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Charlie in NYC - showing off what mommy taught him :)

Pirate in Savannah, GA

Roxie [choco] w. Ziva in FL

Layla in AL [silver poodle girlie]

Cricket - 2 Year Update

Time to catch up on the newest Testimonials and Feedbacks! November 2013

Cricket is a Kandi x Imp boy from her first litter here with us. This was a very colorful litter with sable, merle, silver and cream puppies. Here is a 2 year update on one of those kids... He has that Kandi face ad those eyes too, LOL. Thanks Shaye - for the update and photos! I always love to hear back from our kids!!!
  • Cricket - a sable mini boy from Kandi x Imp
    Cricket - a sable mini boy from Kandi x Imp
  • Not sure why it is sideways, LOL
    Not sure why it is sideways, LOL
  • Baby Cricket when he went home...
    Baby Cricket when he went home...
Cricket - a sable mini boy from Kandi x Imp
Cricket - a sable mini boy from Kandi x Imp

Hey Sabine!

I don't know if you remember me or not but almost 2 years ago, near Eulonia, Georgia, you placed a little ball of fur in my arms. He would come to be known as Cricket - because of his never ending desire to jump up and down.

To jog your memory, I had told you the story of Chubbs - a little black poodle that came into my care after years of abuse. He had the sweetest disposition and was just so smart! He eventually became my mom's dog. Without any training at all, he would alert us when my mom was about to have a seizure or hypoglycemia. When we told him, "Time for bed", he would hop up on the bed and lay his head on a pillow like a human! Anyway, they were constant companions.

It was his resilience and endless supply of love that made me know, without a shadow of doubt, I needed another poodle. And you made that possible.

Thank you so much for this blessing! Cricket is very intelligent and loving. In no time at all, he had learned various commands. Not just sit or stay but he has this little purple blanket he loves. I can sit it anywhere in the house and tell him, "Go sit on your spot." and he'll go lay down on his blanket.

In January, he'll be two years old. I'm a speech-language pathologist who works with children and soon I'll be starting the process of making him an honorary therapy dog.

None of this would've been possible if it weren't for you. Thank you!

~Shaye Crews

Georgy in Montana!

October 2013: Georgy is a merle PekePoo boy [he is the funny kid in the litterbox video on this page, LOL] and he now lives in cold and snowy Montana. His mom is training him to become her future Service Dog. Shown here with Sugar in the background...
Good Morning!

He is doing so great. Like I said he got neutered the other day. That didn't slow him down much. He sleeps in the bed with me and is so loving.

Currently I've been working on his commands and he is doing quite well. We've also been working on walking on a leash and heeling.  As far as a service dog goes, I'm hoping so. We will continue working on his commands. He has to be able to follow all commands and be able to sit quietly on command. He's a little young right now but I think he'll work out great! He's so smart! Just a joy to have.

He gets along with my daughters chihuahua named Sugar who is 3. We have a huge yard so he just runs and runs! He's so funny to watch. I'm enjoying him very much.

Thank you so much. I will keep you updated on him. He's great and I'm so happy I got him.


Update from Upstate NY

September, 2013
Gabby, Zoe & Chloe lining up for their NuVet Vitamins ;o)
Hopefully you are getting one of the updates or multiples. I have been trying to send multiple ways. Girls are great. Saw vet and healthy as can be. Got final shots. discussed diet and we are all on same page with vitamins heartworm flea control etc. such little lovers , Chloe was running the place kisses for everyone from both. Hope you get this.

Debbie N.

Connie's Magic in Germany

August 2013: Magic is a silver merle girl that I sold to Germany several years ago. If memory serves me right she is 5 years old now. Another surprise reconnect via Facebook! :)

Luciano - now with my namesake Sabine in NJ

August 2013: Luciano is a silver poodle boy [a Briggie x Toby pup] and recently flew to NJ with Delta Airlines. Not to confuse you - his new moms name is also Sabine - and yes she is also German :o). Here's what she says about her boy - I consider this a serious compliment coming from a groomer who sees all kinds of dog personalities all the time:

Hello Sabine,

Just a quick hello;-), Luciano is oh so wonderful, what a joy!! He's all I thought he would be and then some!! We have been glued together at the hip since he arrived and oh what fun!

