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Buyers Feedback Page 1: 2011 - September 2012

I've noticed lately that the photos on this page are starting to load very slowly - probably because the page has gotten endlessly long by now - so I am starting a second page for my Feedback and Photos from our furkids at their new homes...

Click here for more recent Feedback - 2013
And the Newest FeedBack Page for 2014


Lil Annie in GA                                                                  [Merle Mini Poodle]

September 2012:

Her new mom Beth says:

She slept through the first night. Yeah!! Thanks so much for this little bundle of fur!

Snickers in NC                                                                      [tiny PekePoo]

September 2012:

Snickers at work with his mom ;o)

We just wanted to say good morning – my company has allowed me to bring him to work for the next couple weeks and we are doing just fine. 

Eating regularly (even though raw) sleeps good here and is overall happy as long as he can see me.  Clothes basket works great.  Thought you would enjoy.

From another conversation:

He is absolutely delightful.  We have bonded great – he loves me and my husband.  Is sleeping all night – have him a very nice play pen set up with potty pad, food corner, blanket and toys.  Comes to work with me in the day and then hangs with us in the evenings – is very playful then lays in my lap.  He is the perfect puppy if I can get him easier to feed.  He does not care for pet fresh – bought two kinds last night and he sniffs and moves on.  Had to go back to raw to get him to eat.  He is at present loose in my office and chewing on everything in site.  Love him to pieces already.  Using photo is fine.  Thanks again.    



Bentley - our Military Brat in GA                                       [Mini Poodle]

September 2012:

Bentley with his mom Tunisha - here is what she says about Bentley:

Hello Sabine

Bentley is a perfect fit for this family. He is the sweetest boy and plays really well with the kids, who love him. Now that my oldest is in school, my middle child loves having him to herself.

Little Taz in  NW GA                                                                  [PekePoo]

September 2012:

We finally got some recent pictures downloaded to my computer, so I thought I would send you a few. 

Taz is doing great. He fits in well here. He keeps us on our toes.  He loves to play, even with the cats. Potty traing is going good only a few accidents. he went to his first puppy class saturday and did real well. we are letting the neighborhood kids pet him so he doesn't get afraid of strangers. He eats good and now weighs about 4 pounds. We all love him to pieces and
he is throughly spoiled. Thanks again for all your help I will stay in touch.


Bosco in North GA                                                                 {Mini Poodle]

September 2012:

Hi Sabine,

Bosco is about 8 months now and as much of a rascal as ever.  He is extremely smart and learns very fast. 
Yes, he's a bit spoiled but we are keeping him in line! :)
Check out his natural snoot 'highlights'!  The groomer said he's a dream and he is the big star of the neighborhood.

Joan & Pat

When I followed up and asked for his personality development - Joan answered:
Hi Sabine,

Oh yes, he's great, we love him.  He has a wonderful personality and as I said he is really smart.  He was house trained within a week of getting home.  He looks up at  airplanes,  'watches' TV (every once in a while he will stare at it) and looks at himself in all kind if reflections. And the way he walks and runs;  many people have commented on how he must have great genes.
The chocolate highlights are great, very unique.  In certain light you can see a little bit of the brown throughout his coat. Maybe it is from his mom [Merlot is a red poodle].

We'll keep in touch. Joan & Pat

Kathy's Jesse in California

September 2012

Here's what Kathy says about Jesse, when I asked her if they are happy with him:

>>> "You have no idea. We live and breathe for him. lol you see his eyes. Always thinking of something naughty to do. Thats why we call him jesse (james)" <<<

Allison's BooBoo :o)

September 2012:

Another unexpected Facebook find - Allison bought BooBoo from us 4 years ago, and when she came across me on FB - she send this adorable collage of BooBoo photos!

Thanks Allison!

Update on Koda  [Poodle Hybrid in FL]

September 2012

Dear Sabine,

I have learned to come, sit, lie down, go to my bed and stay in it all night next to mom's bed, kennel and shake. I am such a smart boy!!

Love, Koda(aka Mush, and Rio)

Pepper and the Piggies [PomaPoo in GA]

Sept. 2012: Here's what Nikki said when I asked how she gets along with them:

"Good. I havent let her be in the pen with them, but in the house, she doesnt bother them at all. Once in a while, she'll stand up against their cage and spy on them, and while we're outside, she will hang around the pen, but she knows she is NOT allowed in there, so she pretty much leaves them alone. I don't think she would hurt them, though. She found a baby bird out there once, and she tried to play with it, but she was careful, and didn't hurt it."

Pepper is an older sister to Cotton and the two black PomaPoo girlies.

Bubba Update :o)

July 2012: Bubba is now 7 months old and here is what his daddy says....


...  Just wanted to update you about him. When I picked him up we talked about him maybe being large for a mini, at this time, into his seventh month, he is 14.5" tall and weighed in this morning at 12.2#. He is slender and very quick. He does 2.5 miles 5-6 days a week and asks to go every morning. He and Dixie play keep away, tag and tug of war every day, lots of exercise has resulted In a very strong little dog....

As for personality, he is a calm self assured dog. He can get excited but is usually quiet and confident but energetic. My vet has had several therapy dogs of his own and thinks Bubba is a good candidate because of his calm demeanor. As with most poodles he appears to be very intelligent. I ran him through some tasks to evaluate him and he did extremely well.

I was concerned that he was going to be one of these dogs who thinks every dog and human he meets is his friend but, right around his sixth month he developed discretion. He's still friendly and approachable but no longer in a mindless way. In short he is just what I was hoping he would be.

Hope you're doing well.




Mushbear - now Koda in Florida

July 2012: Koda now lives in FL with Turbo a blue merle poodle, and Kathy and his new human family. Here is a FB excerpt from a recent conversation:


Kathy: He is precious, smart and a clown. Potty training going well, but I am obsessive about taking him out.

Our whole family loves him and my husband adores him.We think he is going to be a great dog, like his brother.They started really playing together today.He loves his toys and finally figured out how to jump on our bed where he stretches out like a rug.




Bosco goes to the Beach :o)

July 2012: Here is a short update on Bosco -  the black Merlot x Imp son, from her first litter here with us. Bosco is right at 6 months right now...


