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 Johnny aka Johnboy    

He is a medium sized miniature poodle, all black with 1 white curl on his chest. He stands about 13-14", and weighs a solid 13-14#. This is a lovely, sound male, with correct build and good bite and the nicest personality. 

This is an
`Eclat x Toby son, and an  Imp Grandson, and the moms side goes back to my very first dogs when I started breeding in 98.

He is a happy boy, uncomplicated and easy going, and very affectionate. He enjoys being brushed and messed around with, and bathes and grooms without drama. He has just been groomed short again in a modified German Trim with his ears shaved, but does grow a huge coat like his dad and grandpa, if I keep him in a longer clip.

He will be 5 this winter - wow time flies! DoB. is 11.26.10 and he is CKC registered.


Stud Service No Longer Available.

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