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  • "It has been 2 years since Sassy flew into our life.(Quite literally flew to Boston). She is the sweetest and smartest little peek a poo that we have had! We love our little, bla..."
    Sandy Stevens
    Loving Sassy
  • "Sabine , Its been two yrs since I got Joey (male white toy) from you and he is simply fabulous. He loves grooming ; his eyes have never stained and he continues to be a wonder..."
    Tanna Hutton
    2 yrs of wonderful !


How much deposit is required to reserve a pup?

Deposit is usually 50% of the purchase price and are generally not refundable unless something is wrong with the pup. Please go to the Deposit Page to have a look at a sample contract and to familiarize yourself with it before reserving a pup!

There is a pup on your website that says "Pending". What does that mean - is it sold?

Pups listings that say "Pending" or "On Hold" usually have either a deposit in the mail [snail mail] and I will need to make time allowance for that payment to reach me, or I have a definite pick-up scheduled within the next few days without a deposit. About 90% of the time, that pup will be reserved or sold within a few days, but every once in a while there will be a no-show or cancellation. Feel free to ask or request an update on this pup to double check on availability. Pups that say "Reserved" have a deposit received and are no longer available - and no - I won't sell a pup that has a deposit to another person, even if you offer me extra money for it.

Do you take checks?

Sorry no more personal or bank checks. Cash only at time of pick-up for the remainder of your balance or the full purchase price for a pup ready to go. Deposits and Installment Payments may be made via Paypal, Mobile Phone Paypal, US Postal Money Orders, NetSpend and Only1 Reload Packs, as well as Moneygram [Walmart] or Western Union. For more detailed info on payments, pls go to the Payment Page.

Can I make several smaller payments instead of one or two big ones?

Payment Plans are generally available on pups under 5 weeks of age - the amounts and frequency of payments depend on the purchase price and the age of the pup. If you want to do this, the sooner you reserve your pup, the more time you will have for smaller installments! If you need more time than that, ask me about upcoming or planned litters - I can give you an idea when we have new babies and you can make as many small payments in advance that you are comfortable with, and then choose from a new litter once they arrive.

Pick-Up, Delivery or Meeting, Shipping.

Use this zipcode to pull up directions to Lyons GA, just outside of Vidalia [30436]. If you are majorly from out of the area or out of state and are driving to pick up, I will gladly offer as usual to meet you along the I 16, I 95 or I 75 corridor = halfways or oneway up to 100 miles for me. I need you to work with me on scheduling though, as I work most weekends. During the week is always easier for me, as I can set my own schedule then. I have an entire page devoted to this information - please click here for more info!

Are your puppies AKC registered?

Lately I get this question quite often - so I rewrote that section on my website and made a separate page for it - look for the answers here.

               GreeneGardens Imperial Elyana


Long name for a sweet girl - we call her Lanie :o).




Lanie is a blue merle miniature poodle girl, her dad is Imp and her mom is LaVerne.

Of my 4 "working" merle girls she is the second smallest, right at 12 lbs and the sweetest and most easy going. She is really smart, but opposed to her sister Emmarie [whom we lost last year to a snake bite] - she doesn't feel the need to prove it, which is nice when you're owned by multiple poodles, LOL.

Like her mom she is a knee hugger and a lap sitter - and will do anything to get a chance to hop on up! She is extremely affectionate and lovey-dovey, she is also very sensitive and picks up on moods, and changes her behavior accordingly. When she goes into emphatic and supportive mode - this girl just oozes concern, love and worry for me - I love this gal - she is a total sweetheart! You can see it in her eyes, facial expression and body language - this is one of the best poodle personalities I have ever managed to breed and raise, combined with a most appealing visual package - and her pups tend to follow suit.

Above: Lanie happy + excited, below sashaying ;o)

Above: Giving 5! and below: asking for picker-uppers ;o)




        Lanie Kids of various times and ages...


Following below are some random photos of Lanie's previous kids - various pups, various ages, various colors. Enjoy! By the way - her current litter is already spoken for - the merle girl belongs to Beth in GA and the black girlie will be flying to Kyle & Sari in California when she is big enough to travel...

 Pup on the right above and below is the same dog - once as a spunky 10 wk old and below as a young adult. Pirate is owned by Shannon, the owner of Topdog Spa in Savannah, who also owns a second poodle from us named Cupcake. She owns Grooming Spas in Savannah, Pooler and soon opening a new location in Richmond Hill - if you need a qualified and reliable groomer - check them out and tell them Sabine send you!


Below: Lanie's son Pirate sporting soft nail caps.

More Lanie Babies from the past...

 Below: Joye an adult Lanie daughter, with a sister from a younger litter...