 Hi Sabine,

We want to let you know what a great traveler Bosco is!  We took him on a nine hour car ride to my parents in eastern NC. He was perfect!  We also drove over to  the beach for two days to a 'pet-friendly' motel.  He loved digging in the sand but was a bit cautious near the ocean- although he did get his paws wet.  What a great personality. He was the star of the beach getting attention where ever we walked.  He's almost fully house trained and learning new tricks!
Pat & Joan

Growing Up Together in SC: Sophiee Jean & Peyton Ray


July 2012:

Billy Ray just send a new photo of his son Peyton Ray and Sophiee Jean. Those two are sure growing up together and just as cute as ever [wow that rhymes too, LOL]. Thanks for the update Billy Ray!


Read here what Billy Ray said first when they took Sophiee Jean home... She is now about 15 months of age and is also the littermate to Lilah Belle in VA, whose mom just shared a recent update on her as well.







Pepper in GA [PomaPoo]

July - I've been meaning to post new pics of Pepper for the longest time - courtesy of Nikki the very busy mom of 3 young ones, a PomaPoo and assorted other critters... Here you all go!



Another Quick Bailey Update from Garry in FL

 1. of July...

Hi Sabine.

I just gave Bailey a bath.  He is a hoot!  We have a big fenced-in back yard, and he LOVES it!  It's all plush green grass, and he loves running, tumbling, and playing with Randy.  They act like they've known each other for years!  It is really fun to watch.  Bailey has brought joy to all of us.  A few pics are attached.  The little girl is Ashley, one of our granddaughters, and she adores him!


Nikki - now living with George + Family in Utah

 June: formerly Murlgurl on our website - now named Niccolette :o). This is Kandi's merle daughter and she flew via Delta to Salt Lake City in Utah. She has a busy family w. 4 children to call her own now, plus a standard poodle to harass and steal balls from... Here is what George said the morning after she arrived late at night in Utah.

Thank you Sabine, now that it has been a few hours and she has had a good night sleep, she is doing wonderful and she acts as if she has been here for years. She has blended in just fine and is very playful and affectionate with everyone but not hyper, we will be taking her to our vet next week to get her on there books and get her shots recorded etc..

The standard is fine but snapped a couple times when she jumped at his face, he didn't seem to like that but I think that will be go away as he gets familiar with her being in the house.  He is very good but has been the only dog for 5 years, other than hat they sit next to each other and eat and drink side by side.  And yes we have 4 children and she is busy running back and forth between them all and us, she loves the 3 inch grass in the backyard, she is so beautiful and pleasant.  We will send pics over the months as she changes :-)

George in Utah



Cyrus w. Linda in SC [Kiwi's Merle Boy]

June: Cyrus is a blue merle poodle and a littermate to Riley and Shep. He lives with Linda and her gorgeous appaloosa mini horses in SC. Here is a quick update from Linda...


Hi Sabine, FINALLY got a picture of my boy to send you.

He's hard to get a picture of as he's always on the go and moving. I forgot how much energy a pup has.!
Take care and I'll send more pics as he grows.
Linda M.

Bailey w. Ginger & Garry in Jacksonville, FL

June: Ginger & Garry own our recent cafe merle boy [from Jamaica's litter]. Here is what Garry says about Bailey!


Ginger and I are very pleased with "Bailey."  He is so playful and loving.  The potty training is going well, and he is sleeping better and longer during the night in a crate next to our bed.  Our other poodle ("Randy") pleasantly surprised us by accepting Bailey right away.  You should see them playing together.  

We took him to our Vet the next day (Monday) after we got him from you.  The Vet liked Bailey so much that he took him around the office and showed him to everyone.  He wanted to keep Bailey!  (SORRY BOUT THAT DOC!).  Ginger is also in the process of scheduling training for him.  

Again, we couldn't be happier with our little baby.  I have attached several pictures of him in his new home.  Thank you so much for your courtesy and the wonderful way you provide beautiful, healthy poodles to people.  

May the Lord bless you.

Garry (and Ginger and Randy)
Jacksonville, Florida

Emma with Lisa & Family in NY State

June: Emma is the sister to Bogie & Iceman. She flew via Delta to NY State and now lives with Lisa and her new family up north. Here is what Lisa said after Emma settled in after a day or two...

Hi Sabine,

I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully our lovely girl is settling in here!  Everyone here just loves her-- even Harry! Remember how I was worried about them meeting? It turns out I had nothing to worry about.  He just went up to her, sniffed her and wagged his tail. He also plays with her a little and I haven't seen him play in years!

It looks like we are naming our beautiful girl Emma.  She had a healthy puppy check at the vet yesterday morning and they thought she was so pretty that they asked if they could take a picture of her for their facebook page.  It should be up sometime this week and I will send you the link when it does. My daughter and I took her to a pet boutique and bought her a stylish new harness and leash -- it was so much fun.

Emma was full of energy today having slept much better last night than her first night here. She is running around playing with the kids and she is doing really well with housebreaking and learning to walk on her new leash and harness. She has learned to walk up the stairs but we haven't started working on walking down them yet. She is so sweet and loving -- we are thrilled with her!

Thank you so much for everything! I will send you some pictures of her first weekend with us! This one is of Emma and the kids on her first night here.




Dugair w. Leslie + Tom in NC

June: Leslie got JoJo back in early April and came back for a second poodle in May :o). You know what they say about poodles, right? Like chocolate chip cookies and potato chips - can't have just one!

Anyways - here are pics of Doogie after his most recent grooming. Great groom job [by Kate] and what a nice boy he is turning into! Thanks for the update Leslie!

Dugair is a platinum silver merle!


