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Your Puppy's Food:

Your puppy has been raised on Taste of the Wild, Venison & Bison Puppy Formula. By the time s/he is ready to go home with you, s/he is fully weaned and eating well, if undisturbed. 

Do not give puppy treats and snacks, as to not to fill her up with chunk food and get her off her regular eating routine.

 I would really like to encourage you to stay with this, as it is grain free and a good quality puppy food and your puppy is used to this. It is a manageable kibble size as well, so your pup doesn't exhaust itself trying to eat larger or harder chunks of a different type.

It is not helpful if you rapidly change your pup's food on short notice - especially when s/he is still very young. Upset tummies, diarrhea and potential refusal to eat the new food may occur, and a young or small pup like yours, may not have the body weight and size to deal with picky eating for a couple of days. Going to a new home, meeting new people, other pets, etc is stressful enough - don't add to all the changes by changing the puppyfood at this time. If you want to change it at a later time, this is fine but for now - purchase at least a 5# bag to feed out before doing so.

Tractor Supply carries this dog food, so do some of the smaller pet store chains and many smaller mom+pop type pet stores, many groomers, and many local Feed+Seed Stores usually do as well.  If shopping for this dog food is difficult for you due to location or time limitations, you might want to consider going on Amazon.com and do your shopping online and get it send to the house. You can get everything you need for him/her in one order, including the dog food. If you are a Prime Subscriber - shipping is usually free as well.


Feeding Directions:

The dry bite size is correct for the puppies and they will eat it dry - no need to water down or mush up. 

Give plenty of clean water on the side. Do NOT give cow milk. Limit canned dog food and only give if you feel your puppy is not eating enough. Canned dog food usually makes for soft BMs and can cause diarrhea.

Your puppy should be fed 3x a day or have food available free choice [that is access to it all the time], At 12-16 weeks you can go to twice a day feeding. Adjust the amount of food s/he is eating as your pup grows and gets larger, and therefore needs more food. S/he should finish up the food within 5 minutes or so of being fed, [unless you are feeding free choice] if there is much left over each time, give a bit less. If s/he looks still hungry after eating - give an extra handful. S/he should come to feeding time mildy hungry and enthusiastic, but not starving. If you are working and not home during the day, it is better to feed free choice.

Please also visit my "New Puppy Prep" blog for loads of info about getting ready for and maintaining your new pup. www.newpuppyprep.com 

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There are a number of flavors available of this food brand, and I often vary it for my adults. For the pups are only 2 varieties - bison and salmon, but I like to raise them on the bison formula, as it smells better [and therefore do the pups, LOL]

Your puppy is eating well when it leaves here [nobody leaves until I can be certain that they are properly weaned], but there are a number of things that can happen at the new home, that may cause the pup to turn up its nose at the food offered.