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Dog Tracking Solutions

Lately - whenever the subject of micro chips for tracking your dog comes up, I keep realizing that many folks are not familiar with additional solutions for your pets [both dogs and cats] - that actually work better and faster - and in some cases - more reliable - than microchipping.

That said - there are pros and cons to all solutions, and microchipping is no longer the "be all" of chip technology, but can be a useful longterm and back-up solution. Please read this short summary but also click through to the the two additional info pages that go into more detail about more current and more importantly - more immediate if not instant tracking and recovery solutions.

#1: MicroChips

Microchips for pets have been around and I think pretty much everybody is familiar with them, there is a lot of info about this subject already online. I am keeping this page sections short, just pointing out a few obvious [and not so obvious] things. 

#1 MicroChips are a source of identification but do not send out a signal or act as a GPS system.

#2 There are multiple makers of microchips out there, and not all readers read all types of chips.

#3 MicroChips may cause cancer in your pets.

Learn more about the pros + cons of MicroChips here.

SmartPhone ID Tags

Smartphone ID tags are the next generation of engraved doggy name tags. With the big difference that they have an engraved QR Code that is scan-able with pretty much any smartphone that has a camera function. This makes getting your escape artist so much easier to find and bring back home, because the person finding your dog, does not need to go to a vet or a shelter to get a read. All they need is a smartphone to scan, get rerouted to a website with your contact info - and some of them will automatically dial your phone.

Learn more about the different varieties of SmartPhone tags and their endless uses.