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It's a long page - please read it all!!!
Updated Spring 2019:
Reservation & Deposit Info, Deposit Contract

A deposit holds your chosen pup and makes it yours, and it removes it from our available puppies sales list.

The deposit is non- refundable - subject to the health and well being of the pup.

In other words, unless something is wrong with the pup that was not noticeable at the time of the deposit: the pup fails to thrive, gets sick or doesn't wean well, or if it does for whatever reason not pass our vet's exam - I expect you to follow through on the sale. If your puppy is a "slow weaner" or is emotionally not ready for your home or getting shipped [usually around 8-10 weeks for minis, 9-11 weeks for toys], I will offer you an alternate pup that is ready to go if I have one available, if you do not wish to wait for your chosen pup to mature. If I don't have an alternate pup available, you simply will need to be patient and wait until your puppy is ready. Nobody leaves here until I feel that they can handle living within your specific home environment.

Your deposit is not getting refunded if you found a pup closer to home, had a change of mind, or found out belatedly that your lease won't allow pets, or your husband doesn't want a dog, etc etc.

Please be sure that you truly want the pup you are reserving and that you will be able to make any agreed upon installment payments and also that you will be able to pick up as scheduled, as I am officially take it off the sales list for you once I receive or confirm the deposit. The remainder of the purchase price is due in cash at time of pick-up, or in case of shipping  - usually by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old.

ALSO: Please do not send a deposit without first talking to me - I am not selling hardware or furniture - I need to make sure that the pup is right for you and the you are right for the pup in question. Email me to inquire first and we'll talk...

Payment Options...

For a quick and uncomplicated mode of reserving a pup, you may make your deposit via Paypal with a credit or debit  card or [preferred] via existing balance or any combination there off.

In most cases there is a Paypal button preset for the deposit on the puppy pages for you to use. Otherwise ask about the email address to send Paypal payments to or ask me to bill you for the deposit.  Go to the "Contact Me" tab on the right hand side of your screen, to email me with any questions you may have, or use the Puppy Inquiry Form to introduce yourself and share some info about yourself and family with me if we have not spoken yet.

Read more about Paypal and Alternate Payment Methods. 

In Regards to Visiting & Showing Appointments...

I'm a busy woman [sigh] - raising and caring for the dogs and 2 part time jobs - one that involves some scheduled travel within southeast Georgia and the other one that often has very tight deadlines to meet. Combine that with the usual household and business related errands, vet trips + trips to the airport, and meeting with puppy parents or delivering pups, equates to an extremely tight time frame for showing appointments here at home.

In addition to that, we place a lot of pups with out of state owners that are out of reach for visiting [and whose pups get shipped] or that only come when the pup is actually ready to go home - this can mean that pups that are available today, may be sold or reserved just hours after we talked on the phone or communicated via email.

In the event where we need to wait a few days to match schedules for you to come visit, that could mean that the pup you are interested in, may have a deposit pending or is sold by the time we would be getting together.

Please Finish Reading this entire Page - it's long, I know

I'm sorry - I cannot and  will no longer promise availability of a puppy without a commitment in form of a deposit [the deposit guarantees the availability of your chosen pup and I will no longer take inquiries for that pup]. 

If you're coming tomorrow to test-play with the babies - and we already set an appointment, I won't accept a deposit from someone else unless I have been communicating with that person for a while [and I will let you know about that]. However if it's sometime later in the week or even next week  - I will accept deposits and place the pup if the home is right [I've got too many no-shows and missed placements over the years to continue doing otherwise].


I usually do not mention if I have another party interested in a pup as I do not want to create undue pressure on you to buy.

 But if you are very interested in a pup, and need more time to think or discuss the purchase with your significant other, do feel free to ask if there are other folks interested in or considering that pup and I will gladly tell you - we usually get multiple inquiries for the same pups, so sometimes they get reserved or sold quite quickly.

Also for that reason - please confirm availability of a pup and the appointment we have set, before you make the drive or take time off work etc. I usually send courtesy updates to interested parties when I sell a pup they are interested in, but sometimes [especially over the weekend or when quite busy] I may not get around to it right away, or I forget.

Again - please do not send a deposit without first talking to me - email or call to confirm availability first - especially if it has been a few days since we talked!!!


More Visiting Info - Please Read This Too!

If you have been approved for a puppy purchase and are sending a payment in the mail, you may print out a copy of the Deposit Contract and fill it out to send along with your deposit. If you need help with it, I can fill it in for you and email you a copy to include with your payment.


If you are making a Paypal Payment, please be sure to include your mailing address and phone number or email it to me separately. I will hold you to the Deposit terms, irregardless if you include a filled out copy of the Deposit Contract or not. So be sure to click on the link above to read it, before you commit to purchasing a pup from me!

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