Iceman near Augusta GA


June: Iceman is the smaller brother to Bogie and Emma, now lives near Augusta with Bob and his new family. Here is what Tanya says about her new family member:



Wanted you to know, Iceman traveled home like a champ. He thought about trying to get carsick once we had stopped the car in the driveway and shut it off...lol. He took about 30 minutes and warmed up to everyone, especially Bob, who he is meant for. The rest of the night he snuggled with Bob on the couch, played and was just a loving and happy guy. We will keep you updated on him, but he is a perfect fit so far :)

Thanks again! Tanya



Bogie w. Robbi in Arkansas

June - Bogie is one of our white older poodle boys that went home in late May. Here is what Robbi says about him, when I did a follow up to see how he settled in:

Hi Sabine,
 So good to hear from you! I have been really busy helping a good friend sell her Goldendoodle puppies. It's really slow right now!
Little Bogie is doing terrific!! He is such a lap dog and just as sweet as sugar! He has two red standard poodle sisters named Gracie and Gabbie. They are inseparable! I think he loves it here :))
I hope you are enjoying your summer and are selling lots of puppies! Thanks again for a wonderful boy and I will tell my breeder/friends about your remaining available pups!
Have a blessed Sunday!! Robbi

Rafiki Update in northern California

Late May: Excerpt from a Facebook chat...

 Lisa wrote: "He is good! Sweet as ever and starting to settle down some now. I need to update his photos. He is so beautiful Sabine! Oh and he has great teeth! Not like some Poodles. Big bright white healthy ones. Silly and way playful. Oh and lets not forget he LOVES playing in the water. No pups from him coming as of yet. Maybe by the end of the year."



Bosco w. Pat & Joan in Alpharetta, GA


Late May:

Pat and Joan are a lovely couple up in North Atlanta and we had been talking for quite a while [several months actually] before they fell head over heels for Bosco. Bosco is a black Merlot son.


Hi Sabine,
Pat and Joan here.  Attached are a few pics of Bosco.  He's absolutely teriffic - smart, funny and fast!
He's getting another vet visit and a puppy grooming next week.  Notice the brown on his snoot..  :) 
More later.  Joan & Pat


Riley + Whitney in MI [Kiwi's choco boy]

Late May: Riley flew to MI via Delta andmade himself right at home - pestering the cat and JoJo. Here is what Whitney, his new mom says :o).

 Hi Sabine!

I hope you are doing well!  Riley (that's what we named our chocolate pup) seems to be adjusting well and we are really happy with him!!  He is definitely full of energy and spunk!

I do have a couple questions for you, though.  How often should we feed Riley?  I think he would eat all day if we let him!  lol.  My other question is about his biting.  I watched one of your videos you put on youtube and I've used what you showed, but my problem lies less with Riley biting my husband and me, which he does. 

My concern is that he is biting on our other dog and she doesn't like it.  lol.  He actually kind of attacks her a bit.  I think for the most part he is playing and being a puppy, but I don't want my two dogs to not get along.  What can I do or should I do?  Am I worrying for no reason?  I just want to be one happy family.  lol.  And sometimes, they seem to fight more than they get along.

I appreciate you being willing to take my questions throughout Riley's adjustment to our home and such!  Thanks!! Whitney H.

Hi Sabine,
It was great talking to you!  You were so helpful and I appreciate your continued support! 

I added you on facebook, as you should know, because you accepted my request.  :)  I have put up some pictures of Riley on my facebook page already if you want to see them, but I will send some to you, as well.  I will also be sure to write on your page as far as feedback goes; it was very helpful for me to read when I was looking at getting Riley. 

Again, thanks for everything! 





Bentley [Phoebe's pup] in Ft. Stewart, GA

Late May: Bentley is our most recent military brat and now lives with Keith + Tunisha and their children here in GA and having a great rowdy time :o).

Hi Sabine,
Just an update. Bentley is adjusting very well with the family. The kids love him! Even after the first day of bringing him home, almost two weeks ago, things went great.
 He is doing great with potty training and is already walking to the door when he needs to go. (Now I just need to do better with seeing him do so) :-) I have attached a few pictures of him in this email. We couldn't be more pleased with having him here with us.
Thanks, Tunisha

Irish [now Fonzi] in NY State

Hello Sabine,

    Sorry I haven't written sooner... ( Irish) , which we have named Fonzi  has been such a blessing for me to have here.  He is always happy and playful.  He is getting along with Zoey fine. 
  He has helped me smile when I sob, .... a few days back I lost one of of my female Bostons right after an emergency c-section.... I am devastated....I have a friend who had a mother who just was at the end of weaning her pups and she has accepted them.... 
  I will write you again on a happier note in a week or so, and send some pics as well.  I just have been running to my friends house to check on the pups and give the foster mom some yummy cooked chicken and lots of praise to her new found babies....the foster mom is a mini poodle.....




Lilah Belle Update @ 1 YR

Nicole C. via FaceBook Chat Conversation - late May 2012

Hi Sabine! I was just thinking the other day that we should send you an update. Yesterday was a year having her! I can't believe it!

Lilah Belle is still running the show and is still the pesky little sister at times, but they seems to enjoy their play time and Lilah B is mellowing out. She is adorable and a great cuddle bug but doesn't need to be in-arms or on-lap all the time. She is a character and we believe, part cat! She continues to like to chill out under the couch. It was hysterical because as she was growing, it got harder for her to get under it. She adapted and learned to get under, but it took her longer to figure out how to get back out. For a few days, whenever she would go under there, we would hear this quiet whimpery request for help and we would have to lift the sofa so she could get out. I am pleased to say she has figured out how to get out on her own now.

She is telling us when she needs to go out. And all I have to say is "bedtime" and she goes to her crate. Sometimes she even takes herself to bed without me saying anything! She is doing better at coming when called, but we still need more work there before I am comfortable. Let's just say I would still be nervous if she got out of the house off-leash. We are also still working on curbing her use of teeth in her mouthing. She doesn't use much pressure and responds them I make the sound stop, but I would like for her not to not go there at all.

All-in-all, we just love her like mad! And my partner, who merely conceded to getting a small dog, is now saying that if we need/want to get another dog in the future, she wouldn't mind getting another mini poodle. We just can't get over how darned cute and lovable she is. The photos seldom do her justice.

We continue to be just thrilled with her! Nicole



Apricot Merlot Daughter - now named Bella

 Late April update after a long drive to get back home...


Chico and Bella on our screened porch. She was a great car rider on the way home.  We love her--Thanks Sabine!






"Bubba" Update :o)

 Late April 2012: Rusty B. to poodlepleasure

As an update, he will be four months in three days. When I took him back to the vet after three weeks he had gained two pounds and Bill seemed surprised that he had grown so much. Going back on Tuesday and He will be surprised again, Bubba stands 12" at the shoulders, haven't weighed him but he is more substantial and is much stronger. Dixie is a good workout partner.