He has very discriminating taste as the only things he is interested in chewing are of course none other than my most treasured shoes, purse, etc. Of course I don't actually let him have them, but oh does he try....LOL

Very happy and much in Love,

Sabine and Luciano

Pepper in S.E. GA - Update from Nikki

Pepper is a PomaPoo girl with a natural tail and there are several updates of her on the other Feedback page too, documenting her growing up and developing. Her mom Nikki does a wonderful job staying in touch - thanks Nikki!!!

Nikki's Paul in the UK

June 2013: Paul is the first merle poodle kid that we shipped to the UK. Here he is getting an earfull of sweet talk by a bulldog puppy:o). Here is what Nikki says about him in a recent email:

Hi Sabine
Thank you very much for the refund [I overcharged her for shipping, LOL], I didn't expect that.

Paul has settled in very well, he don't suffer any s*** from the Alapahas [her bulldogs, that are considerably larger than he is :o)].
Everyone has fallen in love with him, he has got such a great nature.
We had a bar be cue this past weekend and all the kids were fighting over him and he loved it, he hasn't got a bad bone in him.

Thank you so much for him he is amazing and we all love him very much

Annie in NE GA

Beth's Annie taking a snooze on the couch :o)

Jesse in California

"Dear Sabine,

our puppy monster jesse has turned 2 years young today. He is the love of our life. He owns us. There is not one moment in the day I dont think of him. He gets his bath once a week (he hates) runs around like a nut. His teeth brushed and then look out. The puppy is possessed. Everyone loves him. Thank you so much. :), Kathy"

April 2013 Kathy send this as an update. In July she put a deposit down for a baby brother for Jesse, that we will be also sending to California in August.

Buddy & Sissy in LA

April 2013: Buddy & Sissy - who says you can't have just one???

Sandi w. Jackson & Gracie

March 2013 - here is what Sandi says. Jackson & Gracie are littermates out of Chelsea + Jarrod and are now in N.GA


Jackson and Gracie are such a joy!  I love their happy loving personalities and they are so smart!  I want to thank you for raising such wonderful puppies.  They both are doing very well.  Good energy, happy, smiley babies.  I have discovered that when the t.v. is on Jackson will watch it...LOL. 
They love it when I ask them if they want to go outside and run to the door tails wagging!  I am sitting here with Gracie beside me chewing on a teether and Jackson sacked out asleep across my legs.  Feels so good to be surrounded snuggled up with these babies.

You definately have a gift with dogs and it shows in Jackson and Gracie's sweet disposition.  I am absolutely in love with my babies and can never thank you enough!

Sandi :)

(you can use any of my emails for testimonials, feed back, or whatever you need!)

Feb. 2013: I'm a Grandma :o)

Here's what Mary Lisa from SunnyDays said about Polka Dot [one of our merle PomaPoos she purchased for breeding 2 years ago along with Sparkles one of our white poodles]

Lookie Here!! PolkaDot had TEN Blue Merle YorkiPoo puppies yesterday!!!!!!!! I don't know who is more proud of them - Her or Me!!!!!!

Pebbles in GA                        [an `Eclat daughter]

Feb. 2013                                     Pebbles is an `Eclat x Toby daughter

Hi Sabine,
Just a note about Pebbles.  I took her to the vet this morning for the next shot of the series.  He also checked her for worms which she was clear.  She seems to be a fine healthy girl.  She is getting smarter everyday and has a lot of energy.  She weighed three pounds.  I like the vet very much.  His name is Timmy Blount and is the vet my husband used to carry our bigger yard dogs to when we had them.  They have all gone now.  One of the last two we had just died of old age and the other had cancer. 

