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Your Puppy's Food from YaDoggie:
Get Your First Bag for a Dollar!!! Yup $1!

If you currently have a reservation for a pup that will soon be going home to you, don't wait or hesitate to order this! My guys here love this food [and that includes the no longer skinny, and no longer picky cat!] and at a buck for your trial bag - you really can't go wrong with this. Allow about 3-4 business days to receive this in the mail [or FedEx when you later order the larger bag sizes] - so do it now! Don't wait until you've got the pup at your house to think about ordering your dog food!!! Read further below why we made the switch to this company and why I recommend this food!

Your new puppy has been raised on YaDoggie's Buffalo & Duck Formula. By the time s/he is ready to go home with you, s/he is fully weaned and eating well, if undisturbed. Do not give puppy treats and snacks, as to not to fill her up with chunk food and get her off her regular eating routine.

I would really like to encourage you to stay with this food, as it is a better than good/average quality, grain free dog food and your puppy is already used to this.  It is the right kibble size as well, so your pup doesn't exhaust itself trying to eat larger or harder chunks of a different type. 

It is neither healthy nor good for your baby, when you rapidly change your pup's food on short notice - especially when s/he is still fairly young. Upset tummies, diarrhea and potential refusal to eat the new food may occur, and a young or small pup like yours, may not have the body weight and size to deal with the weightloss of picky eating for a couple of days. Going to a new home, meeting new people, other pets, etc is stressful enough - don't add to all the new home stress by changing the puppyfood at this time. 

If you want to change it at a later time, this is fine but for now - take advantage of YaDoggies Intro Offer and get your first bag for a buck! And yes - that includes shipping. The company has a no-hassle cancellation policy - so no issues if you want to change the puppy food at a later time. Doesn't get any better than that! If you already have a deposit on a pup that will soon be ready to go home with you - order it now! Request the Buffalo + Duck Formula - your pup already loves this! The 7# bag that you'll receive has enough food to cover for the first month or longer! PS - this food is perfect for all age groups, so don't be surprised if your other dogs want some too!!!

Feeding Directions:

The bite size is correct for most of my puppies when they are of age to go home, and they will eat it just fine dry - no need to water down or mush up. Really, really small puppies may need their food softened a bit - simply add a bit of water - I will discuss this with you in detail if you're getting a tiny. In that case, you want it soft and spongy - not mushy. Most of my pups are of size to eat this puppy food dry without softening though - nobody goes home until they are properly weaned, eating well, and continue to gain weight once they are off mom. 

Give plenty of clean water on the side. Do NOT give cow milk!!! 

Limit canned dog food and only offer some if you feel your puppy is not eating enough. Canned dog food usually makes for soft BMs and can cause diarrhea.

Your puppy should be fed 3x a day or have food available free choice [that is access to it all the time], At 14-16 weeks you can go to twice a day feeding, if that is more convenient for you. Adjust the amount of food s/he is eating as your pup grows and gets larger, and therefore needs more food. S/he should finish up the food within 5 minutes or so of being fed, [unless you are feeding free choice] if there is much left over each time, give a bit less. If s/he looks still hungry after eating - give an extra handful. S/he should come to feeding time mildy hungry and enthusiastic, but not starving. If you are working and not home during the day, it is better to feed free choice.

Why I switched to YaDoggie and Why I Recommend it for You too!

This is the little guy from the left in the first photo. A bottle fed, partially handraised baby. Shown @ 2 weeks of age [left] and @ exactly 7 weeks [right]. Now if you're a breeder, you already know what I am getting at - but for you pet owners, let me point it out to you. Bottlebabies - never mind how adorable, affectionate and loving they tend to be - usually have the worst coats, due to missing vital nutrition from the mothers milk. No matter how supposedly good [or expensive] the milk replacer formula is - it's never quite as good as mom's milk!

In the photo @ 7 weeks - this pup has already about as much hair than my pups usually do around 8-9 weeks age range. The delayed coat development of this litter, especially considering their initial set backs when we ran into issue with the mother's milk production [that was prior to switching to YaDoggie - and I wish I had found that food while the girls were still preggy instead of 4 weeks after them birthing their current litters!]. I had been feeding and recommending the previous dog food for the last 3-4 years - and we've done well with it in the past [also grain free] - but apparently there has been a formula change - because every single one of my girls had issues with their births and consequent milk production. I love, love, love what YaDoggie does for my puppies, and I can't wait for the next 2-3 months to pass, until I can see the coat development of my adult dogs after they have been on this food for a while! I will write a more detailed report about this once I have before + after pics to show. Honestly - in 20 years of breeding and about 35 years of adult dog ownership - I think this is probably the best dog food I have had access to - I'm just blown away by the physical changes of even 7-10 days of these pups eating this food.

You guys know me [well some of you may not, LOL] - I only recommend what works for me and my furkids - and this dog food definitely tops anything I have fed before. I would rate this right at the level of actual, true raw feeding [not raw feeding out of the bag]! If you want your pup to mature into a great looking adult dog - with a superior coat - I strongly recommend for you to give this a try! Also if you have other dogs [or cats - because my skinny picky eater of a cat eats this with enthusiasm and I can see astonishing weightgain on her - filling out nicely - and I also see positive coat changes on her as well!] - they will love this food as well. I am certain that after 3-4 weeks on this - you will see amazing changes in your older dogs! I would love to hear from you directly if you decide to purchase this food for all of your dogs and compare results!!!

Other positive things - keep in mind I've been feeding this only for about 3 weeks to a small test group of my dogs and the weaning puppies so far. Energy level + noise adjustments -  for the ones that switched to YaDoggie - I've seen more calm and higher focus and longer attentionspan, and much less noise!!! Less hyper busy-ness, less bickering among the girls, and definitely less barking. As a matter of fact - the ones that are on YaDoggie - when I come into my dog room in the morning to feed - are quiet. There's the swishing and thumping of tails + jiggling of feet, and you can see they are excited to getting fed - but none of the impatient yapping I get from the ones that are not yet switched over to this new food. There is less food consumption - I'd say about a week in - they are eating app. 1/4-1/3 less volume than they have on the other food, and there is no food waste, no playing with/in the food or dumping the bowls. The poops are just beautiful, solid and tight and almost fragrance free, LOL! You have to be a multiple dog owner to appreciate the later! 

Please also visit my "New Puppy Prep" blog for loads of info about getting ready for and maintaining your new pup. www.newpuppyprep.com 

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Learn how to avoid hypoglycemic [low blood sugar] episodes for your new pup!

Your puppy is eating well when it leaves here [nobody goes home until I can be certain that they are properly weaned], but there are a number of things that can happen at the new home, that may cause the pup to turn up its nose at the food offered.

For one - don't change the dog food as soon as you bring a puppy home. That is just asking for trouble right from the get-go. If nothing else - you will have a few days of belly aching or diarrhea and added stress in keeping your pup clean!!!

Avoid all of those troubles and take advantage of the Generous $1 Offer YaDoggie has for new potential customers! This is what your pup has been raised on and all of my dogs [and the picky cat] love this!!!

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