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Now Accepting Reservations for our Fall+Winter Litters

Sorry - I do not have any merle poodle puppies available at this time! 

However As I am planning  out my Fall/Winter 2018 Breeding Season, I am opening the PrePaid Waiting List for Silver + Blue Merle Reservations again. The deposit for a merle pup is $500 and non-refundable, so be sure that this is what you want, and that you can wait for nature to do her thing!!! 

Pricing for blue and silver merles is in the $1500-1800+ range, and subject to color, sex, and how dominant the merle markings are. My poodles are CKC registered - read more about this here.

Between now and the end of the year - I am limiting the numbers to 3 silver/blue merles of each sex. You can still place a deposit beyond those limits, but you more likely than not will need to wait until spring of 2019 to get your pup! Check here to see how many reservations I have on the books at this time.

Photo Credit: Picasso in NJ in a fancy non-traditional trim.

Not ready for a commitment???

In that case I would like to encourage you to visit this page instead and subscribe to get free email updates for new puppies, should any of them become available. 

No strings attached for email updates - if you find a pup elsewhere or do no longer wish to receive updates - simply unsubscribe when you get the next one. I do not monitor the list who is on there and who is not, so if you do not subscribe you will not get updates! 

Even if you fill out a questionnaire and we have an email or phone conversation - if you don't have a reservation - sign up for free email updates anyway!!! I get contacted by at least 100-150 new people every month, usually more - I will not remember to update you if you are not subscribed for free emails!!!

Photo Credit: Sassy + Tebow in FL - enjoying a day on the river.

Enjoy these photos of some of the previous dogs we have produced in our blue and silver merle breeding program.

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