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Pups that travel by air to their new homes, need to be closely observed for signs of stress - here are a few pick-up and after shipping care suggestions...

You should be at the airport no later than 30-45 minutes after the estimated arrival time to pick up your baby, depending if your are picking up at the baggage claim office or at a separate cargo facility.

It will take on an average between 45-60 minutes after the plane lands, for your pup to come into Cargo for pick-up, so if you run a few minutes behind schedule if we are shipping to a large airport, it's usually not a big deal.

However if your airport destination is very small and the pup gets picked up inside the airport at the Delta Counter or Baggage Claim, I would recommend for you to be on time, as they may come in on the baggage carousel. Some airports have an office where you need to sign out your pup, others - especially if it is after hours or on the weekend, the pup goes onto the baggage carousel and there may not be any supervision there. You don't want someone to be walking off with your pup - so be on time!!!

When I send your shipping schedule, I usually include where you need to go to pick up. Should I forget or if you need directions - call Delta on the phone number included and check with them, using your flight reference or airway bill number.

While most miniature size poodle kids are okay and can handle the excitement of traveling by themselves coupled with going to a new home [I don't ship any pups that I don't feel are ready for a longer trip like this], some of the toy size puppies may need to be observed a bit closer, especially pups going to the west coast or north western states as their trip time is considerably longer than pups traveling along the east coast.

As part of the after shipping observations, you should look for signs of car or travel sickness, overall listless-ness [suggesting a low blood sugar episode developing aka hypoglycemia] and unwillingness to eat or drink. 

The last two things are very important, as most pups leave here very early and do not get breakfast before they go [if you want your pup to have a memorable experience for a road or air trip is to feed them well in the morning and then watch them getting car sick and feeling miserable all day long afterwards, LOL]. They will be hungry when they arrive and should be eager to eat! They do get water while enroute from the airline personnel.

Feed and water your puppy as soon as you are back in the car, especially if you have a longer drive to get back home.  Simply drop some of the dry food [taped on top of the crate] into the food dish and offer some water too!

And as always - when in doubt or confused about something - email or call me to ask!

With pups under 12 weeks I strongly recommend to purchase a high calorie supplement [nutrical, nutristat etc] and to offer it to the puppy as soon as you open the crate door and after it had a chance to go pee.

Should your pup show signs of going hypoglycemic, or being quiet and withdrawn, be sure to offer more of it throughout the same and following day, and enforce a quiet day or two of holding, TLC and cuddling rather than letting the pup romp and play.

You should encourage the pup to rest and eat multiple meals throughout the day. If it appears to be not hungry, offer some canned puppy food or raw hamburger [yes raw is preferred by our pups!!! Try it!], whatever you need to do in order to get it to eat well! Sometimes puppies are distracted by the new folks, the new home, children and other pets in the home. If it doesn't settle to eat - put it back into the crate along with food and water - and put it into a quiet room and leave it alone. Yes - leave! You too, LOL. Normally once there is nothing to do, they will realize that they are hungry and eat. Leave it to rest afterwards - playing on a full stuffed tummy can cause a bit of upchuck, no need to go there :).

If you need help - call me!!! 912.707.9333

After your pup arrives, take it to a safe area, put your collar or harness + leash on it, and let it go potty right quick and then give it some bottled or filtered water.

Don't take it potty at busy places where everybody else potties their dogs - it is a puppy and can still be susceptible to picking up parvo, distemper, canine flu viruses and others communicable diseases. Use common sense and protect your new baby!

Back in the car - offer some of the dry food I always send home with the pup right away [it will be taped to the top of the carrier]. Don't wait until you get home to feed and water - unless you happen to live right next door to the airport.

Your pup most likely had a very early start, and may not have eaten much before being dropped off as it is rather early in the morning when we leave here on shipping days, so s/he will be hungry and probably thirsty too.

Remember to bring a moist and a dry towel too, in case the pup had an accident. Also bring a trashbag - in case the bedding got messed up, so you have a place to put it until you get home and can wash it. All bedding or towels can be thrown into the washer and washed on a regular warm/hot cycle and dryer dried afterwards.

Last but not least - please remember to pick up the phone and give me a quick call or text, to let me know your new pup has safely arrived! I worry too!!! If it's late at night for me due to different time zones, send a text or leave a message on my voicemail! I thank you for that!!!

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