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5/28 Available: Last Chorkie Boy

DoB: 3.28.2019 - Coming up on 9 weeks.

Looking for easy care coat [basically a "wash in the kitchen sink, towel dry and done" puppy, that does not require a life time of expensive trips to the groomer] - coupled with an awesome, happy, playful and loving personality???

Look no further! This little guy got the short stick on the coats [he basically looks like a super cute chihuahua with a really thick coat] but makes up for it with cuteness and personality. He has a thick plush coat, but not long or wavy like his brother [also shown on some of his photos], very easy to care for - a wash and go puppy as outlined above, LOL. Guestimated adult size is around 6# - give or take a few ounces.

He is a happy kid, tip of the tongue often sticks out when he is thinking or watching, overall uncomplicated, extremely affectionate and interactive and easygoing in a happy go lucky way. Makes beautiful eye contact, dances on his back feet and waves front paws when he asks for pick-me-ups - and is overall a charming little man. 

Deposit is $300 to reserve, the balance is due when he goes home. Puppies will be CKC registered Chorkies.

This pup will be able to go home around 9-10 weeks [1. week in June] and has 1. vaccines and age appropriate dewormings.

Click to see his video [not sure why there are horses, LOL]

Below: Pics taken @ 1 + 5 days of age. 2 weeks and the most recent pics @ 4 weeks of age. He is the larger of the tan puppies.

  • Newborns!
  • @5 days
    @5 days
  • @ 5days of age
    @ 5days of age
  • @ 2 weeks
    @ 2 weeks
  • @ 4 wks
    @ 4 wks
  • Mom 2 weeks before birthing
    Mom 2 weeks before birthing
  • Daddy in coat
    Daddy in coat

What's a Chorkie???

Glad you asked!!!

A Chorkie is a hybrid cross between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a Chihuahua.

In our case  the daddy [the yorkie] is 5# and the chihuahua mom weighs just under 6# - and I expect most of the babies to fall into this size range as well. Some of them may be teacups and tinies too - as both dogs come from teacup lines. I can't say with certainty at this early time - although I suspect that at least 2 of them will mature around the 4# range, possibly less.

Pup @ 6+9 Weeks


Learn about the Reservation Process here. Please read the following pages, ask Questions, and reconsider the fact that this baby will be with you for 10, 12, 14 or more years before you make a commitment.