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Traditional & Merle Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA & Poodle Hybrid Puppies Available Occasionally.

I try to be as flexible and available for puppy pick-ups here at the house as possible [read more about that here], however I am well aware that we are in the middle of nowhere and I am still willing to meet for free if requested:

Halfways - up to about 100 miles one way.

I do have to put the limit at the 100 mile marker though - I simply do not have the time to go further without being paid for both gas and time on the road.

A 200 mile round trip eats up an entire afternoon in the car - and due to our country location instead of making this 3-4 hrs - it often turns into 5 or 6 hrs on the road, while I work my way through rural small towns and 45 m/h stretches, especially if you are late on your end. 

Please also keep in mind - I can't just up and go and drop everything I have planned for the day. I need a few hours in the morning to care for the dogs, and I have 2 part  time jobs, so the best times for me to meet are around 4 or later in the day. I can do earlier if necessary - but only on those days where I have an open schedule and no other appointments [work related or personal] pencilled in.

If you still owe me the balance of the purchase price, please bring the correct amount in cash [I usually do not carry change] or make arrangements to pay it via Paypal a day or two before.

Don't wait to find an ATM on location - I do not know where any are, and in many cases you have daily withdrawal limits, that may cause a problem. Get the funds together ahead of time, don't wait until the last minute.

Don't plan to pay me via Paypal while I am on the road. I will not check my balance via my smartphone. Got hacked before - not doing that again. Make arrangements well in advance.

Bring a puppy carseat, crate or a carrier that you can close up, especially if you are driving alone. You want to keep the pup safely restricted, and drive free of distraction.

Bring a towel or two, in case the baby gets carsick!!!

Bring a harness and leash, especially if you plan to use a puppy carseat! 

If you have a long trip, bring some peepads for it to go potty. Don't stop at gas stations and welcome centers on the interstate - these are major exposure locations for picking up parvo, distemper, and other dog diseases for a young pup.

After a lot of consideration and after being purposely pranked and/or mislead and stood up twice these last few months - I have come to the conclusion, that for me to go on the road for your convenience - a non-refundable travel deposit of $50 is required, that will be applied to your purchase price.

If you previously reserved your pup and have a standard deposit in place, this does not apply to you. This mainly is for folks that inquire about puppies that are ready to go now, and that are in a position to pick up or meet now, rather than waiting for their pup to mature and come home in a few weeks.

Ask me if you have a question or if this is a problem for you!

Pay your Travel Deposit Here!

If I have agreed upon driving to meet with you - please take a moment and place your Travel Deposit. Simply click on the "Buy Now" button and get it done.

I must be able to verify and confirm it before I leave here to drive, so don't wait until the last minute to do so, if you want me to be on time!

Lyons, Ga 30436

We are located in Lyons - just outside of Vidalia in GA. Use 30436 to see how far it is from you to us. My "outer limits" for meeting is about 100 miles - these are the usual meeting points:

  •  the GA/SC border off I 95, Hardeeville or Pooler
  • Savannah close to I 95 or I 16, or Petsmart on Abercorn or in Pooler.
  • Eulonia exit of I 95 [between Brunswick and Midway],
  • Augusta [exit 5 off I 520 or any town intersecting on A1 from Lyons to Augusta],
  • Macon [exit 6 off I 16 or exit 169 off I 75]
  • Waycross
  • Cordele. [I 75]

All of these meeting points will save you 3.5-4 hrs round trip driving time and anywhere from 180-200 miles road travel.

Occasionally I have several puppies that are going into the same general direction on the same day. If you want your pup included in that run, that means I need you to be flexible and willing to juggle your schedule to work with my schedule and the other party's schedule too. That also means I need you to be punctual and on time, as I may otherwise have to leave to meet the next pup elsewhere on my route, if I want to be on time. Good communication and staying in touch is crucial when I travel with puppies - after all it is for your convenience that I do that!

To see when, where or if I have any trips scheduled going into your general direction ask me! I will gladly add on a puppy to come along for you.

  • Please make sure that I have your cell#, keep it on while driving and make sure it will work in our area [not all services are created equal].
  • Confirm that you have my cell# programmed into your phone.
  • If you do not have a GPS - be sure to  print out your directions and bring them along - I will not be able to tell you how to get to where we are meeting other than general directions!!! I tend to choose easy meeting places, but some locations I go to very seldom and am not very familiar with either...
  • If you have a long travel time [in excess of 2-3 hrs] - drop me a text or a quick call and let me know how traffic is for you, and if you are going to be on time or delayed. Text me again when you are about 2-2.5 hours from our meeting location, as this is when I will be leaving here.
  • If you are running into traffic or car problems [it happens] on the road - call/text and update me!
  • If you are coming from a state or two away and are spending the night somewhere en-route - call/text or email when you check into your hotel or overnight stay, so I know you are ok and have safely arrived at your destination!!!
  • If you get to our meeting point before I do - call me and let me know where you are. Don't wander off and go shopping or sight seeing, or have a sit down dinner somewhere in a restaurant and make me wait for an hour or more until your food is served and you're done eating, because the pup can't go in with you. I will let you know if I am running late or what my expected arrival time is, so you can make plans accordingly...

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