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Puppy Training Recommendations

I often get asked what training books or CDs to recommend, and that is a big order as the market is glutted with various authors and dog trainers that write books and make CDs/DVDs. Just go to a pet store and look at the bookshelves - not only are there loads and loads of breed books, but also a huge variety of training books and DVDs - so many, that I have thrown up my hands and walked away from them. I have read many many of them over the last 40 years of me owning and working with dogs. While I have only been breeding dogs for 15 years, I grew up with dogs and cats in the home and they have been my passion and love ever since I had been old enough to dress one up and stick it into my dolly stroller, LOL.

Prior to starting breeding purebred dogs on a professional basis, I had a good share of large mutts, rescues and dogs that knew how to read the invisible street signs leading to my house and simply ended up presenting themselves at the door or in my carport, knowing they would not get turned away, LOL. Many of them had poor experiences in their lives that made them distrustful, others had been through so many homes that they were simply overwhelmed with what ppl wanted from them and simply did not get what was expected. With time and patience and perserverance every single one of them turned into a great dog - many that I helped find a forever home, and equally many that stayed with me for their long natural lives.

When I first started breeding, I occasionally purchased adult dogs from other breeders. Some of them did not work out due to hidden health issues or poor mothering skills and got early retirement, but needed some house time before they were fit to be placed into a pet home, having known nothing but being kenneled all of their lives. I have housebroken and trained more dogs for pet home placement over the last 15 years than I want to think about, LOL - and the following training programs have worked very well for me.

So today when some of my puppy buyers ask me how to, or what works in training - I go back to some of the older trainers that have been around forever, books and training tapes and CDs or systems that I bought [long before there were DVDs], and that worked for me.

Here are my favorites that I know will work for you, if you make the honest effort to work with the pup/dog as the program suggests.

For an Older Puppy, Young Adult or Older Adult Dog:
David Dikeman's Command Performance

This really really works in a low key and laid back training method, that is perfect for poodles and poodle hybrids of any size. It allows for an intelligent and sensitive dog to work things out on its own without being rushed, forced or bullied. His training method produce results in an amazingly short period of time - 2-3 short training sessions is all that is needed to get your new dogs attention and puts you on the way to success.

I have purchased this program about 12-13 years ago when it came out on VHS tapes - still have the tapes sans the video player [maybe another one will come into my life], LOL.  It is still available to purchase on VHS, so be sure to double check that your order is for DVDs if you no longer have a tape player available. This is an older program, so don't let the clothing/hair styles distract you from the message - this one really works!

If you are buying only one item for a training system - this is one I would recommend - Paws down!

When I am prepping an older pup or have an adult dog that I am getting ready for retirement to go to a pet home, this is the system I am using to enhance the basic training the dog already has, and to improve leash work and basic commands. If you think you need help with training an older pup or adult you are getting from me, I strongly recommend you purchase this program as the dog will already be familar with this training style and it will make for a seamless transition from my place to yours!

From Young Puppy to Older Adult & City Living too: Brian Kilcommons

One of the authors in the doggy world with several books under his belt is Brian Kilcommons. I came across his books a few years back, after I had started breeding and really liked his everyday common sense approach to dog ownership and training. I have not seen his puppy DVD yet [on my honey do list] but own and read several others of his books, and feel very comfortable with his training advice. Again this is a very cool, calm and collected approach to dog and puppy training that works for intelligent and mulleable breeds like poodles and poodle hybrids.

I have seen his books in various locations in bookstores and pet stores over the years, so they should not be difficult to find locally if you do not want to order online.

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