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BellyBands for Boys

Bellybands can be very helpful with boy puppies, or young adults that started marking, while you work on retraining + correcting the issue.

Training Treat Recommendations

Potty Training Help!!!

One of the most complex training issues for new puppy owners and probably the #1 Subject Matter for help calls I get from my puppy buyers, are housebreaking issues and potty accidents.

Not always right away [since a lot of our pups are litterbox trained and doing pretty well when they go home] - but as they get older, more mature and/or dominant or more adventurous, and have more freedom in the home - often times pups and young adults regress. Sometimes you are not consistent with your potty training approach, or neglect to adjust the frequency of how many times a pup needs to go pee and poop or how long it can hold it in between, as they go through growth spurts, weather and eating changes.

And yes - weather has also to do with it, LOL. Summer time - it's hot, they drink more - they need to go more often. Winter time - it's cold, wet, often times still dark or dark again - and you and the dog both want to hurry back inside - so often they do not take the time to properly eliminate because they want back inside. And so do you, LOL.

Here is help! Enjoy this FREE AUDIO RECORDING from my favorite dog and puppy trainer on the web!

DoggyDan's website is loaded with top notch puppy training info - and he makes it so easy to succeed with an easy going and relaxed, yet common sense approach.

Toilet Training Free Audio +$1
Doggy Dan: Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviourist, Speaker & Author (Doggy Dan: Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviourist, Speaker & Author)