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 Light Choco/Dark Cafe Merle BabyBoy

  • @ 7 wks of age - 1 partial blue eye
    @ 7 wks of age - 1 partial blue eye
  • His "nono" face when he gets told there is no milk coming out of my fingers any longer, LOL
    His "nono" face when he gets told there is no milk coming out of my fingers any longer, LOL
  • Showing the partially blue eye
    Showing the partially blue eye
  • Starting to eat puppy food @ 5 weeks
    Starting to eat puppy food @ 5 weeks
  • @ 6 weeks of age
    @ 6 weeks of age
  •  @ 3 weeks of age
    @ 3 weeks of age
  • Babies @ 3 weeks of age - eyes are now open
    Babies @ 3 weeks of age - eyes are now open
  • Top: deep dark choco merle w. phantom markings, Bottom: cafe merle [may have lighter colored phantom markings - it's hard to tell with his color pattern this early on]
    Top: deep dark choco merle w. phantom markings, Bottom: cafe merle [may have lighter colored phantom markings - it's hard to tell with his color pattern this early on]
  • @ 3 days of age
    @ 3 days of age
  • Babies @ 2 weeks
    Babies @ 2 weeks
  • Natural lighting
    Natural lighting
@ 7 wks of age - 1 partial blue eye
@ 7 wks of age - 1 partial blue eye

8/24 Update: My apologies if you have been waiting for new photos - I have had a pretty bad MS flair up, and that really set me back with my grooming and photo schedule. Most recent photos added show the lighter merle boy at 6+7 weeks of age. He just had his first facial groom to manage the soft food mess during weaning. He has multiple shades of both choco as well as the cream/tan colorations - I still have a difficult time figuring out if he has cream or light tan phantom markings or not. I would have to literally shave him down, and don't want to do that!!! My camera is having more and more issues with choosing the correct lighting for the photos - whenever there are pics with a brown background [all of the walls in this house, LOL] - the pups tend to look more yellow. The correct coloration as seen with the bare eye is best shown in their blue carry tub [makes it easier for me to lug the entire bunch about in a single trip] and they get sooo excited when I put them in there, LOL - they are like kids in a candy store, because they know something cool is going to happen. Either they get new toys, new foods to try out, or not soo cool in their opinion - they may end up getting another bath and blowdry. But on the bright side - they also get a lot of bed and snuggle time afterwards with me - so tub time is usually good time!

Personality Update - he is happy + emotionally uncomplicated, outgoing + smoochey, bouncy + playful but in a sweet way. We're in the midst of weaning and he is making the transition well. I still soften their food and have introduced them also to cooked meals [chicken veggies + rice or potatoes, as well as raw meat - which they love!] He will get his first vaccination mid/late this coming week and will be ready to go home mid September - somewhere around 9-10 weeks of age [DoB: 7/6]. Guestimated adult size: app. 12-13# range or so.

On that note - I have changed the dog food for all of my dogs, and am updating the Feeding Directions accordingly. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more info about the new food, and learn how you can get your first 7# bag for a whopping dollar - and that includes free delivery to your front door! Basically free dog food for your first month [or more] at the new home! Awesome company!!!

8/9 Update: The darker of the two boys is sold. The lighter colored pup is still available.

These two boys [sorry - no girlies in this litter!] are to die for! If you want a merle pup with an awesome deep choco color that pretty much should stay that way - you will want the darker one [yes he almost looks like a blue merle he is that dark but let me assure you - he is the deepest choco merle you'll probably ever see! Added bonus - phantom markings - I can't wait to see what he looks like at 8-9 weeks of age!]. 

The second pup is either a lighter choco or a dark cafe au lait merle, he may also have phantom markings but with his current coloration I simply can't say with certainty right now - I will know by the time he is 6-7 weeks old. 

I so wish that these were full blooded poodles - I know I would make two people on my Waiting List very, very happy if they were - as we are having all the currently highly desirable genetic patterns [merle, phantom and parti factored] and the best colors in these two babies! Alas - these pups are 15/16th poodle + 1/16 Chihuahua - and therefore fall into my DwarfDoodle Category. If you are wanting a doodle girlie in these colors - consider placing a deposit/reservation for a similar colored litter that is planned for late fall/early winter. More info on how to do that is on this page

Pricing is as follows: $1500 firm, deposit to reserve is $500. Pet placement with a Neuter Contract only. Pups have docked tails and dewclaws removed, and will have their 1. Set of Vaccines and age appropriate dewormings when they are going home [ first half in September - exact dates are subject to how well they wean, continue to eat dry food and maintain their weights, as these two are partially bottle fed and hand raised. Bottle fed babies tend to make super affectionate, people oriented and extra loving dogs and I prefer to place them in loving pet homes, where they get spoiled and loved on. 


Our New DogFood from YaDoggie!

We recently swapped our dogs to YaDoggie's premium grain free and excellent product quality DogFood Brand, and my current puppies are being weaned onto this dog food! My adult dogs and puppies [even the super picky cat] love this stuff!!! 

If you are buying one of my current babies - - - take advantage of the intro special YaDoggie is running and get your 1. Bag Home Delivered for $1- and yes - that includes Free Shipping [Delivery is always free]!!!

This is a 7# bag [their smallest size of food and a $32 value] of basically free food for your pup - this will easily last you for the first month your pup is home with you, if not longer! Click on the photo to go to their website and to request your first bag!!! 

Please Select the Buffalo/Duck Formula upset when it goes home with you due to any food or formula changes. Read My Suggested Feeding Directions.

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Pricing is as follows:

$1500 firm, Deposit to reserve is $500. Available for Pet Placement with a Neuter Contract only.
Merle DwarfDoodle

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