He may pass 15"s which is not an issue with me. Thanks, Rusty

JoJo in SC

April 2012: JoJo is the little silver girl from Kandi's litter and she is now in NC with Leslie + Tom. Leslie + Tom are making some awesome jewelry - she sells on Ets. Click here to look at some of their pieces.

Hi Sabine,
Thank you so much for all you did. We got home with our darling girlie and she has been adjusting very nicely.
She is just the sweetest little puppy!!! We decided to name her Josette..Her call name will be JoJo :-)..It just seems to fit her. Tom is just in love with her and her with him..She did not want to sleep in her crate , though I had in right beside our bed, near my pillow, but she would not have it..I was a little concerned to bring her into the bed with us...We are not SMALL people, LOL!!! I didn't want a squished pup , but I allowed her to stay and I just pretty much stayed awake taking little short naps in between..She bit Toms butt during the night!!!! LOL! Just one little sweet bite:-)...He just woke up, laughed at her, and went back to sleep...She can do no wrong in his eyes:-) The rest of the night she slept right next to my feet( I kept thinking about that toe fettish thing, but she didn't indulge thank goodness, LOL!!
She threw up a little this morning, but otherwise, has kept all food down, and is as happy as a clam. Loves the cats, she is PERFECT for our family. She is in her puppy play plen as i write this, just about 5 feet away from me..She has her toys, chews, bed, food and water and a litter box( which by the way, she has used brilliantly, and im thanking God for that now, as i fell as i was coming up our brick patio stairs yesterday evening, and hurt my knee. Im having to stay low key to day, with ice packs and ibuprofen. Hope you sell lots of puppies..
Hugs and best to you ..Talk later..Leslie


"Bubba" in LaGrange, GA

 March 2012 - here is what Rusty says about "Bubba IV". Bubba is Cookies black boy with the super coat that went home recently...


Okay, it's been two weeks now, Bubba has fully assimilated. After about four days his appetite took a great leap forward and amazingly enough I can already see growth. He has mastered the pet door and flies around the back yard with his adopted mom Dixie the pound puppy. He could care less when I use the clippers on his feet and face and loves the hair dryer. He got a little dirty out back.

I believe he is going to be all I had hoped for. R.


Remington in Canada [chocolate merle poodle]

Feb 15, 2012 Remington flew to the Canadian border in MI and got picked up from there and brought home... Here is what Ashton says - and she shared snow bunny pics too . Apparently he made quite a bits of a stir at the border crossing too, Ashton says he had about 10 Border Guards admiring him for his colors and cuteness - and we had several hits from Canada on our website since, LOL. Thanks Ashton!




I left you a message last night, but I thought that I would send you a message this morning to let you know how he is doing. We got him fairly quickly off the plane and definitely the pictures didn't do him justice, he is even more cute that I had thought. He was such a sweetie when we took him out of the carrier to let him go to the bathroom. He was a bit nervous coming out of the carrier, but as soon as he got out he just wanted to check everything out. There was snow on the ground and he didn't think twice about walking around in it. He had some water and food and was definitely very hungry. But, he only had a little sprinkle of pee in one corner of the carrier and didn't want to go pee when he got off the plane. But, when we got home I brought him outside again and he went pee outside like a champ and again this morning.
The whole way home he was a really big snuggle bug, just wanting to snuggle into me the whole way. He loves the snow and was jumping around and playing in it at our house right away, he even went into the deeper snow (which isn't that deep right now) and wound jump in to it, then out, definitely in puppy play mode. 

The only peep we have heard from him is he whined for about a minute when we put him back in the carrier when we went to sleep, but it didn't last long at all and he was fast asleep. He saw our 5 month old last night and wasn't nervous of him at all, even when he woke up crying, so that is a good sign so far, but my 2 year old hasn't woke up yet, so he will meet him soon though. We are very, very pleased with him and want to thank-you again.

Hi Sabine,

Here are some pictures of our afternoon play time in the snow. We weren't out there very long, but he tired himself out so bad he is now sleeping on my lap as I type to you. My son and him are getting along really great too. Once my son woke up a little they started playing together and having lots of fun! Remington follows him around everywhere. Potty training is going great, he is fitting in better than we could ask for. Hope everything is good with you!


Update on Pepper [PomaPoo Girlie]

Week 2 of Pepper being in her new home: mid Feb. 2012


Good morning Sabine!

Just wanted to update you on how Pepper is doing. We are definitely making progress with the housetraining, and mostly thanks to the advice you gave me. She now goes on command, and she knows she shouldn't go inside, but she gets confused and doesnt know what to do, running around in circles, LOL and then I have to rush her out. She picks up on stuff really quickly, for example, she is always full of energy in the mornings when I let her out of her crate, and she used to bother the kids a LOT, hanging off of their clothes and stuff, but she has learned that that isn't acceptable behavior, and now in the mornings she runs and gets her bunny and brings it to me or the kids to play tug of war with her.

We are very happy with her, and I can see the beginnings of a really good dog inside of that little fluffy puppy, I think she is going to grow up to be a really wonderful companion. Thank you again for this little happy addtion to our family, and for helping me out after we brought her home.

Have a great weekend!

PS, you can use this, and any pictures of Pepper from facebook for your website if you wish.

Lovely Facebook Find...

Feb 2012 - Nichole - thanks for the compliment! I very much appreciate you saying this! Give huggles from me to all of your 4 kids !!!

Hi Sabine,

Nikki tagged you in a post.

Nikki wrote:
"Well, we've officially had Pepper for 1 week, and I'd just like to say, thank you Sabine Greene, she is a wonderful, smart, funny, happy pup!
If you are considering getting a puppy, I would highly recommend checking out her website! She has the most wonderful dogs and puppies, loves them all, and will help you out after the sale with whatever issues you may be having. :) "



Gizmo now in Minnesota

Feb.  2012 - Kathy sends an update on Gizmo and had some Q's in regards to puppy food changes to adult food and neutering, which I answered her directly. If you are looking for the same info, feel free to email me with your questions... S.



