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Do you own one of our puppies or now adult dogs???

Way back then, when you were looking at our puppies, and before or while you made your purchasing decision - did you look at this page and it helped you make up your mind???

If so - share some photos of your furkid here with me and our new & potential puppy buyers. I'd love some updates, feedback to what I can do better or how to improve my services, and I'd love to know how your dog ages too and what it looks like as it matures.

Email me your photos and updates directly, send them to my FB wall [friend me Sabine Greene and like our FB page Poodlepleasure], or send them directly from your phone to mine: 912.707.9333.

Thank you!!! Sabine

I've really have fallen behind with keeping up with this page - so here are some of the many emails and photos I get regularly from our dog and puppy owners. In no particular order - these all came in over the last 4 months :o). Enjoy!


Lyons Little Paws - owns 3 of our kids!

Lyon's Hey...Foxy Lady
Lyon's Sly Cooper, and Kobe

LOL! Sly is a sly one for sure. He is SO funny and such a sweet boy! Who knew he would be such a pretty boy once he found some legs!!!!!

I am going to cut Kobe back this week, but I wanted to get some pictures of him in that BIG coat of his. It is SO lovely and nice. However, it must go. I will post pictures of him in a more groomed style soon. Love his color. It is really hard to get pictures of him sitting still. LOL!

RIP Amelia in GA
Her moms are currently on the Waiting List for another pup out of Amelia's Bloodline...

This was Amelia Beanheart Carnicelli. 
She was an awesome baby. She brought us so much joy. She was born in Sept 2003 but we did not get her until Dec 2003. I remember you telling me she would rule the home and she did. She was so good with everyone and all of our other fur babies. We were hoping that you might still have some of her blood line breeding. We still have the paperwork on her. We have always been so thankful that we found Amelia through you. She was a true joy. Deb&Rachel

Winnie in GA

Cupcake in Savannah, GA

Roxie - merle PekePoo in FL

Piper - silver poodle girlie enjoying doggy daycare

Update on Cricket in GA

Ooops sideways, LOL. More pics of Cricket on the 2013 Page...

Hey it's Shaye. 

I don't know if you remember me or not but, two years ago, I got Cricket from you - a 10 pound sable poodle, named Cricket. I can't believe he's two!!  Anyway, he's energetic, intelligent, gentle, and easily learns new commands.

Dog are pack animals. So far Cricket and I make up a pack (that's a lousy pack! Ha!) .
Anyway, I've been thinking about it and saving up for 6 months. I want to get another poodle. And I don't want to get him from just anyone. I want to get him from you.

We are so ready to expand our family. I'm open to any color miniature poodles. Or even the little Pekepoo. We want another little furbaby for  Cricket to have a playmate.

Any help you have to offer is greatly appreciated! I've attached a couple of pictures of Cricket to jog your memory.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
                            Shaye C.

Update on Winnie in N.GA

His mom Nikki says: Here's a current picture of Winnie (in his UGA jersey!) sitting in his favorite napping spot behind the cushion of my chair. We are definitely best friends!

Update on Cheerio in OH

Cheerio is Mary Lisa's 3rd dog from us and she lives at SunnyDayPuppies in OH :)

March 2014 - Chip's Arrival in Canada!

Here is our latest kid [merle Cookie Boy] in Canada!!! This is what his mommy said after she picked him up stateside in Maine...

We are so in love with him! We just got over the Canadian border. He is such a little ham he was so excited to see us; the lady brought him out and all you could hear was his little tail wagging; he kissed every part of my face than moved on to Cody Haha. He made no mess in his kennel just a little pee in his blanket no big deal at all . He is eating and drinking fine and we gave him that nutristat stuff. He hasn't peed or pooped for us though and we keep stopping to get him to . We bought him a super warm winter jacket as well. . He has lots of energy. I don't think the flight bothered him too much and he is eating very well and drinking well ! Hope all is well and thank you for everything !

March 2014: About Cayenne Chili Pepper

Cayenne is JJ's [below] blue merle sister and also was 7 months when she came to me along with JJ. She now lives in N.GA and has her own personal groomer, LOL. Lorie owns her own grooming salon and Cayenne will be her future greeter and show piece :o).
Lorie G.: Absolutely delighted with her. She acts as though she has been with us forever!! Perfect little lady at the shop.. Very protective of me!!
Via Facebook:February 27 at 8:16pm · Like

March 2014: About JJ

JJ came to me as a 7 month old from Linda and I am happy to say that  I found the perfect home and companion for him! Here is what Margy - his new mom says about him:
  • JJ and his new buddy Jack
    JJ and his new buddy Jack
Hi Sabine,

Just wanted to let you know we are delighted with our little JJ. This time last week we were preparing to meet you on Sunday. That was a fast week! I had him to our vet yesterday and he got a clean bill of health so we were so glad about that. Can't imagine why he was not kept at his last home. He is so sweet! He gets along well with everybody.

I wrote Linda an email too just to let her know all is well with him. I am so glad we were able to work it out. Thank you for your part in putting us together!

All the best,

Margy for JJ

March 2014: About Pepper

Pepper is one of our recent PekePoos that went home to north GA. Here's what his mom says about him:

He loves to ride in the car or truck and he loves going outside. We have taught him to bring back his toys when we throw them for him. He also likes the shower - wants in the tub after I take one and plays in there while I dry off, LOL.

Jan 2014: About Stella...

