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Summer 2018 Please note - I no longer accept testimonials or monitor or try to edit this page. This has become a dumping ground for computerized crap - every day I get 20-30 automated posts on this page, I simply cannot keep up with keeping it clean or delete the junk. If you would like to share your feedback or pup's or grown up dog's photos - email them to me or post them on my FB page! Thanks, Sabine

I'd like to invite our new puppy owners to share their puppy purchase info here with me and our future visitors.

What decided you to buy from us?  Were you satisfied with the purchase procedure? Was your puppy as promised and seen on the website? Is s/he what you were expecting or hoping for? How is your puppy settling in? How else can I be of help? Do you need additional information to help you settle the pup and get her/him integrated into the family? How do you like your furchild? Are you pleased with the purchase and would you feel comfortable recommending us to your friends and family?

Your feedback and testimonials are important to me - they will help me provide better service to you and to better tailor the information on our website, to cover the things and info you might need help with when the puppy goes home.  And hopefully it will allow me to better help you preparing for the changes that come with a vivacious poodle baby in your home and life...

Feel free to use this section to send the occasional update on your puppy and add some photos too! I love to see how my furkids mature and grow up!

Thanks, Sabine

Quotes Sabine , Its been two yrs since I got Joey (male white toy) from you and he is simply fabulous. He loves grooming ; his eyes have never stained and he continues to be a wonderful companion for me and especially for his 'rescue' poodle sisiter Becca ; his personality 'big' and he loves to 'go' anywhere at anytime. Not much for the beach but loves the golf cart ride down to the water for sure. I still check in on your website to see what you are up to and would love to have 'oodles of poodles' if I had the space ! Keep doing well and making poodle-parents happy. Best to you and yours Tanna ( South Carolina) Quotes
Tanna Hutton
2 yrs of wonderful !

Quotes Dear Sabine, For the last past year, Jesse has brought so much joy and laughter to our family. There is not a moment where he doesn't make us laugh. He not only rules us, but the house. He still takes power naps on his back. What a crack up. When we come home from shopping, he checks every bag to see if we brought him another toy, and you guessed it--we do. lmao. He loves everyone, and everyone loves him. Thank you for the joy and love. Tom and Kathy Reinhard in Palm Springs, California Quotes
Tom & Kathy Reinhard
Jesse's Parents

Quotes Hi Sabine, I just saw that invitation to leave feedback. I have to admit - even though it's been almost a year that she has been with me, I still come to your website a lot, just to look at your new puppies, and also to see what else is newly added. I love that you have so much more info than just puppies to buy available. It has helped me so much with Candy - especially the brushing, bathing and nail clipping suggestions [not touching that ear plucking thing - my groomer gets to do that, LOL]. I just wanted to let you know that I LUV Candy! She is a doll!!! She is funny, sweet, she knows when I have a bad day and am hurting and she just cuddles and loves on me on bad days. I wasn't sure if I wanted a "Fifi" dog when I first started talking to you - poodles are so miscategorized in that regard. She is the best dog ever, and I will never own another breed. I'm planning to retire in 2 years and will reward myself with another one of yours!!! Hugs!!! Quotes
Miriam & Candy
Update on Candy

Quotes Dear Miss Greene, we just wanted to give you an update on Blanca. She arrived at the airport well rested and clean [just a tiny wet spot on the bedding], ready to come out and play. She didn't even hesitate coming out of the crate and I don't think her tail has stopped wagging yet. She is a total sweetheart just like you said, and she reminds me so much of a fluffy slipper, I have to laugh everytime she comes running, and she is always ready to play or to cuddle. This is the most good natured and friendly little Peak-a-Poo puppy - I am so pleased! Quotes
Mike & JoAnn
Happy Dog Parents!!!

Quotes It has been 2 years since Sassy flew into our life.(Quite literally flew to Boston). She is the sweetest and smartest little peek a poo that we have had! We love our little, black pup! And she lives up to her name, she is full of sass! I am so glad that I found your site on the internet! Sandy Stevens, Sassy's Mom Quotes
Sandy Stevens
Loving Sassy

Quotes I love my poodles one I bought from renowned poodles, his name is Alex he is a brown standard, and he is just wonderful and full of energy. We also brought a new puppy a couple of weeks ago so Alex could have a companion best money ever spent, they are both a joy and watching Alex play with the baby and how gentle he is with him makes us so happy, so I can honestly say Poodles Rock!.... Quotes
Happy mom

Quotes Sabine I am just overjoyed at my minipoo cream boy!! He is so lovable and fits in so well to my routine!! He has learner about training pads but always knew what to do outside( potty):-)!!He is growing like a weed and a bundle of love! Thank you!! Will stay in touch- Rene and Shep Quotes
so happy!

Quotes Dear Sabina, you were right! Thank you for helping me pick out the right pup for my mom. She still grieves for dad [of course], but having Mickey forces her to up and move and go outside with him. The two of them are inseparable and he is glued to her most of the time. I am glad you talked me out of the white puppy - this one is perfect for her and loves to get carried around and being snuggled and cuddled all the time. Even when he wants to rough house and play he is gentle and affectionate and keeps checking on and waiting for her during play - it is hilarious to watch. When I retire in 2 years, I think I want a Mickey for myself ;o) - I know where to go! Perfect pup! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Will be sending photos soon. Lia Quotes
Lia for Mickey
Mom and her sidekick

Quotes Im so glad to have dealt with someone like you, Sabine, who is honest and dependable. From the moment i started searching your website, I was so taken with all the excellent information on poodles, their care and upkeep, colors of poodles, instructions on everything a new poodle owner would need to know. Having been a dog breeder, and known many over the years, i wish more dog breeders had your thoughtful insight, your openess , your obvious love and great care for your poodle children and to top it off, a great sense of humor! Now hubby and I are "owned" by the prettiest little "poodle child" as you say, and its just been a joy from start to finish!! Leslie and Tom and Josette Quotes
Best dog ever!

Quotes Hi Sabine, I'm long overdue in updating you about Millie [Milky Way]. She is a great pup and even now that she is almost 7 months old, is still as happy, uncomplicated and easy going as she was when i brought her home. My groomer is so impressed with her, and I get compliments for her all the time because she is really beautiful and also does not get tear stains either. We had her clipped short about 2 months ago and now the super thick curls are coming in. My groomer is in love with her, and I gave her your card and website address - she also wants a white one for when she goes on grooming competitions. Just wanted to let everybody know - if you are looking for a poodle pup that is beautiful both in looks and personality - get one from Sabine! I am very happy + pleased with our Milky Way!!! Quotes
Michelle + Millie
Milky Way is tops!