Hi Sabine,
It's been a while since I last wrote you, but I just wanted you to know how great our little Gizmo is.  He's just the happiest dog, and always so playful and doing the CUTEST things.  Yeah, we're quite crazy about him.  He's also an adaptable little guy, too, as we have very recently moved from warm Beaufort, SC, up to the very chilly Minnesota.  We closed on our house in SC about 10 days ago, and made the trek to Minnesota - we have family up here and needed to be here for various reasons.  Anyway, Gizmo seems to be adapting to the new environment and the cold weather quite well.  I did buy him several little dog sweaters/jackets to help him keep warm.  And I know about dogs and the cold since we have lived here before.  After a snowfall, I will always watch out for ice between the toes if he's outside.  If that happens (like it did with our other dog), Gizmo will be getting little doggie boots.  :)  The ice between the pads can be painful for a dog.  :(  And, he will get his paws washed off after a snowfall if the sidewalks/streets have been salted.
I do have a couple of questions for you... I was wondering if Gizmo should still be on puppy food.  I think he is fully grown now (15 pounds and 10.5 months old), so does he still need the extra protein that puppy kibble provides?  I don't want to overtax his system with excess protein.  And I was also wondering what your feelings are with neutering male dogs... we don't want to breed him, so should have him neutered?  Any vet I'd ask would always say 'yes,' but are they saying that because it's money in their pockets?  Anyway, I have been leaning toward the procedure, but Rick says it isn't necessary.  Maybe it's a case of the male protecting the male?  ;)  I'm also afraid of a much larger unneutered male viewing Gizmo as a rival, but maybe I'm being paranoid.  Both Rick and I are quite protective of our little boy.
How's business for you?  Has it picked up at all?  I told Rick we should get another puppy from you, but he says he's happy with just Gizmo.  If I ever change his mind, I'll let ya know.  :)
Oh, I've also wanted to tell you that you just have the BEST website!  So much information and the web design is wonderful, and the UI (user interface) is fantastic.  With all the information you provide, maybe you've made mention of how long to offer puppy foods, and the pros/cons of neutering/spaying, but as long as I was writing you, I just thought I'd ask.
Okay, that's all for now.  Thanks for any information you can provide.  And Gizmo says HI.
Kathy in chilly MN

Lucy in FL

Feb. 2012

 Elizabeth in south FL says:

Hi Sabine,
Lucy is doing well - had a good report at the vet yesterday. I now understand what you mean that spoiling her might be the biggest issue. I think I've spoiled her!!!
Even though I have trained several poodles in the past, it's been awhile, so I got a library book to lay out the crate training process. Which I am now trying to follow. She thinks the yard is for play and I've got to get her into the mindset that the yard is for doing her business! We have been spending a lot of time outside and she loves romping in the backyard. Yep, she's spoiled, but I'll get her straightened out in the next few weeks.
She is a sweetie and my husband is putty in her little paws too! She loves to tug and chew his leather shoelaces.
Hope your puppies and you are well!
Elizabeth M.

Pepper in GA [sister to Piper and no I didn't name them ;o)]

Feb. 2012

Here is what Nichole says about hers:

  "Its going great! She's taking to crate training a lot better than I had hoped, she just whimpers for a few seconds, then settles down and patiently waits till we're ready to let her out. She seems to be very smart, and it doesnt take long for her to understand that she shouldnt do something, (like jump on my youngest, or chew on toes, or whatever.) Still working on housetraining, she's doing alright, but I really have to stay on top of her or she has an accident. :P Shes settling into the routine very well, she romps and plays all day with the kids, (wearing each other out), and then in the evening when the kids are in bed, she settles down by my feet and lounges while my hubby and I play video games. :)"



Piper in SC [PomaPoo Girlie]

Feb 2012

Here's what Laurie sends:

Good morning! Hope you are well. Just wanted to share a few photos of Piper. She has settled in perfectly. We are really enjoying her!



Update on "Prissy Too" in FL.

January 2012 - Sally send an update via FaceBook...


.... just wanted to let u know about Prissy Too and how much we all love her.. it took awhile for us to bond.. she liked my son better. but now she is my heart. she has the longest legs of any poodle i have ever had. we say she is part greyhound and as fast as one she runs circles around the maltese. she is faster and way smarter.. she goes to work everyday and greets most of the customersm and she sleeps under the covers at night. thank you for my baby..
Sally i will send u a picture as soon as i get one


Black Jack in Augusta

January 2012.

This pup went home shortly before the Christmas holidays to a family with kids and a full sized doodle. Here is what Megan says - she was initially worried that the pup would be too small to keep up with 2 younger children and a big Goldendoodle.The "bitey" stuff is normal in young poodles [ours anyway - part of the kneehugger legacy] - click here for suggestions in teaching your pup to stop or modify pressure to make it more gentle and loving, as they are really trying to show affection when they do this. 


Hey Sabine,

I just wanted to let you know that our black little boy, now Jack, is doing really well. I think he's 85 percent playmate, !5 percent my little cuddle bug. He's growing really nicely, a bit bitey but its probably the pup in him. He and our golden doodle are the best of buds. Thanks so much for your help in helping us find our best fit, the kids love him and everything is working out great. Just a little bit more with the potty training and we've got it made. He wakes every morning at 7 like clock work, so its Jack and Meagan time with a cup of coffee in hand. Couldn't have asked for better.

Thanks again,


PekePoo Girl in SC


January 2012 - another unexpected Facebook find - this PekePoo Lady [back then a wee silly pup] sold 6 years ago. 


 Theresa [her mom] says: "We changed her name to Georgia since I drove to Georgia to get her. (6 years ago) She is super smart and she is the sweetest dog ever! He only fault is she will bark ever time she hears a bell. Watching games shows on TV is impossible. LOL She still has a little brown here and there but is mostly black and starting to turn grey, like her owners. She a true blessing."



PekePoo Girlie in GA

Sabine, Just wanted to Thank you again for our precious girl she is fitting in beautifully and so smart! Winston is in love and protective of her. Her name has not stuck so we are still searching for the perfect name. Have a wonderful holiday season!
Jackson in VA

December 2011

Jackson was one of our black spring mini poodle kids this year - his new mom April was visiting in SC and saw him online while vacationing... Here is what she says now that she had him for  4-5 months!!!


Just an update on Jackson.
He is doing great and is a love. Born on April 1st 2011, he is now 13 lbs. and is so funny. He makes us laugh every day. We could not have made a better choice then to buy him from you. Thanks again.