Stella is a silver merle PomaPoo that went to Sarah in WA

Hi, I just wanted to give you an update on Stella, we absolutely adore her and she has turned out anything but shy or timid - she keeps us on our toes and every time she comes in from outside she likes to bring sticks, rocks or is just plain filthy from digging in the yard and she is so proud of herself.  I actually played one of your videos on biting and she recognized your voice and perked all up. She has definitely helped us out this last week after we had to let our boy Danner go. Thank you again, Sarah 

14 year old Tuffy in GA

Ruby says about her little man:

He is still with me (he will always be with me).  If it was not for him there would have been months at a time when I would not have gotten out of bed.  He has been very healthy thru the years but is very arthritic now.  I am having a hard time facing the inevitable, but maybe not this year. It breaks my heart thinking of his pain but meds are helping a bit for now.  This photo was taken this spring and is the wallpaper on my phone.  By the way, I date a guy from Johnsons Corner but I am not up there as much as I used to be, because travel really wears Tuffy out.  My life revolves around him that's for sure.   He has been a Prince that's for sure.  Thanks again Ruby

Chloe & Zoe @ 1 Year Update

Dear Sabine,
Can you believe it has been 1 year since we left your loving home! We are big girls now. Zoe in back and bigger than Chloe, however Chloe's BIG personality makes up for her size. You called that right,devil is her middle name . We were at the puppy spa today. Surprised actually got a picture with bows in,won't last long lol. We love the snow, pool, baths and play hard. We are very healthy. We lost our big sister Gabby in February. Life is good. We heard you will be sending us a new cousin to East Greenbush in September and can't wait! We send our love!

Debbie N.

Paul in the UK

Cayenne Chilli Pepper - sporting feather extensions!
Her mom owns her own grooming salon and this blue merle beauty is always groomed to the max!

Update: Charlie in NYC

March 2014: Jez' BlueMerle Poodle Boy in FL

James - his new daddy said:

I took him for his vet-check yesterday and everything was fine. He's the sweetest little guy! Made the trip back to Florida like a real trooper, no whining, no fussing. He's just as content as can be and get's along great with everyone. I'll send pictures in a few weeks!

Thanks so much,


Update on JJ in N.GA

Hi Sabine,

We thought you'd like to see a side by side photo of our two poodle boys.  They are really having a great time together and we are crazy about JJ (aka Cole).  Hope all goes well there!

All the best, Margy

Update on Zoya in IN

Hello Sabine,

I have been hearing about all the terrible weather you have been having in your area, I hope things are returning to normal. We have also been freezing here in Indiana.

I have been meaning to contact you about my little Zoya, just to say thank you for providing me with this crazy little pup! She is my little buddy, always playing or getting into trouble, and I would not have her any other way. Zoya is so intelligent (probably too smart for her own good), she has completed two levels of training at our local Petco, and she is so eager and quick to learn new things. That does not keep her from trying to eat the random sock or the stuffing from her toys though! She has gotten so long-legged, and so so fast, right at around seven pounds. 

I have attached two pictures. I know that Zoya was born to your neighbors, but I would love to have a picture her parents if you have them on file. Also, if they will be having another litter in the future, my mom and I would like to be in the loop! 

Anyway, thanks again for everything, it has meant a lot!

Tiffany and Zoya

March 2014: About Kandi's Boy in OR

This little guy had a long trip via airplane to Oregon and is now living with Crystal. Here's what she texted me last night after she got him home...

Hi Sabine,
I got him! He's sooooo quiet and lovely and I have already fed him with some food and water. I am going to name him Miffy :).
Thank you for sending me such an angel, Crystal.

March 2014: Super Cute Video clip of Doodle - she's definitely a spoiled little gal!

Click here!!!

March 2014: About Vader...

Vader is a black mini poodle puppy that stayed here in GA :o)
My husband surprised me with a black poodle male two days before Christmas. I could not be happier with him! His name is Vader and is he absolutely my baby. He is so spoiled and pampered and has Mommy and Daddy wrapped around his paw. Everyone talks about what a great puppy he is and I always tell them it's thanks to the wonderful breeder we got him from. :) We love to take him to the dog park and throw the ball for him. He's SUCH a wonderful dog, thank you so much!! We are already talking about getting him a little brother or sister in the future!

I've attached some pictures so you can see how well he's settled into his new life here.  Please feel free to use them on your website or on your Facebook page! Thank you so much for helping my husband give me the best Christmas present ever!

Love from,

Amanda, Richard and Vader

March 2014: About Kandi's little Girl

This little sweetie is now living in WV. She is one of the very small handful of puppies that I have shipped over the last 12 years, that missed her connection flight in Atlanta for whatever reasons. She arrived a few hours later on the next flight - but happy, hungry and in good spirits. Here are the first pics and info send via text by her new mom Andrea...
Hi Sabine,

she's doing fabulously. She's so relaxed and happy. She's playing a lot and eating well. I'm giving her her dry food mixed with a little warmed water and dyne in the AM, and then dry food with a bit of Ceasar's wet food in the evening.

I found all of her paperwork and we went to the vet Friday for an introductory visit. He loves her! We are thrilled with her...

Thank you for everything!!! Andrea

February 2014: Update on Snickerdoodle

Stacy S.
Just wanted to say thanks for talking to me about getting our "baby" a Pack n Play. This was the best thing we ever did. Doodle now has her own space and is safe when we cant watch her. We take it everywhere with us and Doodle always knows that she has her space. Every small breed pet owner needs one.
Unlike · · February 1 at 12:03pm near Waycross, GA
  • PoodlePleasure Glad to hear that this is working for you! If you are looking for an inexpensive one - pick up a children's playpen at a yard sale or second hand store... I pick one up one everytime I can find one for $20 or so...
  • Stacy Smith We paid $15 at the used baby store. It would have been worth $100 for how happy and safe it keeps our baby.
Stacy S.
Here is our baby Doodle and her Dad, Woody Smith. They are loving life. — with Sabine Greene.
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