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Optimizing the Development of your new PoodlePleasure Puppy...


A bit more background info on us...

I have been raising poodles and poodle hybrid puppies for well over 15 years by now. Along the way I have learned [and still continue to learn] many new things about improving both the quality of my breeding dogs, as well as the care provided for longterm health and development and emotional + physical soundness. In fact - my entire breeding program rides on this, and the combination of all of the above is what kept us afloat during the recent tough economic crisis when many other breeders folded up and closed down. Because you - our puppy buyers - liked what we have to offer and you kept coming back for second and third dogs from us, and you send your friends, associates and family members to buy from us too.

Like many of you dog owners out there, I had started out with grocery type dog food many many years ago [I have been owning dogs + cats for over 30 years now]. I eventually upgraded to premium and/or grainfree foods, learned about the benefits of raw feeding and the enhanced overall health and development for the dogs this combination produces.

Moving to and now living in a rural country area - and about 55 + 80 miles oneway to the next pet stores respectively, getting a sufficient quantity of the premium dog food I want, has been a challenge to say the least.
PetFoodDirect to the rescue!

NuVet Testimonials

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When you order, please be sure to give them our code#. That way we get our referral bonus [which helps with the $200+ worth of NuVet vitamins I dish out tomy dogs and send away with puppies going home each month]. In addition to that - NuVet will donate a percentage of each sale to Dog Rescue Groups as well!!!

Imp 9 yrs + Lanie - his 7 yr old daughter

Recommended Amounts

My puppies under 3 months of age get app. 1/4 of a wafer daily, subject to size. Maybe twice on stressy days - such as vaccines, grooming or going home.

3-6 months of age: 1/2 waver,
6-9 months and up: 1/2-1 waver,
9 months and up: 1 waver,
depending on size and weight.

1. Bottle of 90 wavers should last you until your pup is app. 8-9 months old. [Cost: $55.50]

Adding NuVetPlus Vitamins...

Having been introduced to NuVet Vitamins several years ago, I have been giving them to my older breeding and senior dogs off and on for quite a while now. I really didn't think I needed them for my puppies and young breeding age dogs, as I am paying an arm and a leg for seriously expensive dog food and also supplement raw meat and bones for better development. And yes - my dog food budget considerably exceeds the people food budget, LOL.

One of the things that made me reconsider my stand on this, is the ongoing dog food crisis that has been developing over the last 2-3 years. Recall after recall - and various companies too - not just the same one over and over again. I have changed dog food brands many a time over these past few years due to that, and yet still experience the occasional "off" adjustment period in the dogs, when I open a new bag of feed that is from a different production batch than the last one.

The other thing that made me change my opinion on offering vitamins to puppies and my breeding adults, are the conversations I am having with you - my puppy owners and potential buyers.

Nearly every week I talk to at least one poodle person, who just lost a beloved companion due to various cancers, cushings, diabetes, and other internal illnesses.

I talk to folks that have experienced ongoing skin problems in their dogs and/or cats [allergies and dermatitis, hot spots, stress related outbreaks and much more] which should be rather unusual in the poodles if they are properly cared for. But I also see an increased occurance of this in many other breeds, when I talk to other breeders, groomers and dog owners on forums or Facebook.

I truly think our 4 legged friends are suffering from the same environmental damages we humans do, and I have done a lot of recent research due to my illness on this too. And I really like the fact that NuVet vitamins are produced in a FDA registered laboratory with natural, human-grade ingredients, specially compounded to deliver the most effective nutritional health benefits for our pets. When I look at the testimonials, I wish they would make the same quality vitamins for humans too ;o).

I also speak with a lot of folks whose dogs show old age signs at 7 or 8 years old, such as being tired and listless, with no joy or happiness any more. Some are getting their first cataracts and tumor growths as early as 4 or 5 years, others showing early signs of arthritis, stiffness and lameness way too soon IMO. Whereas in my experience for a mini poodle you ought not see any of this until your dog is 12-13 years old. I personally have some 7, 8, 9 and beyond aged dogs where you can not tell them apart from a 2 or 3 year old in energy level, overall looks [other than maybe some gray snouts], coat quality and so on. You can usually tell because they are mellower and mind better - but that is simply a question of training :o).

Breeding Vitality - Breeding Visitors Pay Attention!

Since I'm talking about this subject - I have two 7 year old girls that are currently [July 2013] either preggy or raising a successful full-sized litter.

I've often experienced that litter sizes tend to decline in girls that are 4 years or older, prior to using NuVet. Not so here with us if you give them proper support and care. I have created a very fertile bloodline and many of my larger mini girls routinely produce 7-9 puppies in a litter [that is 2 average sized litters in one go - can you say supersize that?].