I haven't had a dog for years until Pebbles because they are so hard to lose.  She has been a joy and is so good.  I don't see how another puppy could be any better.  We are so blessed to have her and for her to be so perfect and good.  She is a little spoiled to and so sweet!  I hope you are doing ok and not working too hard. 
Till the next time,

Chloe in N. GA

Update on Buddy [Cinnamom]

December: Buddy was one of my older poodle pups [Cinna on the website] that went home with his new mom about 2 weeks ago... Here is what Angela says about her Buddy :o).

Hi Sabine,

 I'm Buddy's mommy ( formally known as Cinnamon). He's adapting well. He has his neuter appointment January 4th. Cinna wasn't a catch for us. I called him my buddy and he lit up. Since then I call him Buddy. He sits, downs and right paw on command. Barks at mirror images of me if I move in the image......

I'm interested in Isabeau's cream girl. If she is still available after payday :-) I would like to place a deposit for her. I'm specifically interested in her due to expected size being similar to Buddy. Also because they share same dad, they would be true brother and sister. My plans were to have two babies, since my experience with you was so nice I'd like to work with you again.

Hope to hear from you soon. Merry Christmas.

Joey under his Christmas Tree

Joey's first Christmas....

Annie in GA - a Lanie Daughter

December 2012 - - - Via Facebook Beth wrote:

 "Thanks for your comments. Sabine, she is so full of puppy love. She is like 99% house trained, sleeps all night, hardly ever barks and loves to play. Also, she is becoming a real Daddy's girl (big surprise there!). Doesn't seem to like the car but once she is in her car seat she seems content. I take her to puppy play time at the vet once a week and she really likes to go there. The dog park hasn't offered much so far. Am hoping to find a trainer soon."

Koda [L. from us] + Turbo [R. from Linda Richter] in FL

Jessie in California

Shannon's Pirate in GA

Taz & Jesse in California - both from us :o)

Charlie in GA with his Girl {Silver Mini Poodle]

Brenda & Sam - Ready for the Holidays

Lucky with his girl Savannah {PekePoo]

Rodeo in WA {PekePoo}

Charly - in NYC {PekePoo}

Nov2013: Charly meeting New York's Finest!

Roxie [chocolate] in FL

Oct. 2013: Showing Roxie [left, from us]  w. Ziva in FL.
"Hi Sabine, here is Roxy and big sis Ziva actually standing still for a moment. Roxy's holding on to a pretty choco color even when in the sun so far, and her tiger eyes are so pretty that everyone comments on them (hard to see in the picture but they are a deep gold ).

 Groomer cut her ears a bit short but she looks like a cute pixie. Currently weighing in at a little over 15 lbs, still manages to beat up 23 lb Ziva several times each day in their wrestling matches just because she is faster!

Favorite pastime is pretty much anything that involves constant motion or her mom saying "get that out of your mouth young lady!"

Thanks again for our girl!"

Update from Jersey :o)

Sept. 2013 from Sabine in NJ.

Hi Sabine,

Just thought I drop you a note to let you know we are doing great! Luciano is off-the-charts fabulous and just perfect!! My vet loved him thought he's perfect too, made sure I gave him your info in case someone needs the perfect poodle in their life, hope you don't mind.

 Must say I am amazed how well Luciano is keeping up with everyone, he's so energetic and well-rounded pup. He's perfectly happy to just curl up and play vigorously the next minute. He's making fast friends everywhere he goes, which is all day long everywhere:-)

Hugs, xoxoxo from Luciano & Sabine

Taz w. Jesse in California

Taz is another one from Briggie's litter and from the same bunch where Zoe, Chloe and Luciano are from. Jesse is also from us and now 2 years old -  here they finally meet after the long trip from GA to CA.sorry for the quality - it is from smartphone to smartphone and didn't quite make that change to the computer a s well as I would have liked, LOL.

Below is a more dignified photo of Jesse in a very fancy dutch clip ;o). Thanks for sharing Kathy!!!

