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Coat Maintenance and Appearance
of your Puppy
or Adult Dog

This section of my website deals with everyday puppy coat maintenance and appearance. Learn how to keep your new furkid looking neat and well maintained.

We'll cover basic stuff such as brushing, detangling, ear checks, nail clipping and bathing your poodle or poodle hybrid puppy.


When your puppy goes home [at least when you are getting one of ours] – it is already used to a regular puppy maintenance routine that includes being brushed, bathed and getting its ears checked [and plucked for pups over 12 weeks], as well as nails trimmed on a regular basis. It should not put up any major resistance to continue getting this done by you, unless you wait forever to get it started or are afraid of hurting the pup [they pick up on your insecurities and will run with it – a poodle diva in the making if you let it get away with this nonsense!].

Going to the Groomer

If you are like most poodle or poodle-cross owners, your pup will eventually go to a groomer. You will want to do your poodle puppy [and your future groomer] this favor – do not wait until your puppy is a matted mess at 5-6 months to try to resolve coat and hair issues.

14-16 weeks of age - when the pup has had at least 3 sets of shots - is a good age to take it for its first professional grooming appointment...

It must learn to be handled and to submit to being brushed, combed and regularly checked over, in order to make grooming visits less stressful for your puppy! So brush at home, trim the toenails, and bathe your puppy in between grooming visits! 

Regular trips to the groomer are a part of life for poodles and poodle hybrids - so get your pup used to it while it is young and malleable and still remembers the grooming sessions here at home. One of the things I often hear from our puppy owners after the first trip to the groomer, is the comment from the groomer that the pup did really well! I work very hard to get our babies used to being bathed and groomed - don't mess it up by waiting too long!

Learn more about Going to the Groomer!


Creative Grooming Clips for Poodle and Poodle Hybrids

One of the things I often hear is that while folks like the poodle personality, they don't like the traditional look [meaning the grooming styles] of a poodle, and more often than not - that is the reason why they are considering a poodle cross/hybrid instead of a full blooded poodle.

Here is the link to a blog page that discusses the various poodle clips and looks and what can be done to "don't make my dog look like a poodle", LOL.

Click here to see photos of lots of alternative, creative grooming styles for both full blooded poodles and poodle hybrids. They are also often referred to as Japanese or Korean Grooming Styles.

Grooming @ Home...

For those of you with home grooming experience or repeat poodle owners who are not afraid of using clippers yourself, your new furchild will also have had at least one puppy clip – but more likely at least two if not three – all depending on the age of the puppy.

That includes getting its face, paws and tail base shaved with professional clippers. It has already learned that it will get handled in ways that may be slightly uncomfortable, but necessary for its safety during grooming, and that there is no way in avoiding that part of poodle life.
So don't wait 2 or 3 months until it forgets what it has already learned, to reinforce its previous lessons by me. If you plan to do your own grooming, please continue to shave her face and paws every 2 or 3 weeks, so she won't forget what she learned so far.

For those of you who want to try but need a good pair of clippers to do so - I recommend the Wahl Bravura Clipper with various adjustable blade lengths. It is smaller than the average size clipper, a lot quieter and easier to manage as you can run it as battery operated or plugged in with the cord attached. At roughly $140-150 it is not a cheapy Walmart pet clipper that gives you endless frustration after you used it a time or two, but a professional clipper with versatile comb attachments, that if properly cared for - will work and do a great job for you for years and years to come.

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