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Best Shampoos for White & Light Colored Dogs

Over the years I have placed quite a few dogs with professional groomers. Some were white poodles that they use as their poster child and models for creative styling and color grooms. Some were eye catching merles - welcoming their clients as a colorful greeters and as walking, wagging advertisement for their skills. One of the benefits of selling to professionals, is that I get to pick their brains :o) 

Here are some of their [and my personal] best shampoo recommendations for white & light colored dogs. With regular and correct use, they are designed to help you keep your poodle as white or bright  as possible [if it's not a white - they also work for creams, silvers, apricots and cafe's].

Keep in mind - if you are a compulsive bather - you need to condition as well! The more frequently you bathe and therefore possibly strip the skin + coat of natural oils and protection, the more you should condition. This also goes for dogs that are being kept in a longer trim rather than conveniently short. Dry skin leads to itching and dandruff and can trigger allergies in both the dogs and humans.    Dry hair also has the tendency to break or split, get mats + knots, and it gets dull and picks up dirt faster. It also tends to stain easier [especially important if your dog gets tearstains] because the hair shaft is not protected and sealed with natural oils. So the better the shampoo + conditioner quality for the coat and skin, the longer your dog stays clean, and the healthier your dog's skin and coat is and stays in the long run. 

Also please remember - go for as natural a shampoo as possible. The more chemicals and preservatives and man-made the ingredients in your shampoos [your personal ones too!!!], the more harm they will do in the long run to the overall wellbeing of your dog, and by extension - to you too, as you get that stuff on your skin when you bathe, pet, snuggle and sleep with your dogs. Never mind the environment! Paying a bit more for a bottle of professional, natural or holistic grade shampoo saves you money in the long run - you use less, need fewer baths [unless your's is a piggy or you are OCD about bathing your dog, LOL], vet bills and potential allergy treatments, increase longevity of your dog & healthy aging rather than premature death due to cancers or organ damage/failure.

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