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I have been playing around with an alternate cat litter for litterbox training my puppies - and tried the new version of  Yesterdays News.

 I tried this one a while back when I first started litter box training and didn't like it much back then and have come to the same conclusion again now - several years later. While it is less dusty when you have a herd of puppies or several litter boxes in a room like I have in my puppy room - the trade offs are not worth the lesser dust!

  • Price wise it compares to Feline Pine and but is easily twice as expensive as the horse pellet bedding I buy at Tractors Supply, Actually about 4x as expensive because I get more than double the volume amount and it costs about half as much or less than Yesterdays News.
  • Does not smell as good as Feline Pine [but neither does the horse bedding variety, though it works as well as the FP]
  • Causes tear stains and eye buggers in the light colored puppies. Even Cookie was starting to get some [she used her kids' litterbox this past week] and she never has any. I guess the mulch factor irritates the eyes more when they play in the litter....
  • Does not seem to hold up/last as long as a good pine pellet litter
  • It dulls the coats, the lighter colored pups look "smudgey" with stained feet and belly, the darker colored ones are not as glossy.

  • Final Conclusion: 4 Paws down! :o(
  • I don't like it at all!I am swapping them back to a pine based litter until I can find a litter that doesn't dust up as much, doesn't hurt their tummies if they eat some, and is cost effective too.

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