PoodlePleasure ~ Mini Poodles

Traditional & Merle Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA & Poodle Hybrid Puppies Available Occasionally.

 Currently Available: 2 White Poodle Boys 

I have one in each size - one toy, one mid size mini [sold] and one large mini [poss. moyen] available - the little guy has black pigmentation, the other two boys will have choco noses and pawpads and green or hazel eyes when they go home, that will turn either copper, gold/hazel or chocolate as the pups mature. 

More info, pricing and photos for these pups here on this page!

Currently Available: Only 1 left! Choco Merle DwarfDoodles

Available are two of the prettiest marked choco and cafe merle Doodle babies - both are boys, sorry no girlies! Awesome colorations and patterns for sure! These two should be mid mini size and weighing in around the 12-13# range or so. Visit them here for more info, photos and pricing.

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