April in VA 


Update on Lilah in VA


November 2011


 Hi Sabine! Funny you should look on my FB page, because I was planning to email you. Lilah got groomed this weekend and I posted a new picture of her. But I realized this week that she is looking like an adult now, not a puppy. She is adorable as all get out still. But it was that moment when I realized that my little Lilah is growing up! She will be 8 months old in a few days. Hard to believe!

Anyway, she definitely still has a mischievous streak, and she and Elway have taken to quarrelling over the toys. It doesn't matter what toy, if one has it, the other wants it. Even if I bring out another of the exact same toy - not good enough! Elway always ends up giving in. She is a good girl. It is entertaining when Lilah isn't using her sonic bark to try to "convince" Elway. But I love her dearly. And everywhere I take her, people think she is adorable.

We are in a training class now, so I am hoping that we can master the elusive "Come" and "Down" commands. I have not been able to teach her that on my own.

I hope all else is good with you!

Best, Nicole

Jesse in California


 November 2011

Dear Sabine,
As the months have gone by, Our baby monster (spawn demon), Jesse, is the love of our life. You'll never have to worry about this baby, he has brought us so much joy. He is 7 months now, and about 9 1/2 lbs. long legged. so darn cute. he loves us all. He has us all trained. What ever he wants , he gets. lol.

Love Kathy & Tom Reinhard,
and other family members. :)))


Gizmo in SC


October 2011 

Gizmo belongs to Kathy and Rick in SC. To read their actual feedback, pls click here.



Lilah in VA
 Late Aug. 2011
Lilah is another one from Briggies spring '11 litter and she is with Nicole in VA. Here is what Nicole recently said about her via Facebook...
Hi Sabine!
I hope you are well. We are doing great. Lilah had her first visit to to the dog park today. She has been to doggie day camp a few times and was a hit but first time in the dog park and with Elway. She did great. She is socializing so well!
While we were at the park, this lady came in and saw her and asked who her owner was and wanted to know where we got her because she wanted one just like her! LOL So I gave her your name and email address and sang your praises. So you may get an email from someone out here looking to get in on one of your litters. :)

Best, Nicole




Jack [Pom-a-Poo] in GA


July 9. 2011

Jack is a cream PomaPoo boy and now lives with Clae Mathis and his wife in middle GA, after he returned from his first trip to Canada playing for the Fat Cats. Here is what Clae has to say about Jack: 

Hey Mrs. Sabine,

Sorry it has taken so long. Our little puppy is doing great. We named him Jack, and he has been a blessing. He is very playful and he loves to be around us. He has gotten a lot better with his training. He never pees anywhere besides his paper, his only accidents are when he goes number 2 in a corner somewhere in the house if he is playing for long periods of time. I actually was going to let you know that we are going to try to save up to get him a companion. If you could keep us updated on any other little boys that you may have in litters in the future because he is so happy and playful that we figured if he has a friend he would be even happier even when we are not home. You sure must do a good job with your puppies because after that one day where he was apparently just nervous, he has been the perfect puppy. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you. Clae


Update on Rafiki in California


Early August 2011

Rafiki went to Cali in early spring - so about 6 months ago - here is what Lisa said about his development... I removed the personal content ;o). Rafiki is a chocolate Guinnee son.

Good Morning,

Sitting her with little Rafi on my lap and thought I would drop you a line and see how your summer has been going. We are doing very well.
Our little Rafiki has made his place in our family. Everyone has grown to like him even with his hyper, bouncy personality. He is so darn funny at time. He is also quite the hunter. If he or someone else kills something Rafi will figure out how to get it from them and eats ALL of it.  He has dry food available 24- 7 so its not that he is hungry he just likes it. [Inserted by me - our pups are partially raw fed and love it, I can tell he is a smart boy and takes advantage of his "bounty" when he can get some, LOL]
He has grown nothing but legs the last couple of months. He is really handsome. Well balanced, lovely coat, and interesting yellow green eyes. For the longest time my son would say that Rafi had to be bred with an ant eater or something else for his personality was so much different then our other Poodles we have had in the past. I think its just that he is really smart and then his eyes give him more of a wild look for they seem to look right into your soul. Rafi is sweet, loving, hyper and VERY entertaining. Only real complaint is his persistent barking but feel its his age and he LOVES to dig holes in my grass. Other then these things he is great. I know that he is in his juvenile stage in life and thats when most of my boys and girls will express their barking skills until I chase them around for a few months for doing so then they bark at more important things then just a pile of ants walking around or one of our other dogs walking by. I don't do well with excessive barking. Not to mention hubby sleeps during the day and works at night so the dogs have to keep their self under control some.

Anyway, was thinking of ya so thought I would drop ya a line and say hello. Hope sales have picked up for ya and all is well.  I will be updating Rafi's pictures here in the next few months and will send to ya when done.
My best. Lisa and Rafiki.


Lucy in FL

 July 1, 2011

Lucy is that perky gorgeous blue merle PomaPoo girlie you have seen back in June on our website. She is now in Florida along with Ashley and her family. Also look for another update from Ashley in the Testimonial section. Here is what Ashley shared with us...

Just wanted to send you a picture and update on Lucy. She is doing wonderful and has won the hearts of everyone in my family. It is hard to want to carry her around all the time. She was a little shocked by our 18lb cat but has her quite time out moments to get away from everything. She is very very smart and whines only to tell me when she has to potty. We still have small accidents at night but she is doing great for 8wks old. As you can see in the picture my daughter Amelia.loves her... She wants her to hold her on car rides and Lucy sleeps next to her. Thank you do much for adding to my family. We will keep you updated on sweet Lucy.

 Thanks again, Ashley



Sophiee Jean in SC

June 10, 2011

Sophiee Jean is the littlest pup from Briggie's recent litter --- and I had been extremely impressed with her new parents approach to finding not only the right breed for them, but also to find a pup that fits into the family dynamics.

