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Traditional & Merle Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA & Poodle Hybrid Puppies Available Occasionally.

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Please note - I easily get 100-150+ new inquiries for puppies each month - sometimes more during peak times. Plus ongoing conversations with folks that want to stay in touch or are checking back, or already have bought puppies from me in the past and are sending updates or have questions about care and maintenance. That is a lot of emails, PMs, texts and phone conversations - and there is no way, that I will remember a single casual inquiry, even if you did fill out a questionnaire, without a prompt or reminder.

If you want updates on new puppies as they become available - do yourself and me too :o) - a favor and take a moment to read this page and then sign up for free email updates. No strings attached - I don't monitor this list - simply unsubscribe if you do not longer want to receive them.

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Don't use this section to inquire about a particular puppy, I do not check that list or monitor it!!!  To do that, simply fill out the Puppy Inquiry Form, introduce yourself and we can go from there.
This section is for free future updates on current, upcoming or expected puppies. If you have emailed me in the past, don't count on me remembering to notify you in regards to what you are looking for. I get easily between 100-150 new inquiries each month, stay in touch with existing puppy and dog owners, and am pretty busy with my other websites and blogs. With the volume of current correspondence, there is just no way I can remember inquiries from a few weeks or months ago, when I have new babies available again. I will however send out a quickie update to my mailing list when I have a pup in your preferred color available - so be sure to take a moment to subscribe to your preferred colors. It only takes a minute - all I need is your name and email address :o)

If you are looking for a poodle pup to join your family and home this fall - be sure to sign up for all of the colors you are interested in. There are no strings attached - I do not monitor the lists or check who is subscribed or who is not. If you find a pup elsewhere or no longer want updates, simply unsubscribe when you receive the next one.

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