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3/15 Sold! Belongs to Amy in FL
Choco Parti Hand Raised Girlie: "Feathers"

Update 3.11: I broke down and finally gave her a haircut - I just couldn't stand it any longer, LOL - not sure that it is an improvement as she just would NOT hold still to get a decent clip, all wiggles, tail wags, tongue licks and kisses! I'm seriously thinking about taking more off and starting over with a "not bottle baby coat" :o)

She is currently 3 months old, has her second shots and I am going to start her on heartworm prevention this week. There is totally too much bonding going on - and she needs someone else to bond with, LOL - I am tempted to keep her. She thinks she is my dog, and works on me every day to make it so... Getting awfully close to it too!

She has grown quite a bit since her brother left, and I feel comfortable in lifting the restriction for an all adult home - although I am still saying she would make a wonderful lovey for a senior who needs a bestie and a baby to spoil and pamper. She is happy, busy, outgoing and full of enthusiasm for life. Super lovebug, but also getting really wriggly and active - but not in an annoying way. Just a totally happy pup with energy to spare!

"Feather" is a bottlefed handraised and pre-spoiled baby girl [mom's milk never came in] and she is currently 10 weeks old, and finally big enough to go home with someone. She'll be getting her 2. set of vaccines today [Monday 2/18] and if she doesn't have any reactions to them, she can go home midweek or this coming weekend.

Due to her tiny size, I will not ship her and prefer someone within driving distance for a local pick-up. Normally I would offer to drive to meet if you are from outside our area, but my health currently does not allow for that - so you will need to be able to pick her up yourself [Lyons, GA 30436]. Please do not inquire about this pup, if you are not able to do so. I don't mind holding her with a deposit for a few extra days while you make travel arrangements- but I make no promises about her availability without one!

Purchase Price: $1000 firm                   Deposit to Hold: $500

Photo: To give you an idea how tiny she is - her back barely reaches the mid level of the wheels of my trashcan. She is actually much smaller than she appears in the photos - it's all hair, fluff and feathers [hence her nickname!].

So let's talk about this little one. Like I mentioned above - Feather  is a bottle baby - and therefore even more affectionate and people oriented than my pups usually are. She is literally glued to  me, makes full eye contact, and waits for interaction and cuddles. I love how she sits for me, patiently waiting for me to pay attention to her, LOL. She does have her wriggly spunky 5 minutes, but is overall speaking mellow and very laid back, fairly quiet [unless she gets excited about me coming to get her or she asks me to do so, LOL], entertains herself with her toys and quietly plays in her playpen, and would make a wonderful lovebuggy and bestie for someone who is home a lot, works from home or retired and wants full interaction with a canine companion. Due to her tiny size [1#+15oz @ almost 11 weeks] - I prefer her in a pampered adult home - she is too small and fragile to be a child's companion. 

Feathers has a long natural and undocked tail and I expect her to mature in the 10# range, more likely less than that. Her coat is light to medium shedding, and she will probably go through a spectacular case of the puppy uglies, as most bottle babies tend to do. No matter how expensive the milk replacer used, it simply isn't mother's milk, and the puppy coats tend to fizzle out sooner for most bottle babies. A full hair trim as soon as they are hitting the 3-4 month range, good quality food and fats, and time to grow a new coat will take care of that. I hate it, but it is what it is - and it beats a dead pup! Bottlebabies definitely make up for that with the extreme affection and trust they give us, with their little hearts wide open...

So if you are still with me, after this rather long info about her [I don't know if you can tell that I am very attached to this little munchkin, LOL and am having a hard time with letting her go] and are interesting in discussing her - please go to my Puppy Inquiry Page and take a moment to introduce yourself. If we have talked previously - simply go to our previous conversation and send me an email from there...
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$1000 firm, Deposit to reserve is $500. Available for Pet Placement with a Neuter Contract.
Feather: choco parti

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