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Merle Poodle Puppy Pricing

I often get asked how much $$$ for a merle poodle pup in this or that color scheme, or when will you have that color again, and what can I do to reserve one or so I know to set money aside? 

See the Available Puppy Pages to see if we have what you are looking for right now :o). Also check this page and this one too.

Visit my Litter Announcement Page and also bookmark it, if I don't have what you are looking for at the time.

There are a couple of other things you can do to find out what we have coming up - obviously - drop me an email and ask!

Finally friend me on Facebook [search for Sabine Greene or like + follow us at PoodlePleasure] - I often post about new litters and upcoming babies there too.

Visit my Waiting List! Check at the bottom of the page to see what reservations I already have on the books, and take a moment to subscribe for email updates in the colors you are interested in. I accept reservations on our prepaid waiting list part - for all colors and both sizes - both traditionally colored as well as merle colored puppies, with the understanding that the waiting times for specific sex/color combinations can be as much as 6-12 months, all depending on how many reservations I have on the books and when we last had the colors you're looking for.

Not yet ready for that much of a commitment? On this page you can subscribe for free email updates on new puppies in the color of your choice. No strings attached, simply unsubscribe when you no longer want to receive updates!

Our Merle Poodle Puppies are CKC Registered!

Click on that link above to learn more about why I stick with CKC.

Let me give you a basic average range for our blue merle, silver merle, chocolate and cafe merle poodle puppies to give you an idea what to expect or to prepare for...

Please keep in mind that all price quotes are general quotes - every once in a while I have a pup that is super outstanding that might be more, occasionally I might have a pup which is just pet quality, where the legs are a tad too short, or the nose too long, or that might have a mild over or under bite or it doesn't have quite a nice a coat as we normally get - and these might be a bit less if placed in a pet home with a spay/neuter contract.

Blue Merle Poodle Puppies

$1400-1600+ for males

$1500-1700+ for girlies, 
Click here for more blue merle photos!

Silver Merle Poodle Puppies

$1400-1500+ for males,

$1500-1600+ for girlies, 
Click here for more silver merle photos!

Chocolate Merle Puppies

$1600-1800+ for male or female

Cafe Merle Poodle Puppies

$1500-1600+ for male or female, 

Confirmed White Merles

Confirmed White or Cream Merle Poodles [these are pups that I either know for sure that they are carrying the merle gene because they have noticeable merle swirls backed by partially blue eyes or merle patterns on nose and feet]:

You have 100% guarantee to get merle puppies:

$900 for males, $1050 for females [out of silver or blue merle litters]. 

$1000 for males, $1150 for females [out of chocolate merle litters].

Potential White Merles

Potential white or cream merles without me being 100% sure - out of a merle sired or mommed litter and with merle siblings in the litter, with some shading and swirling.

You have a 50/50 chance of getting merle puppies - you will not know for sure until they are of breeding age and producing babies of their own:

$750-800+ for males, 

$850-900+ for females out of silver or blue merle litters.

$850-900+ for males, 

$950-1000+ for females out of chocolate merle litters.

Slightly more for pups with one solid blue eye like this little beauty here. White merle poodles with 2 solid [or mostly solid] blue eyes are $1500-1600, regardless of sex or size.

Please note - if you are a breeder - and you must have or plan to raise merle puppies, invest a bit more and purchase a colored merle, all colored merles are guaranteed to produce colored merle puppies when you breed to dark colors that compliment the merle parents colors.

About Blue Eyes...

True blue eyes in a poodle is something you will only find in colored or white merle poodles, not in traditional colored poodles unless they are albinos and then the eyes will be reddish rather than blue [not that I have ever seen an albino in the poodle breed...].

I get requests for puppies with blue eyes all the time and we often have pups with partial blues, blue swirls, flecks or bars running through the eye. Getting a solid blue eye is harder, getting two solid blue eyes in the same pup - seriously rare and most seriously difficult to find.

I do not accept deposits for blue eyed puppies - this is very unpredictable and I cannot give you a time frame of how long it will be or when we will next have puppies with blue eyes.

Blue Spots, Dots, Swirls

If you look carefully - you can see the inner part of this silver merle pups left eye is blue. I do not charge extra for a little bit blue like this in one or both eyes.

Single Blue Eye

Expect to add $100 to a pups base price, for one single solid  or more than 3/4 blue eye like this pup has.

2 Mostly Blue Eyes

2 mostly blue eyes: Left eye nearly all blue with a small brown edge from 11-1 o'clock.

Right eye more than 50% blue, with brown 4-7 o'clock, which makes her look unfocused at first glance. Her eyes were just fine, it was the irregular coloring that made them appear to be "off".

For a pup with this much blue in both eyes - expect to add $150-200 to her base price, depending on the overall appearance and amount of blue.

2 Solid Blue Eyes

A poodle puppy with two solid blue eyes is  seriously hard to find. After 7 years of breeding merle poodles I can still count the number of double blue eyes I have had on one hand.

For a truly one-of-a-kind pup like this one - expect to add $250-300 to her base price.

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