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Stud Service for Charlee   $700 Firm

Ever since I've introduced this adorable smoocher on Facebook several months ago, I've been getting inquiries about him in regards to stud service. I've been turning everybody down, as for one - he is tiny and has been having problems reaching my own girls - and two - I didn't want to deal with the issue of getting you to test your dogs for STD's and timing the tests and results with your females' cycles for optimum conception. If you asked me previously and I turned you down - now is the time to ask again!

What made me change my mind???

Artificial Insemination. I have since learned how to do this, and Charlee is a real sport about it LOL and easy to collect from. So all the issues of girls being too tall, not holding still and possibly injuring him during natural mating, are no longer an issue and I feel more open to the idea now that I have had some experience with collecting and the technicalities of getting it done correctly. 

How does it work?

Charlee and I do all the work and you just show up with your girl when she is ready. You still need to know about her fertility cycle and knowing when she is ready to conceive.  Location: Lyons, GA 30436

Allow about an hour or so for your visit. Leave the kids, the husband and other dogs at home. We want peace and quiet and letting him focus on what he needs to do. I collect fresh semen and insert immediately. After insemination I want you to sit with your girl for 15 minutes or so, and hold her still in a certain  position. Crate her for 2 hrs afterwards and let her rest and sleep.

You must protect and guard her both prior to coming here and after she has been bred. She will be receptive and fertile for several days before and after breeding, and may be covered by any other male that may have access to her!

Ideally you come back the next or better 2 days later for a repeat breeding. An optional 2. breeding is recommended and included for free in your stud fee. This will optimize conception and litter size. If you are local within reasonable driving distance, skip a day. If you traveled a bit and took a hotel, come back the next morning before you return back home.

New to Breeding? Need Help?

If you are not a breeder or new to this and need help with determining the timing and/or mentoring in regards to preparing your female for a healty conception, pregnancy and delivery - as well as with raising your babies - please say so when you initially contact me. 

I want you [and her] to be well prepared and to be successful with your breeding venture and have live, healthy babies to show for. I will gladly help you with this and my knowledge and hand holding is included free as part of your stud service fee. :o) 

I have several pages of proven info for you that are accessible for you with a paid reservation or stud service.

Questions? Take a moment to introduce yourself and your girls.

Please use this short Intro Form to introduce yourself and your girl, ask questions in regards to scheduling, and/or to request an invoice for your deposit.

Thank you for contacting me about stud service. I will get back to you as soon as possible - look for my reply under PoodlePleasure in your mailbox!
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  • Charlee - in coat
    Charlee - in coat
  • windswept! he's so small, LOL
    windswept! he's so small, LOL
Charlee - in coat
Charlee - in coat

Charlee's Stats

Charlee is a blue+tan Yorkshire Terrier and CKC registered. 

He is a wee bitty man and fully grown & mature, and currently weighs  4# +9 oz.

I will provide you with the necessary paperwork to register your puppies with CKC.  We do this after she has delivered her babies and I know how many living puppies you need papers for. If she is with another registry and you have her papers, you can double register her with CKC.

He is available for stud service for Yorkies or any alternate breed you want to breed to, and as we will do this via AI - her size actually doesn't matter in regards to a successful breeding. 

Stud Fee $700 Firm

The fee is firm and not negotiable. It is due in cash at time of breeding. I am sorry - I do no longer accept a pick of the litter puppy in exchange of stud service. I may consider a female puppy or young adult that is ready to go to me at the time of stud service, if it is something I can use in my breeding program, but I am not making any promises thereof in advance.

You may pay the entire stud fee in cash when you come to receive the breeding for your female. No checks, no credit cards or PayPal for Stud Service. 

Please note: If you contact me on short notice, I may not be able to accommodate you if I have a girl of my own in standing season or another stud contract that falls into the same time frame as yours. I will try to accommodate you as long as it does not impact any stud service for our own or another pre-contracted service. This is why I suggest reserving a spot with a deposit well in advance, that way I won't overbook and am available to work with your girl's scheduling.

Schedule & Reserve a Breeding Appointment with a $200 Deposit

Consider scheduling your girl's breeding appointment well ahead of time and reserve a spot for her with a deposit. Ideally you have a date range in mind, of when you expect her to come into season when you do. 

Why is this important? I want to make sure that I don't schedule any ladies too closely together or that their cycles overlap, in order to be certain that he has a sufficient sperm supply available when your girl is ready.

The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied towards your stud service. Your $500 balance is due when insemination occurs. Why is the deposit non-refundable? Because I have accepted reservations in the past for some of my other sires that turned out to be no-shows, and turned away other potential breeding matches for that time frame, loosing revenue myself and possibly for the other party as well, as I know that some of them were not able to find stud service for their girls elsewhere. 

If something comes up or changes, you may use the deposit for a different girl than the one originally planned for, or for a later time if something comes up that makes the timing of a litter not suitable, but you must keep me updated when that happens.

Free Re-Breed if Your Girl Fails to Conceive

If your female fails to conceive or reabsorbs her litter for whatever reason - I am offering a free re-breeding for her next cycle. If something happens to her, I will consider a re-breeding to another female - but it is not a given.

This does not include her aborting puppies, prematurely born babies that fail to thrive, still births or pups that are delivered dead or impaired due to a c-section. You are looking at care and maintenance issues with that and that is on you. I will be glad to help you along and hold your hand during the pregnancy - but equally important is what you do prior to breeding! And preparing her for a healthy birth.