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Buyers Feedback 2016

Your FeedBack & Updates are Desired...

Way back then, when you were looking at our puppies, and before or while you made your purchasing decision - did you look at this page and it helped you make up your mind???

If so - share some photos of your furkid here with me and our new & potential puppy buyers. I'd love some updates, feedback to what I can do better or how to improve my services, and I'd love to know how your dog ages too and what it looks like as it matures.

Email me your photos and updates directly, send them to my FB wall [friend me personally  and also like our FB page Poodlepleasure].

Thank you!!! Sabine                                                                                   Photo: Amy with Sassy & Tebow

Munchkin - getting on in years - what 12-13 years now? Tiny PekePoo man :)

Random Fall Updates from some of our all the way grown kids in their homes...

Rafiki on the WestCoast


Cocobean blowdrying herself :)

Lisa sends an update on Emma [a white Lanie daughter] and ask about adding a new pup to the family...

I'd love to tell you all about Emma - she is the most wonderful dog! She is such a happy, and well adjusted dog - happy to greet us when we get home but no drama when we leave to go out. She is just as happy to go on long walks with my husband as she is to play ball with my son, cuddle with me and learn tricks with my daughter (she knows sit, lay down, roll over, shake paw). That being said it's a full time job to be the family dog and everyone's go-to companion. Perhaps she needs some help!
My daughter is taken with the pup #1 who you wrote wants a lot of attention - she has a lot of attention to give. From what I remember reading he is also a Toby son - is that correct - so he is Emma's half brother?
Tiffany in FL discusses Gambit - her white PekePoo that she got last year in May:

Gambit has been an amazing addition to our household! He has such a good personality, he is so smart! Hes learned so many tricks so quickly! Honestly, all he ever wants to do is have us throw his ball or just lay with us. He's a little lover boy haha but, he also does have a little bit of a temper, if my boyfriend and I are on our phones and he wants us to play, he let's us know! Hahaha. My boyfriend really doesn't get allergy flare ups much at all from him. He just takes a daily allergy tablet and he's good. So it's awesome! Everything been going okay with you?


Babies gone Home in April

 Proudly presented by their new owners:o)
  • Stella - chocolate Poodle Girlie in GA
    Stella - chocolate Poodle Girlie in GA
  • Spoiled much? Stella in baby sling :)
    Spoiled much? Stella in baby sling :)
  • Stormy - blue merle DwarfDoodle in NJ
    Stormy - blue merle DwarfDoodle in NJ
  • Noodles - white poodle girlie in GA
    Noodles - white poodle girlie in GA
Jackie bought her dog from me in May of 2003. He's now 13 years old and this is what she says about him - I love to hear from my seniors :o) :

He is a wonderful dog! He is totally the alpha dog and thinks he is much larger than he is, lol. Over all he has been extremely healthy, no issues at all. The vet said he is showing signs of developing cataracts. His joints are strong and he is still pretty active. He sleeps a lot more now but still runs and plays like a puppy at times.  He loves to play with my daughter who is six. He allows her to dress him up in different outfits and he will even sit through a tea party with her. He has been our healthiest and best trained dog we have ever had. We would only want another poodle from you.


Jackie T
Xena in SC

Majic-Lee in Canada

- One of my Grandpuppies :)

Mary Ann from HeartsideMeadow says:

Hi Sabine,

Here are some new pictures of Desi.  He earned his Champion title with APRI this past Saturday.  They did not give me a full APRI title - but somehow they allowed me to show him?, so that is good. He did an excellent job in the show ring -  tail up - loves attention.  He is such a nice boy.

I did get him registered with UABR as well - with the pedigree I got from CKC.  
We have puppies from him and Ivy - I am getting their page done this morning.

Thanks for this sweet boy.  :o) Mary Ann

Lady all grown up
 - Silver Poodle Gal in GA

Pepper and Ariana in s.e. GA
Pepper is a DwarfDoodle aka PomaPoo
George in WA

Lesley from the UK says:

Hi Sabine

hope you are well..

I have attached a couple of pics of Kendal's Shihpoo pups forwarded to me by the new owners... 

They are just so adorable and i am happy with all the feed back i have received. One is of a Choco pup, and one of a Choco Merle Pup.. I will definitely repeat this breeding again and already have a waiting list!! Would love to hear from you and know how you are getting on.


Best wishes


Lesley bought 2 merle poodle girls from me and these are some of her puppies - in the UK. "Grandpuppies" - as I like to call them...

Scott [with Zeus] from MI says:

Common uses for Toy Poodles???

A hair piece for a Republicans running for president...

Snuggle Time for Riley & Family
Cindy in FL says:

We already love our little girl to the moon and back!!  She has us all wrapped around her paw!  Cocoa had her first Vet visit today, he had rave reviews for her and YOU!!  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! 
She is absolutely perfectšŸ˜

Cindy, Rex, Kaitlin & Trey