Baby Zoe & Chloe in NY State

August 2013: You all just have to make do with a sideways photo, LOL. Not sure why it is sideways, when it looks right in my file folders, but I have tried turning it and it is still sideways :o). Anyways - meet Zoe & Chloe in NY w. Debbie and her family. These girls are also from the recent Briggie x Toby litter and littermates to Luciano in NJ and Taz in CA.

Here is what Debbie says about her busy girlies...

This is how we are resting after play time. Don't mind me - no time to look nice for picture lol. Chloe has her groove back. She is a character. She loves puppy massage and falls asleep on her back. She is in my arms. Zoe goes right to door wants out and does her business. She wants nothing to do with litter box. Other hand Chloe goes out to play and uses litter box. We are loving every moment. Gabby is now approaching them and playing some. She tries to herd them in backyard . They are doing very well. Both answer to their names. Just about learned to sit on command. Lots of puppy kisses. Life is good.

Chloe near Atlanta @ almost 3 Years

August 2013: Chloe in the north Atlanta area - definitely blue now! Here is what her mom Janice says:

Updated picture of Chloe. Such a great poodle. The groomer wants to keep her every time I take her in she is so sweet and loving.

Thank you for this wonderful addition to our family. I can't believe she will be 3 years old in October.

She is healthy, happy, and so beautiful. Keith and I are enjoying her so much.

Polly Update: After Flying out to CT

August 2013 - Polly is the silver/blue PekePoo girlie that had recently been on my website. Here is what her mom Betty said after a few days at her new home and the vet check:

We love her. Her personality is just as you described. She is bouncy and curious about everything. She is not shy or timid at all. She is quiet in her crate unless she has to go to the bathroom.  She is playing with the small dogs. She curls up on the couch with us. Harry, the standard poodle thinks she’s rather special, too. She’s so small and he is large so he has to stay inside when she goes outside.  I don’t want him to step on her.  The yorkie is only 5 pounds but she rules the roost so he is careful not to step on her.  Should he even look cross eyed at her she tells him off.   We have named our new puppy, Polly. Except for the yorkie and a couple of parrots I have,  I always try to name my pets after by-gone family members. The original Polly was born I 1799. 


I took Polly to my vet today just to have her checked out  and make an appointment for her next shots. They all loved her. I’ll send some pictures when she gets a little bigger.  Please  feel free to give my email  address to anyone you like as a reference. 



Winnie: Update on a Merlot Son in Atlanta

August 2013: This apricot Poodle Boy is a Merlot puppy from her last litter [Dec. 12] and now about 8 months old. Here is what his mommy says about him:

Just wanted to share a current picture of our sweet boy. I can't tell you how many people LOVE this dog!! Everywhere we go, (and we do take him everywhere) people ask about his breed and compliment on what a precious dog he is. We are so lucky to have him!

April's Jackson in FL - All Grown Up!

August 2013 - April posted this about her mini poodle boy on my Facebook wall:

This is Jackson and he is 2 now. He is such a love and we are so happy we found Poodle Pleasure. He has helped make our lives full.

Tebow in FL

July 2013 - Update from Amy about her Tebow  [an `Eclat x Toby puppy] in FL:

Hey, stranger! I just wanted to send you an update on Tebow, as I am sure you love keeping in touch with your "babies".

He is doing fantastic, is just over a year and a half old (dob was 12-02-11). He has ended up being 11 pounds and is an amazingly smart boy. I believe he probably has a little bit of both parents' personality. He is quite energetic, playful, and quirky yet also can be quite the laid back lover while watching TV or having quiet time. He is super intelligent, and an absolute joy!

We constantly have people commenting on his color, and his disposition is equally as unique. He has been such a blessing to our family, and we just want to say THANK YOU for giving us such an amazing boy!!!!

Amy & Duncan

Roxy in FL

May 2013:This is Roxy in the backyard taking a break from her digging, chewing, tearing around Tasmanian Devil take on puppyhood. She did the groomers table like a champ, though, and walks like a little lady on the leash. She's a sturdy, healthy , beautiful girl!! THANKYOU!!!

