up to snuff. My dogs bounce back from just about anything you throw at them! And I know how to support them.

If you choose to go the supplement route, then go for a dog vitamin that is known to actually work on improving the immune system of your dog [and optimizes puppy growth and development plus helps with loads of other environmental health issues or prevents them as your dog ages] - and for me there is only one recommendation! 

Nuvet Vitamins. Here is my page info about this.

Click the label to go directly to their website or Call to order: 800-474-7044
Order Code: 95506

When you order, please be sure to give them our code#. That way we get our referral credit [which helps with paying for the $100-150+ worth of NuVet vitamins I dish out to my dogs and send away with puppies going home each month]. In addition to that - NuVet will donate a percentage of each sale to Dog Rescue Groups as well!!!

Support + Rebuild the Body with the Best Dog Food you Can Afford 2 Feed!

As you might have read elsewhere on this website - we recently switched to YaDoggie Dog Food. YaDoggie [I almost didn't try it because of the name, LOL] - is a premium grain free dog food out of California + reason #2 I amost didn't try it - double LOL! Not because I have something against Cali or the people there - but because everything is two or three times as expensive over there than here at the east coast. I 've sold plenty of my puppies to Cali over the years - and have ppl on my Waiting List for a pup now - so even with shipping costs included - we still come out ahead when compared to their pricing there.

Anyways - I thought the Introductory Special they are running - was worth giving it a try. I mean where else do you get a full 7# bag of Premium Dog Food for a buck and get it delivered for free to your house door??? To make a long story short - the pricing, considering the top quality ingredients and free shipping to your door - is well in line with other better grain free products, plus the product [and the customer service too!!!] - just rocks! I'm not going into the details here - read more about this on my Puppy Feeding Suggestions Page! 

Back to the natural fixing the body to help resetting the immune system. I've fed grain free before - and yet - still I see a massive difference with YaDoggie. Not only in the coat development, but also in the behavior of the dogs. It's kind of when you switch your problem human child's diet - remove sugar, gluten and other allergens, remove the food coloring and all of the preservatives - - - and all of the sudden you have a differently behaving child. I see the same with the dogs! And the CAT - even more noticeable with her!!! If you want your furkid to be healthy - I can only recommend you spend a buck [while this generous offer lasts] - and give it a try! This food - along with optional raw feeding or home cooking - is about the best you can do for your dogs!!!