Billy Ray & Angel both were very adament that this pup would  become a full family member and they did their homework - from researching breeds [first time dog owners if I remember correctly], and learning about turning a fluffy pup into a valued family member, prepping to have the right supplies and set ups for when the pup would come home, to preparing a special potty area to facilitate successful and effortless potty training [not that potty training is ever effortless, LOL]. I'm hoping I can talk him into taking some pics of the potty area he prepared for Sophiee, in order to give all new puppy parents some additional ideas... Even after the pup went home we continued talking to make sure all went well. I just got the nicest Testimonial Letter from Billy Ray & Family and I wanted to share it in its entirety.

Hello Sabine,

I wanted to give you an update on Sophiee Jean. She is doing GREAT… It has only been 2 weeks since we picked her up and she is about 90% housebroken, ruler of the house and is living up to her personality (spicy and spunky). She is a hoot and makes us laugh so much. She and Peyton Ray are BEST FRIENDS. Every morning he wakes up and asks where my best friend is and once Sophiee Jean hears his voice she comes running into the bedroom looking for him. When Sophiee Jean is asleep in her bed, Peyton Ray will go over and kiss her on her head and say I love you…


To whoever is considering buy a poodle, I would say get it from Sabine.

Here is my story… Our son wanted a dog and I thought we weren’t ready for a pet but he has been asking for a dog for about 6 months every day. So he was turning 3 years old this year and I thought lets look and see about getting him a dog. I started praying to God, please show us the right type of dog and where to get it from and still at this point I don’t know what kind of dog. I started talking to everyone about getting a puppy all I knew was we wanted a small, non – shedding, good with children and a good family dog. Everyone said get a miniature poodle. So over the next couple of months I looked on the internet and searched for miniature poodles and looked at 100’s of web pages and came across GreeneGarden Poodles. I completed the Puppy Inquiry and Sabine contacted me. We talked for 30 minutes the first time because I had 1000’s of questions about a poodle and Sabine answered every question that I had and plus some. We talked more and more over the next few weeks and she was ALWAYS there for us. She is very knowledgeable about her poodles. I felt very comfortable with Sabine so I knew my prayers were answered. .We picked Sophiee Jean from pictures from available puppies by the personality and weight that Sabine gave her (spicy and spunky and under 10lbs). We met and picked Sophiee Jean up and have been enjoying her every since. EVERYTHING Sabine told us about Sophiee Jean has been 100 % correct. Sabine’s help has not stopped since we got Sophiee Jean. Sabine has continued to be there for us and still answering our questions. When we are ready for another puppy (our 15 year old daughter is asking for her own) I KNOW where we will be getting it from.


Sabine, thank you for everything and thank you for a WONDERFUL puppy that has made our family complete.


Billy Ray, Angel, Emily and Peyton Ray from South Carolina.




Riley & Reessee in SC
June 2011
Another surprise Facebook find - I think it is lovely to hear back from my buyers from years ago, it is so great to hear that pups that went home 2, 3, 5 or more years ago, are aging well, and are beloved family members with forever homes. If you happen to read this and you bought a pup from me recently or ages ago - I would love to hear from you too!
Riley & Reessees are both PekePoos and a typical case of "can't have just one" phenomena which is very common for me in the both the PekePoos and Poodles both. I love placing seconds and thirds into the same homes - it tells me I'm doing something right... Here is what Sally, who found and reconnected with me on Facebook this June, says about her two girls:
Yes, we have Riley and Reessee from you. They are wonderful! Reesee (the younger one) is actually larger than her sister who is 2 years older. Riley is the "little girl" who is totally a lap dog and loves air conditioning. Reesee is more of the "go getter" - loving to chase squirrels. Reesee has more poodle features than Riley except that Reesee has more peke hair - a tendency to shed if she isn't kept cut short. They provide alot of love and we love them so much! I can't imagine our lives without our precious puppies.


Josie in KY

Josie is a blue merle poodle gal out of Emmarie's and Keanu's last litter.

She turned out to be as pretty a girlie as I had expected . Here is what her mom Kathy has to say about her.

Photo left: Josie as a pup, below as a young adult.


From: Kathy S. <k_____@louisville.edu>
Date: Wed, May 25, 2011 at 3:23 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Response to your classified ad #428736 

 Hey Sabine!

I purchased a silver merle poodle girl from you last May/June, and thought I would send you a few pictures of Josie.  She is a pretty girl, a little bigger than I expected (she's a small miniature, about 13 inches at shoulder and about 12 lbs), but that's not a problem for me.  She is a very good girl, and gets along well with all of her k-9 brothers and sisters.  She is full of energy and has a very sweet personality.  Sometimes she doesn't realize how big she is with some of the little ones, but for the most part, everyone does fine together.
She had her first season back in January, so she will likely be coming in again sometime this Summer.  ............[shortened].................  I know I will be able to count on the answer I get from you.
Hope all goes well with you and all of your babies.  Enjoy the pictures and I'll hopefully hear from you soon,
Thanks so much for allowing me to add Josie to my family,
Chloe in North GA

Chloe is a black poodle girlie of ours, now in northern GA with Janice and her hubby. Chloe is a Cookie & Toby daughter.

Wed, April 6, 2011 5:04:35 PM
Chloe picture

 Chloe just finished her S.T.A.R. training at Obedience Club of Chattanooga.  She was the best one!  We will start her advanced puppy training April 19.  She is so smart! 
She will bounce up high when I tell her to bounce, circle at least 3 times when I tell her to circle and I've just started training her to shake hands.  Not bad for a 6 month old!  She is so much fun and catches on so quickly! 
Keith and I are having a great time with her and she loves everyone.  The trainer told me Tuesday night if she was giving out awards Chloe would get the waggiest tail and the most friendly.  She does not have an aggressive bone in her body and just wants everyone to pet her and love on her. 
This is not the best picture but getting her to be still is, of course, a problem!  Whenever I can, I'll try to get a full shot of her.  She has the longest legs!!  She is just so happy and bouncy all the time.  The grandkids are having a ball with her and Janna's poodle, Tyson, and Chloe love playing together.  
Thanks for the best puppy in the world!  I guess you can tell she is loved very much and she loves us so much.  She is having a great time and so are we.  It is hard to take her on walks because everyone wants to pet her and she stops to make sure they notice her and want to pet her.  She is just a hoot!  Oh, for the first time, last Thursday she came home from the groomers with pink bows in her hair and the neckerchief you see on her.  Well, I only saw 1 bow because by the time I got home, only 1 was left and I had not been home 30 minutes until the other one was gone, too.  Keith said she looked so pretty when he picked her up.  She is such a tomboy!
Janice M. 