Remmington in Canada

May 2013: Remmington is a choco merle poodle [big mini boy] from Guinnee and Toby. He lives in Canada now with Ashton and her family.

Hey Sabine,

I replied on the thread on the breeding website, but thought I would send you a message on here too. Remmy is doing great! My boys and him are best friends and play all day together. He is currently cuddled up on the couch next to me, as he is truly a huge cuddle bug. He will be having his first litter of Mini Goldendoodles on June 10th. We bred him to a daughter of my Golden Retriever growing up (who had 11 American/Canadian champions on his papers), so we are very excited about this litter.

Our Vet absolutely adores him and says he has perfect conformation and heart/hips and everything look excellent. I can't believe the number of people that come up to me and ask a million questions about him because of his colour. Everyone is very intrigued for sure! I had a good laugh the other day though when a young boy asked me how my dog got so muddy, because he had brown markings all over his body. I explained that that is his colour (his mom looked so embarrassed). I was very excited to see you on the breeding website! It is great to say hi and thank you again for such a wonderful boy!

Thanks, Ashton

JoJo in NC - Taking a Snooze

Dexter w. Cowboy near Atlanta

March 2013

Dexter belongs to Eric & Sherry who live south of Atlanta. Here is what Eric, who is in law enforcement, says about the little man when I asked about him behaving for his first "big boy" haircut:

Yes his first haircut. Lol. He did so good. He's is so sweet, smart and funny. He loves his home.  I ll have to send this pic of him and his huge big brother. He loves big ole Cowboy. When he goes out to potty he has to run to Cowboy to jump up to him. Lol.

Winnie in N.GA

March 2013 - Winnie is a pup from Merlot's recent litter with Imp and now lives north of Atlanta in GA with Nicki and her family. Here's what Nicki says:

 Winnie is doing great. Potty training is coming along and he's great with a bath, riding in the car, going to the vet, etc. He's definitely my baby and sees me as the leader. He treats the kids (13 and 9) like puppies and we're working on him being gentler and not so mouthy with them. All in all we LOVE him and he's terribly sweet and cute!!

Cyrus in NC                   [merle Kiwi son]

Feb. 2013                                                Cyrus is a Kiwi x Toby son.

Hello Sabine,

Wanted to share a picture of Cyrus with you.
It's hard to get a decent one of him as he is Always right under my feet!
He stands 16 ins and weighs 24 lbs.
I'll not be able to breed him to my toy females but hope to get a couple of miniatures to use him on.
I still love looking at all the pretty pups you have.
Take care.
Linda Morton
and Cyrus.

Baxter & Oliver in AL

These two handsome boys are some of my very first merles I bred in '06 and '07. Aren't the two of them distinguished gentlemen???

Pepper in GA [Pomapoo]

Nikki with her Family in Utah

Christmas 2012

Nikki is the merle poodle kid and she is out of Kandi's first litter and a littermate to Leslie's JoJo.

Snickers in NC [tiny PekePoo]

Snickers is a tiny PekePoo that gave me fits and loads of new gray hair when it came to weaning time. Fortunately his mom hung in there with me, while I handfed this tiny little guy for several weeks, until he was able to figure it out and eat well enough to go home...

Most recent Update - he is still tiny, still in the 2# range and much loved. Here is what his mom says:

Just wanted you to see the little puppy.   He is now two pounds and doing very well.  He is on regular dog food and is very happy. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Cheryl's Ollie in TN [a Merlot son]

I've been meaning to get this photo on here forever - stuck on my old cell phone. Love my new smartphone, LOL.This is a pup from Merlot's first litter bred here with us...

Shannon's Cupcake in GA

Taz in GA going Trick'r Treating...

Joey  in NC                                                                                                                                                            [Toy Poodle]

October 2012: Joey is now at home with Tanna & Becca in NC. He is a Guinnee x Jarrod son.

