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Chorkie Babies due in late March 2019

What's a Chorkie you ask???

A Chorkie is a hybrid cross between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a Chihuahua.

In our case  the daddy [the yorkie] is 5# and the chihuahua mom weighs just under 6# - and I expect most of the babies to fall into this size range as well. There may be teacups and tinies too - as both dogs come from teacup lines. I won't know that for sure until the babies are here.

Expected colors: black+tan, silver+tan, blonde or tan. 

I've included some photos of Chorkie pups in those colors for you to see. As this is our first Chorkie litter, these are obviosuly not my puppies - just examples from the internet,  to give you an idea of what to expect.

Coats can be anywhere from super fluffy and long, to intermediate, wiry and/or short. While some pups may be totally non-shedding, on an average expect some mild seasonal shedding. 

Are you interested in getting an update on this litter once it arrives??? 

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I will contact you with info and photos once the babies have arrived. 

I expect this to be a small litter - probably 2-4 babies or so - and as I can't say with certainty what colors or sexes we are going to have - I prefer to wait with reservations until they have arrived. Deposits are $300, Purchase prices will be $700-1000 - depending on coats, colors, size and sex. Puppies will be CKC registered Chorkies.

Pups will be able to go home around 9-10 weeks [early to mid June], teacups and tinies may need longer. Due to their small sizes, they are not suitable as toys for young children, but will make perfect first pets for most kids over 10 and teenagers. Teacups/Tinies will need an adult ower, someone who is home most of the time or works from home...

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