Prissy Too in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Prissy Too is now with her new mom Sally in Jax Beach, FL. Sally is the type of dog mom I wish all of my furkids could go to - hers are spoiled, loved and more spoiled and loved! I hope lil Prissy will grow up to help fill that hole the original Prissy [who passed of old age ailments] has left behind...

Sally - thank you so much for the surprise gift! Hugs!!!

Mon, April 4, 2011 10:04:34 AM
Re: Courtesy Follow Up on your new Puppy



Rafiki in California!

Rafiki is a chocolate poodle boy out of Guinnee & Jack and had been traveling on a loooong  trip via Delta Air from us here in GA to northern CA.

He now lives with Lisa from CockerPoodleDooo Kennel.

Wed, March 16, 2011 10:51:04 PM

Hi Sabine,

   He made it safe and sound.  He is so darn cute.  Bounced all over the place when we took him out onto the grass to potty.  His crate was clean.  Yeah!  I called to follow his flight and they told me he was held up in Salt lake city and would not be coming in until 6:25pm.  So my daughter and I went to get a bite to eat before heading down.  As soon as we sat down the airport "Ontario" called and said I had a pup there waiting for me.  Huh.  I guess they got the information wrong and he arrived early.  Like 4pm.  So we stopped our food and headed down to go get him.  Glad all went well.  
When we got home we went out and met some of his new friends.  He seemed to like them. Now he is on a training rope next to me smelling as much as he can.  Thank you for giving him a bath and making him look so cute.  Was shocked and pleased when I looked into his crate.  Not many of the pups I have purchased over the years have show up so clean and cute.  I clean all my babies before shipping so it was a nice surprise to find him all fluffy and cut so cute.   Thanks for all Sabine.  We will stay in touch. 
My best. Lisa


Young Jack in Augusta, GA

Young Jack is a litter mate to Rafikki, and also out of Guinnee & Jack.

He now lives with Adrianne and her family near Augusta GA, and with April, his a GoldenDoodle buddy.

From: Adriane B.
Sent: Sun, March 13, 2011 8:09:52 PM
Subject: Thank you


It was great meeting you today!...and little......Jack:)  Seriously, my son and Jack hit it off immediately.  My sons face hasn't lite up like that in a while.  Alex and Jack are both laid back and calm.  Ashley and April are both very interactive and active.  So, that in itself made my day!  Since Alex seemed to have such a nice bond going with our new pup, I asked him if he had a name he preferred.  He said the only name he will like is Jack:)  So, Jack it is...sounds nice to say. 

I introduced the dogs off our property then gradually lead them to the back gate.  April was submissive until she was in her own back yard, then she was very playful.  I only had to intervene when Jack's ear was being pulled on:)  Jack does well holding his ground even if he doesn't want to play, but he did have unexpected spurts of "play" in him.  Jack allowed me to brush all the outdoors off of him without ever mouthing my hand or the brush.  Later, they were retreated back to their side by side crates for some rest...mostly for Jack.  First, I spent some one on one time with him.  He is amazingly laid back.  He ate a little.  I will let him eat before April is allowed to come around to make sure he isn't too distracted. 

I really appreciated you taking the time to talk with me and answer my questions and offering to mentor me when needed.  Also, my daughter found out that Jack can sit:)  Do he know anything else?  By any chance did he have any potty training experience...right now I am watching him like a hawk, not to hard since he is willing to stay in my lap a bit.

Hope you had a nice ride home.  Adriane

And a short excerpt from a follow up email dated: 3/15/11

...April really likes Jack.  I can tell she likes having a companion.  So far, Jack never submits.  April may knock him over from time to time but he gets right back up.  He is something else, that's for sure...Mr. Calm and Collected:)  I adore both of them and think it is so sweet that I get to watch them grow up together...

I brought Jack over to hang out with me at my friends house last night since her husband was out of town on business.  I thought Jack was just the right company that evening.  He laid next to her most of the night.  He sure is friendly.  She had wanted a future puppy just like April, now, she says she has been spoiled by Jack and would like one with his temperament. She has two cats that were not phased by him.  He gives off such a calm.  My cat will patti-wack April just for good measure.  Jack can sniff her nose and walk away with out even a warning sound. 

I sent along some photos of Jack's first day with us.  You can see April in a couple...always after Jack and Jack is always following one of us:)  My husband loves Jack's long hair and begged me not to trim him.  Do you do a special cut for the summer?

Hope your day has been going well!



Chip & Maggie in Pennsylvania [PekePoo siblings]

Great Surprise Find on FaceBook - Brenna got a tiny PekePoo from us several years ago, and her in-laws Donna & Family followed suite by getting two of their own PekePoos from us.

Maggie + Chip left as pups, and Maggie all grown up below...

Donna M. February 7 at 10:45am Report
Hi Sabine,
Are you still selling puppies? If you go to my FB page (DMH) you can see pics of Chip and Maggie. They are doing great. We love them so much...and you were right, Maggie (Peaches-we renamed her) is such a mommy's girl.
If you go to Brenna's FB page (BSM) you can see Munchkin. He is here right now, spent the night as Seth and Brenna went to a Super Bowl party but Steelers lost:-(
It is good to hear from you. You will never know how the puppers have changed our lives for the BETTER. We love them! Good to talk to you.
Keep in touch. Donna



Sammi in Tallahassee FL
Re: miniature poodle puppy

Sun, April 11, 2010 9:58:43 PM
Wanted to give you an update on our "princess".   We call her "Samantha or Sammi for short".  Our Vet loves her, too. 
She is such a joy!!  She knows "sit", "NO", "stop", "gentle", and sometimes "here"--she is so into her own world, she sometimes ignores us--that will be addressed!  She likes her crate and stays in it all night--usually not messing, maybe tinkle, but has not poopied since the first night.  She does well on the leash, althought if you give her the option, she would like to have the entire back yard to herself.  We spend alot of time outside.  Biting is a challenge, but she has come along way and is not so tough on us--Ha!!
Sammi has grown so much and is such a delight. 
Thank you for giving us such a wonderful little person.