Hi Sabine,

Joey is doing great! He has tried to be the boss of Becca but she has kept him well under control.  He loves her to death; he has been in the car alot visiting family and we will be heading home to Charlotte this weekend so he will have yet another house to get used to!

But he is fairly mellow ; a bit leary of kids but warms up to them once he knows they will not hurt him. Whines and goes to the door when he needs to "out" so I am impressed!  Not eating too well but that will come with time.  So overall he is fitting into his new home just fine.  Does get those morning 'running spirits' then is satisfied with a good 'chew'......he does everything Becca does.  

Thanks again....little guy will be a great addition!

Jojo in NC                                                                                                                                            {Mini Poodle]

October 2012: Jojo with Leslie & Tom in NC. JoJo is a silver Kandi x Imp daughter

Jojo is now almost 10 months old and stands app. 13" tall and weighs around 11-12#. She'll fill out a bit more as she matures. She's out of a first time litter here with us, and turned into a gorgeous and much loved girl. Below is a short excerpt from an email from Leslie...

"... One of our very greatest delights is JoJo. I have to tell you that Tom and i ADORE this girl, Sabine!! I want another one just liker her(in temperment) I know you have another Kandi/Imp litter on the ground and you cant begin to imagine how tempted i am, LOL..I wonder if any will have her temperment..She is so intelligent, gentle, loving, funny..the clown, but also comforts me by coming and laying her head on my shoulder or sometimes her whole body across mine, if i really NEED loving:-)..She is my very special girl, i cant begin to tell you what she means to us!!!!"

Below: a few more photos of Jojo and the last photo is of Dugair, who is a silver merle poodle boy, also out of our breeding and living with Leslie...

Honey in GA                                                                                                                                                 [Pekepoo]

October 2012: Honey is  a cream PekePoo from our spring litter - here is what her mom Tamika says about her [I did shorten the email a bit - but you get the general idea ;o)]

I think she was 7lbs when we took her to the vet in July and she looks like she's gained a couple of pounds since then. She had a big growth spurt around that time too. She was eating Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix when we brought her home; but we switched her to Blue Buffalo in August because I wanted to put her on a small breed puppy formula.

Personality wise: She's quiet, but if you make her mad (won't give her your food or let her out of her kennel fast enough) she'll go "humph" and shake her head or she'll squeak. She likes to cha-cha around the dinner table on her hind legs when we're eating. She's a ball of energy, no longer the lap dog that she was when she was my little fur ball...but she incorporates us into the obstacle course that she created. She's a night owl/party animal and would run around all night tossing her toys in the air (her favorite activity besides stealing socks) if we didn't kennel her so we can sleep. She's really smart and would do well in a prison break. Once she became taller, she learned how to unzip her playpen from the inside. I can't tell you the number of times we came home to find her tossing our socks around in the living room.
Even though I'm her primary caretaker, she worshiped the ground that my husband walked on and she's been having a little trouble adjusting since my husband deployed. That's life with Honey B. Jonas and we wouldn't trade it for the world!

I sincerely hope that his deployment is boring and uneventful and that he'll return to Tamika and Honey in a hurry ;o)!!!
My thanks and a thumbs up for another american soldier doing his duty in a war zone! Sabine

Chloe in North Georgia                                                                                                                     [Mini Poodle]

October 2012: This pretty poodle gal is Chloe and she lives with Janice and her husband in North Georgia. She was black as a puppy and is starting to turn blue. Below is part of a Facebook conversation with Janice about Chloe...

"... She is just beautiful and so sweet and smart. I wish you could see her hugging Keith and me! She is like a blanket sometimes. She will jump up (after being asked most of the time) and lay on our chests then stretch her front legs up to our shoulders and just love on us! Thank you so much for our great poodle!..."

"... Just weighed Chloe and measured her. 14.1 pounds and 14 inches. Her legs are so long lots of people think she is taller than 14 inches. Until she turned about 18 months she looked like an all skinny leg girl. Sabine's poodles are all long leg beauty's or at least I think so!..."
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