Occasionally I place one of my girls with another breeder, and they are always so tickled to see 7 or 8 healty puppies in a litter - one lucky duck recently managed to get 10! [yes - ten!] puppies out of one of my mini sized poodle hybrid girlies, LOL. When you are dealing with a mom like this - you must support her. Having a huge litter to nurse and provide for requires free choice top quality dog food and extra support such as raw meat and bones, eggs, cottage cheese, and/or a high quality vitamin supplement such as NuVet. I do all of the above and couldn't be happier with the results.

Our Briggie [who will be 5 later this year] - just had a huge litter of 8 gorgeous black and silver pups and raised them all [average litter size for a miniature poodle is 4-5 pups, 6 babies is a nice big litter]. She's come off weaning her litter being in better than good condition, and she is not skinny and run down as one often experiences with oversized litters. She is actually chomping at the bit, impatient and full of energy and ready to go back out to her family group. We are just waiting for her milk to dry up - she had loads of it well into the weaning period and could have easily gone on nursing her bunch for another week or two.

Read more about proper Puppy Development on the NuVet Website.

If you are a breeder and are considering putting your dogs on NuVet supplements - which I wholeheartedly recommend - drop me an email with the subject line, and I will put you in touch with my rep. He will give you some free samples for starters for you to try out and also some extras and brochures to send home with your pups.

NuVetPlus Vitamins for growing Puppies...

During the last few months I have made the switch to providing NuVetPlus vitamins to all of my dogs - puppies, moms, dads, and continued with the seniors too. I can positively see better results in the newborn babies whose mommies have been on the vitamin since day 1 of conception - they are round, fat, noisy, with some already rooting for nipples and nursing before they are even fully emerged or the umbilicals are severed. There is nothing like putting a smile on a breeders face than seeing pups who are still halfway in the birthcanal already angling for a nipple to suck on :o).

The newborns continue to have optimum exposure via mothers milk, and once they are big enough to eat, they get it grumbled into their puppy food [it is also available in powder form for babies and picky eaters that need it disguised in wet food]. Most of our puppies have super thick coats by the time they are 2-3 weeks old and can be found in moms food bowl as early as 4 weeks munching on dry kibble or sucking + gnawing on a chicken thigh if mom feels generous enough to share ;o). By the time the pups are 6-7 weeks old, they glamor for their share of small chunks [each pup gets about 1/6-1/4 wafer at this age] - and the noise level in my puppy room goes up considerably when they see me reaching for the vitamin bottle, LOL.
By the time I have a wafer broken up into bite sized chunks for them, I have a feeding frenzy going on, ROFL.
They have plenty of energy, their coats gleam, weaning seems to go smoother, and getting their first vaccines tends to go down without any discomfort for any of the puppies. Looking at my long term results with my older dogs, I can only imagine what my current kids will look like 10 years down the line, if they are given the priviledge to remain on NuVet Vitamins all of their lives. Since I have got them started on this already, you will be getting a brochure and some sample tabs [enough for 12-15 days] to continue to give during the transitional period of the pup coming home.

I would really like to encourage you to purchase this yourself and to continue supplementing your pup for optimum nourishment and development.
This vitamin supplement is especially valuable during the formative weeks and months while they go through several growth spurts, and the important bone and joint development phases that makes for a healthy adult dog, that does not experience hip displacia or luxating patellas.
As a matter of fact - I feel so comfortable in recommending this vitamin  supplement - that I am willing to extend my normal 12 Month Congenital Health Guarantee on my Sales Contract to 24 months. Yes adding an entire year of a full extended guarantee and making it 2 years instead of 1, as long as you offer NuVet Vitamins during this time period according to the manufacturers guidelines!

Watch this hilarious video clip of one of my poodle puppies impatiently waiting for her daily NuVet vitamins, LOL.
 Ignore the background yippy-yappies, they all knew I had the bottle with the vitamins and that they were about to get some of them too :o)

Get a 2 Year Congenital Health Guarantee instead of 12 Months!

You may extend your initial 12 Month Congenital Health Guarantee to 24 months  [2 years], by giving your pup the manufacturer recommended daily dose of NuVetPlus  Vitamins during  the first 2 years of its life. No other vitamin brand  may be substituted!

In order to qualify for the extended Health Guarantee, you must feed NuVet daily during the first 2 years of the dogs life. You must keep payment records of all of your orders and be able to produce them if you have a claim. Failure to do so and/or not providing proof of purchase will void the extended  24 Month Health Guarantee. Share some updates and photos as your puppy grows too :o).

If you have bought a pet puppy during the last 6-7 months [anytime in 2013] and you would like to extend your 12 Month Congenital Health Garantee to 2 years, you can still do so. Simply get started with them, get on the Autoship program and stick with it. Send me a copy of your first Invoice as proof, and I will send you an addendum to add to your original Sales Contract for this.

For your convenience, you may order directly from the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 95506, or order online at http://www.nuvet.com/95506 . You can save 15% of the individual order price by going on "AutoShip" - this assures that you never run out of NuVet, when choosing the “AutoShip” option at check out.

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Order Code: 95506

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