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If you have been challenged with finding an adorable gift or present for the poodle lover in your family or circle of friends, or if you want to treat yourself and share with the world that you have joined the ranks of poodle addicts, short of buying another poodle - here are a few hand picked goodies to be sure to please! This gifts range from a few bucks splurges that make really nice treats or stocking stuffers, to substantial gifts that get noticed and adored over and over again...

It's not too early to start your Christmas shopping when it comes to pet lovers! :o)

  • Poodle Floor Mat - Available in a variety of colors
    Poodle Floor Mat - Available in a variety of colors
Poodle Floor Mat - Available in a variety of colors
Poodle Floor Mat - Available in a variety of colors
I think this one really rocks! In some 17+ years of owning poodles of my own, I have never seen one this nice. Must have for poodle lovers. Available in various colors - I'm going to place some links below - just click of the colors of interest, but also check on the  sellers site for other colors - there are too many to list individually - you will find one to match your decor for sure!
  • Backing made with commercial grade SBR rubber
  • Certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Made in the USA

Fair Warning - this is a high demand item and has a bit of a waiting time, so order well in advance if you need it by a special date!

Make a statement alright, poodle lover!

This is a big, sturdy umbrella for areas where when it rains, it rains, LOL. Not one of those tiny, flimsy excuses for an umbrella you buy at the dollarstore or at Wallyworld...

Click on the photo to get more info!

These are just beautiful! Click on photo for more info. Also available in pink! Leashes also available - search the sellers other listings...

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For the home owning poodle lover! Now that is a gift they will be remembering every day :o). Click on pic for details.

Obviously you can't replace your actual street sign, but display it in your country side driveway? Or in your back yard? Absolutely and Totally HOT!

This one is a bit difficult to see as it is photographed on a white background - but this is actually a glamour license plate [for the front of your car or your golf cart].

Doodle Umbrella
Folding Umbrella
For a little Girl
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